Saturday Snippets…30th January 2020…is on a break…

Welcome to this weeks Saturday Snippets…in many ways, my favourite post of the week as I can indulge my whimsy…The healthy eating is…starting slowly…I have increased my walking and the pounds are slowly decreasing yesterday I completed 10,460 steps(7.47km). I split my walks into 2 a day an early morning walk and a late afternoon walk and as I was so close to completing my steps I took a couple of turns around the block after dark…

112 comments between spam and trash this morning the bots are out in force lately thing is I sometimes find the good guys lurking there so have to check...

That’s it for today my muse and quirk have deserted me this week… that lightbulb moment isn’t happening…I have tried to walk it off but to no avail so I am baking bread and making soup…

Thank you for popping in today …I am sorry if I have disappointed you until next time…Take care…Love Carol xx

27 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…30th January 2020…is on a break…

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      It was surprise for me Jim.. I just couldn’t find inspiration.. Normally my words just flow from one thing to another and it just didn’t work ideas didn’t gel together so I ende it it yes I am enjoyong tbe walking.. During lockdowns/quarantines I have let it slide.. eaten more of my bread etc and have put on a few pounds… back on the walking now so hopefully it will fire the brain into action 😎😏🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

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  2. marianbeaman

    Baking bread and making soup sound therapeutic to me. Taking a break, a good thing. You deserve it, Carol.

    Yesterday I was listening to an interview between a host and a therapist who said that asparagus is good for anxiety. I’m guessing there was a run to the grocery story for many after the broadcast. I bought some!!

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      1. Victoria Zigler (@VictoriaZigler)

        Most days that helps me too… I usually take the dogs outside for a bit, or play with them with their toys for a while, or put some music on and dance about (if nobody else is around). Basically anything that has me being active for a bit. But it just wasn’t helping yesterday, hence giving up and having a nap.

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