Smorgasbord Food Column – Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen – Bread, Homemade Peanut Butter and Home Grown Vegetables and Herbs.

Hello and welcome to Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am to be back with a brand- new column at Smorgasbord Magazine… and how welcome you made me feel last month for my first post of the year you are all-stars as is Sally for inviting me back x

I am passionate about cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients, the environment and ensuring that the food I make for my family is clean and as chemical-free as it can possible be…I would also love to know that instead of counting calories that more people counted chemicals as it is the chemicals in processed foods which affect our health and wellbeing.

Just to recap for those who missed the first post…This monthly post will cover sustainability, news on food production…changes for the better and maybe a villain or three…haha, a recipe or two including some plant-based recipes, hints and tips on making my household a little greener…aka recycling and composting.

It isn’t easy …in theory we know what we should do …THEREFORE I have looked at what I can do gradually…every small change is a bonus.

Positive signs from 2020 are it seems we are becoming a nation of cooks again we are baking bread, cooking from scratch, making small changes to how we live our live…A reset…
I now bake bread every other day… Sandwich Loaf…an update… (The original recipe was in last month’s post)

The only change I have made so far is to substitute stone ground wholewheat flour for some of the white bread flour…everything else is exactly the same…

The original recipe used 500 gm Bread Flour…

I now use 300gm stone ground wholewheat flour and 200gm Bread Flour.

As different brands of flour do vary it can affect the liquid used up until now, I have not had to change the volume of my liquid. Personally, my family prefer this percentage and is how I will make this sandwich loaf in future it has a nice texture and a nuttier taste.

Did you know?

It’s a given that processed foods can save you a little time. But what you gain in convenience, you lose in money, environmental impact and maybe even health.
That’s because processed foods require more labour to convert them from their natural state to something that fits in a box, bag or tub.

You’re also paying for the chemicals added to the processed food to keep them fresh.
You’re paying for the packaging, too, which is totally worthless once you get it home. Indeed, $1 out of every $11 you spend at the grocery store you spend on the packaging you throw away.

I will give you a simple example…Peanut Butter…

One of the quickest and simplest, things to make…

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12 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Food Column – Carol Taylor’s Green Kitchen – Bread, Homemade Peanut Butter and Home Grown Vegetables and Herbs.

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  2. TheChattyIntrovert

    I grew up on Peter Pan peanut butter. When they had that big salmonella recall many years ago, suddenly we had to change. I picked up some natural peanut butter for the first time, and never went back. I’d LOVE to make my own peanut butter. It’s gotta just smell so much better, and taste just right. I couldn’t believe all the added sugar in the big name peanut butters. It didn’t make sense.

    I am going to start baking my own bread more often. I don’t get it very often, anyway, but I haven’t figured out where I’m going wrong when making it because it doesn’t seem to last very long at all and starts to mold fast. I’m going through my bread books to see what I can do and experiment more, but that’s been discouraging.


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      PB is so easy to make you will wonder why you never have b4…As for homemade bread, my recipe has been tested so many times and it always turns out great …I make it about 4 times a week although homemade bread doesn’t keep as long as store brought as it no preservatives the price pay for that sometimes, however, I keep mine in a bread box on the top for two days as the fridge makes the crust soft after that I put in the fridge …If you do not use so much bread why not slice the loaf and freeze some and take out as you require 🙂


      1. TheChattyIntrovert

        Hadn’t thought of that. I haven’t gotten the hang of really baking bread yet, but I’ve got some good recipes to try. I hate some of the ones I have. good if you stick it in the toaster and eat it hot, bad if you wanna slice it for sandwiches because it’s so dry. Maybe my yeast stinks–I’ve had to rely on the bread machine because I can’t seem to get timing and working with yeast right (I’m guessing, at least). Research is definitely on the table, and making smaller loaves could help me out.

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      2. CarolCooks2 Post author

        I use the rapid yeast and it works well although it loses it potency after about 3 months so I buy smaller packs and keep it in the fridge…quicker turnover…


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