Travel Challenge Day 4…January 2020…

Sharon at the awesome Gum trees and Galaxies blog, just the title which I think is so cool just makes me want to pop in for a read nominated me to participate in the Travel picture challenge. I mean do I have travel pictures…haha… Gum trees and galaxies blogs about travel, adventure, books, life and stuff especially if your passion is all of those plus the environment it then makes this blog a must-read who knows what little gems you may find…

The challenge is about visual images so we need to post a favourite travel picture for 10 days without explanation and nominate someone else to participate.

If I nominate you and you don’t want to participate, please do not feel obliged, but if you do, please link back to me so that I can see your post, in these curtailed times vicarious travel is a lovely escape, I would love to see what you choose to post.

Actually, I am finding it hard to decide who to nominate, if you would like to be nominated leave me a comment and I will send the next one your way. Today I nominate Arv at JaipurThruMyLens is a blog on Jaipur. Arv brings the essence of this city to life in his own style. Everything on ” Jaipur thru my lens” revolves around the pictures, scenes, and stories from Jaipur...which Arv brings to life with his beautiful photography accompanied by very detailed information about the places he takes pictures of…it is an education and a pleasure to read Arv’s posts.

13 thoughts on “Travel Challenge Day 4…January 2020…

  1. arv!

    Thanks for nominating me for this challenge. I appreciate your kind gesture, Carol. Unfortunately, due to the paucity of time, I haven’t been taking part in any challenges on my blog. However, if you are open to the same on social media, I can. Writing a blog takes a lot more effort and time. Thanks once again.
    This tree reminds me of the monkeys we have here in Jaipur. I have two posts on Monkeys – Rhesus Macaque and Grey Langoor monkeys. I posted them almost 4-5 years ago. I’m not sure if you have seen either. If you want, I can share the link with you.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Hi Arv Social media is fine with me it is just nice images in these times of so much stress and provides some respite I think …Thank you for the links I will check them out Have a lovely day, Arv 🙂

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