CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…6th December-12th December…Recipes, Whimsy and Christmas…Oh Yeah! …


Welcome to this week’s edition of my weekly roundup of posts…Especially for you just in case you missed any posts during this last week… only 16 sleeps…whatever your time zone grab a coffee or a glass of wine even a mince pie won’t be frowned on now…Take a pew, get comfy… have a read…X…

Santa’s checking out my blog and probably thinking he has got to get the elves to rewrap the presents so they are environmentally friendly …He knows those kids are on the ball…Think green, think waste …

All my Christmas goodies are now cooked and being fed, sweet mincemeat, Christmas pud and Christmas cake this year…so far it smells and looks good… just one more feed for the cake and then I will let it dry and marzipan it…I love marzipan any which way on a cake… covered in chocolate…I just love it!


How did this week start…slowly I will add I am just getting over a cold my first in about 6 yrs I have put it down to relaxing the morning ACV and ginger …although I have been drinking fresh coconut juice and green tea…I am back on the ginger and ACV…

My posts from now on are unashamedly Christmasy…Christmas here as most of you know is not celebrated apart from in my little bubble…  I always make the neighbours sausage rolls and mince pies…The downside is this year covid has put a stop to the deliveries of the little festive treats I was able to buy however I will always cook the puddings and pies until I hang up my apron and wooden spoon…

The upside is there is nothing frantic about the Christmas season here no adverts for gifts and expensive toys…I don’t miss that one iota…Bah Humbug to all of that…just a few treats for the kids as they are what Christmas is about for me…

I just stick to cooking and Carol’s which echo through the house…A perfect Christmas…Peace and Goodwill to you all…xx

My week started with Homemade Stuffing…there is nothing better… it can be simple or a tad more decadent but as long as it has a little crispy outside and tasty inside that’s all that matters…no self-respecting Christmas lunch would be the same without it!

Wednesday I was over at Smorgasbord Magazine with Sally Cronin for my last post of the current series of The Culinary Alphabet an A-Z of food and culinary terms …

Revamped and updated it has been a success…Thank you to Sally and everyone who has read and commented you all rock…XYZ is the final one please head over and say hello we both love to hear from you it makes our day…

I will, of course, be back next year with a new column…I know how difficult it is for me to try and have a more sustainable kitchen …it ain’t easy…so much is stacked against us and time is our enemy if we lead busy lives and have children and a career…my aim is to be more sustainable and I hope you will join me on my journey…x

Thursday…Christmas Special #A traditional Christmas Menu…

I always try to make one new dish every Christmas..not sure what this years will be yet…something with pears maybe or a new desert for Boxing Day as we are eating out Christmas Day…Next week I will bring you some lighter puddings for those who don’t like Christmas Pudding and also some vegan recipes for my readers who are vegan I don’t want to leave you guys out…x

Fruity Friday…The Persimmon or Sharon Fruit.

A beautiful fruit similar to the apple just a softer crisp when you bite into it…A beautiful vibrant Orange colour… a lovely fruit that goes really well with cheese…Just saying!

Saturday Snippets...12th December 2020…

Saturday Snippets where I engage my whimsey and kitsch …well it is that time of year…Christmas is not celebrated here and there are even fewer nods to Christmas here in the North of Thailand …I do believe Christmas is for kiddies and try to keep the magic going for them although this year methinks Covid has highjacked any hopes of buying anything the least bit festive …

Of course, I will bring out the Christmas kitsch and decorations when Lily arrives for Christmas…in the meantime I haven’t dispensed with the making of the cake, puddings, sweet mincemeat and pickles because we love all of those…and just in case you haven’t it is not too late…

Lastly but certainly not least...Sally from Smorgasbord has just released her new book…Now available on Kindle ( I have just) purchased my copy…A lovely Christmas gift or treat yourself you will not be disappointed…

I love the cover, Sally…Hugs x

That’s all for my weekly roundup…Thank you for reading….enjoy your weekend, stay safe and well but remember Christmas comes but once a year stay vigilant and please don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk there is always next Christmas …xx

22 thoughts on “CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…6th December-12th December…Recipes, Whimsy and Christmas…Oh Yeah! …

      1. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Thats what mums do, Michael and many still use lots of butter although if you moderate your fat intake from other foods you should be able to enjoy your mothers cooking guilt free which I am sure is lovely…Have an enjoyable week 🙂 x

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  1. Barbara Franken

    So enjoyed catching up with you Carol! How lovely all your chrismasy recipes! I had a great dinner party last night… pre Christmas and your red cabbage and stuffing that I took from an earlier vegan post was a hit! Thankyou for enjoying your kitchen❤️ Sending you much love ❤️ Barbara x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Thank you so much, Barbara for letting me know we love the red cabbage and its something I cook quite regularly not just at Christmas. I do hope that you keeping well and safe Barbara Hugs xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. petespringerauthor

    It looks like the vaccinations may start happening on Monday for us. We should not let that lull us into a false sense of security as we’re now averaging more deaths per day than all of the lives lost on 9/11. I hope you and yours are well, Carol. Have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      That is shocking, Pete it sounds so out of control…We are well and the Thai government seems to have a good control over Covid all the borders are still shut between neighbouring countries and the flights that are allowed in are strictly monitored and quarantined..we haven’t had any local infections here for months but we still have to wear masks and have our temps taken before entering a shop…if only other countries had done the same instead of concentrating on testing and numbers …I am sure you are doing all you can to keep yourself and your family safe , Pete…I hope you have a good week Take care, Pete 🙂 x

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