Saturday Snippetts…26th September 2020

Welcome to Saturday Snippets where anything goes…whatever catches my eye or my imagination could be on this post…something for everyone…today it is rather blustery here as we are in the path of hurricane Noul who is wending his way from Vietnam…however we must have been on the edge of his path as apart from some heavy rain and some wind he passed us by with a whisper…

Please join me in what I hope is an enjoyable read… whatever your timezone grab a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy my meanderings!

Cookery Corner…This week in my kitchen…

What have I been cooking this week? It was time to do some pickling Onions and pickled garlic...Some lovely Cream Cheese Bread which was delicious definitely a keeper so as teaser just a picture of the bread on its first prove…Soup… I always like to keep some soup in the fridge…Bread Pudding that always goes down well…Pork fillet with lovely Brandy Sauce…cinnamon buns…Shepherds Pie a nice quick meal when you are stuck for time …Always a curry and a stir fry and a duck Larb which was very nice…

The recipes as I said last week which are on my blog I will add the link the rest will be in my cookbook…Spoiler Alert!

The Naughty Corner…will be where I name and shame or where I add my two penneth about what I think is wrong with the world…Today it is about my thoughts on how bad Climate Change really is …Forest fires and severe flooding have been occuring in countries around the world and it is getting worse…

The Climate Change activists are gaining momentum as are the voices on Carbon emmisions…I agree that temperatures are hotting up and ice caps are melting HOWEVER if proper housekeeping was applied and we listened to the indiginous people who have carried out proper land management practises for years the fires and the floods would NOT be as bad… we would have a proper picture of climate change although we have gone through many cycles over the centuries…Ice Age being one…Man has to take some responsibility as we don’t own the world we are tenants…Nature owns the world and if we were not here it would quickly reclaim it…

Mismanagement … the erosion of landscapes is partly caused by MAN with their mining excavations or by me, you, governments, manufacturers, fishermen..far to many to list but we ALL have a collective responsibility whether we have a postage stamp size plot, a few acres or something in between we should be effectively managing that…

The earliest wildfire smouldered approximately 419 million years ago and are recorded as a low-intensity burn…Low intensity, mosaic or patch burning is designed to provide protection to the environment and to communities and is usually conducted in spring and autumn and autumn-like conditions when weather is mild and fire behaviour is moderate and easier to manage.

It is our duty as custodians of this beautiful world…Our government and big corporations should also play their part…no one is exempt…THEN we would really see how bad true Climate Change really is…

Let’s have some Music…I’m in my Acapella phase at the moment…

Not quite as refined as last week…I did love that…this one made me smile and sometimes we need something to make us smile I know I do…


  • Hey, Jude” was produced by the renowned English record producer George Martin. Martin was knighted in 1996 for his remarkable contribution to music and popular culture.
  • “Hey, Jude” was the first single Apple Records ever released. FYI: Apple Records is a record label founded in 1968 by the Beatles.
  • With a length of approximately 7 minutes and 11 seconds, “Hey Jude”, upon its release became the lengthiest single ever released. Its massive success inspired the release of long singles in the music industry.

Wellness Corner with Sally Cronin…

This week Sally is talking about Salt in our diets and our blood pressure…Salt like low-fat food and various other foods have been vilified and we have been advised to cut down or cut it out or in the case of low fats meals to be vigilant about our fat intake well we all know turned out a few years later there was backtracking as low fat generally means more added sugar and salt…

Did you know?

Passengers alighting at Helsinki Airport in Finland starting from earlier this week will have a speedier – and much fuzzier – way of getting tested for COVID-19.

A team of dogs has been deployed to fill their snoots with eau d’arriving passenger to sniff out those infected with the virus behind the current global pandemic.

Just because…Jellyfish for Dinner?

The oceans stock of fish is being depleted by overfishing so thoughts are turning to what other types of seafood can be eaten to allow stocks to build up…Jellyfish is one such option…

The Cannonball jellyfish, also known as the cabbage head jellyfish, is a mostly harmless (it’s edible if you know how) variety that sometimes washes up on beaches in large numbers. It is shaped like half an egg and maybe up to 7 inches in diameter. It may be bluish or yellowish with a brown border. It is a good swimmer.

The venom of the cannonball can give a mild sting, but generally, brushing against this jelly isn’t enough to result in a sting. It goes without saying, that what would be a mild sting on the skin will be a very strong sting if the nematocysts get into your eyes.

The Cannonball jellyfish often plays host to this type of Spider crab. It provides shelter and transportation for the crab, and presumably the crab shares the food that the jellyfish kills. Maybe the crab even takes a little nip of the jellyfish now and then.

The Cannonball Jellyfish is considered a delicacy in Japan, but it must be prepared properly, which usually means it is dried. However, you must understand that to be edible, it must be harvested while still alive and healthy. The ones washed up on the beach should not be eaten because once they are beached they quickly start to deteriorate.

The question is ...Would you eat a spicy jellyfish salad or have you?

Thank you for reading….enjoy your weekend, stay safe not only from Covid-19 but the wildfires around the world…xx

About Carol Taylor:

Enjoying life in The Land Of Smiles I am having so much fun researching, finding new, authentic recipes both Thai and International to share with you. New recipes gleaned from those who I have met on my travels or are just passing through and stopped for a while. I hope you enjoy them.

I love shopping at the local markets, finding fresh, natural ingredients, new strange fruits and vegetable ones I have never seen or cooked with. I am generally the only European person and attract much attention and I love to try what I am offered and when I smile and say Aroy or Saab as it is here in the north I am met with much smiling.

Some of my recipes may not be in line with traditional ingredients and methods of cooking but are recipes I know and have become to love and maybe if you dare to try you will too. You will always get more than just a recipe from me as I love to research and find out what other properties the ingredients I use contain to improve our health and wellbeing.

The environment is also something I am passionate about and there will be more on this on my blog this year

Exciting for me hence the title of my blog, Retired No One Told Me! I am having a wonderful ride and don’t want to get off, so if you wish to follow me on my adventures, then welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride also and if it encourages you to take a step into the unknown or untried, you know you want to…….Then, I will be happy!

40 thoughts on “Saturday Snippetts…26th September 2020

  1. lisa

    All I will say is I have tried it and my curiosity has been satisfied vegans are welcome to it. In the Asia region you are very safe with furthermore eating fish, but your homelands fishes we will need in Germany, even the UK is no longer member of the EU. Thanks for the mention Carol.. glad the hurricane slipped by you. Enjoy your weekend.Retaining Walls

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I had as hadn’t listened to it for a while but soon remembered how much I loved it… Those dogs are amazing… Stay safe and well, Jennie… we are still eagerly waiting for Lilys books. She comes this weekend again so am hoping as its been a few weeks they will come this week xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Here they have a great postal system but when they are coming from outside Thailand that is the hold up…I ordered Lil’s a back pack for school and it was tracked and it was going backwards and forwards… once it entered Thailand we had it next day in total though it was 6 weeks…the books unfortunately are sent snail mail and not tracked but working back on the dates hopefully we will get them this week….xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. petespringerauthor

    Hey Jude was the original long song. Now the long ballad is quite common.

    You’ll get no argument from me in terms of the importance of forest management. This year alone in California, we’ve had five of the twenty most massive wildfires in our history. More acres burned than any other year. As you say, it is a combination of factors. Three droughts in the last four years and increased temperatures have exacerbated things.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I know, Pete and I hope you have no long term effects from the smoke ,,,I really would love to see more management and then as I said we would see the true state of Climate change and Carbon emmissions…Stay safe and well 🙂 x

      Liked by 2 people

  3. dgkaye

    I don’t think I’m ready to eat jellyfish, lol. But wow, that video of the Covid dog sniffers was amazing, and non invasive! What on earth are they smelling from a molecole of a skin sample. Amazing! ❤ xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I love listening to The Barbershop Boys they always make me smile.. I see you are also a fan of long singles and yes dogs have so many highly developed senses it is awesome like the seeing eye dogs also.. Enjoy your weekend Jim 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OIKOS™-Editorial

    Thank you for another great collection of joyful and very interesting information. Its like half of the program of the European culture TV-station ARTE, but much more appreciated. 😉 In the Asia region you are very save with furthermore eating fish, but your homelands fishes we will need in Germany, even the UK is no longer member of the EU. Lol (Little joke, but i honestly never thought we got most of our fishs from the UK’s fishing grounds.) Be well, stay save, and enjoy your weekend. If the hurricane is only wispering, its enough to overcome with a little increasing the volume of the music. 😉 Michael

    Liked by 2 people

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Yes music makes everything so much better… Yes,most of Europes fish are from UK fishing grounds.. This needs to stop… If Europe wants our fish they can pay for it… Sorry to be blunt but it has to stop x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OIKOS™-Editorial

        Lol – You are very hard in this. 😉 But its true. On the one hand we have the “Dublin rule”, at the other hand we are eating low cost fish from the aisles, and in the UK they soon will only have chips without fish. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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