How to make your own Coconut Oil in easy to follow steps…


A reposting from a while ago but it shows my love of all things coconut…I adore Coconut water, milk and oil I use it in many ways…Making your own at home makes such a lovely thoughtful present …

Living in the North Of Thailand is so very different from living in the South of Thailand… I am learning so much about Thai cultures and traditions which have been passed down through families for centuries and I am loving it.

Coconut oil and its benefits are known throughout the world and it is quite easy to buy a bottle from your local shops now….. But how is it made? it is still made by hand in many local homes takes time but you get a far superior product and you also get the lovely by-product which you can eat.

So come with me ……Over a fire…. a pot is put to heat up when the pot is hot then the coconut milk which is extracted from the white flesh is added, in the villages, they grate this and as you need the flesh from 10 coconuts to make a litre of oil …it is time-consuming and hard work by hand…

coconut milk

Putting on the Coconut Milk

If you are lucky enough to live close to a local market and they have the machine which extracts the milk then it is far easier although you still have a long way to go before you get the finished product.

Firstly the Coconut milk is poured into the ready heated pot and it is now a waiting game where all the exciting stuff happens and you can see the stages and transitions that milk goes through to get your oil.

coconut oil making your own

Coconut milk Reducing

So you sit and stir and watch and wait while still stirring as the milk changes.

making coconut oil

Reducing down

The first sign you see are little oil spots which start to appear on the surface of the milk….you still have to keep stirring.

coconut milk boiling

Coconut milk coming to the boil

The oil spots spread as the milk bubbles away and indeed will come right to the top of the pot and almost boil over.


Coconut ream reduced down

The milk is coming to the top is not a good sign you have to stir and stir so it is simmering and bubbling after a while it takes a few hours the milk disappears and you are left with oil…

At the bottom of the pan, you get a thick crust which looks like crumbled digestive biscuits…this is scooped out and kept as a topping for ice cream.

A very small amount is left in the bottom maybe a teaspoonful and this gives the oil a more vanilla/chocolate smell/taste it is then scooped out and the oil is left to cool down.

Finished coconut oil

You now have your very own hand-made  Coconut Oil.

I think it is lovely to see this tradition of making your own oil in the home as so often we buy a carton or bottle and we don’t where it has come from ..what processes it has gone through…Is it pure? We all know that labelling can be misleading.

I am sampling so much now of lovely home-produced oils, honey, vegetables, herbs some grown some foraged and it is not just the marvellous taste but just the knowledge that I have seen it made or helped make it and that I  know where it has come is a marvellous feeling…

The photos are from my friend Sonya…Thank you so much, Sonya Russell, for allowing me to use them. It is very much appreciated…Thank you 🙂

Thank you for dropping in I do hope you enjoyed reading this post if so please leave a comment as I love to hear from you and have a chat…Love Carol xx




21 thoughts on “How to make your own Coconut Oil in easy to follow steps…

  1. poshkubo

    Thank you for this blog about coconut oil and promoting it despite the recent negative write-ups about it, based from a scientific study done not long ago; which is misleading.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      There will always be someone writing negative things about something its just sensationalism …I happen to see the positives and so many other studies promote the use I use it myself and for my age am healthy…:)


      1. poshkubo

        It’s also my first choice for cooking, raw recipes and natural cosmetics. I’ve been using it since I was a child until now that I’m close to 60. One day, I may have to write a blog too about it, to counter the recent, damaging issues about it. There are several studies done in tropical countries that are just as reliable.

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      2. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Thats good to hear…I use coconut oil for some cooking depending as sometimes olive oil is the best choice but it is readily available here everywhere andyes tropical studies are reliable in many cases…You should write blog post about your experiences 🙂


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      As do I, Pete I just think it is lovely to be able to watch, learn and maybe have a go just because you can… it also makes such a special gift 🙂 x


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      A s long as your coconut milk is 100% you would be fine…I do know however that some of the milk which is available overseas is not…I think some traditions are just lovely to know you can rather than do…Here I am lucky that I can buy fresh coconut milk and watch it being extracted while I wait it doesn’t get fresher than that…:) x

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