Fruity Friday…# Sapote…Chocolate Pudding Fruit…

Fruity Friday…# Chocolate Pudding Fruit.

Fruity Friday is where I bring you a fruit I have discovered …some I find here and others I have discovered while doing my research and would try myself…Like last weeks fruit the Buddha Hand Fruit a fascinatingly weird but beautiful fruit which I hope to grow myself and one which I will most certainly be looking out for and longing for the day I  have my own fruit…I just love discovering new fruits and vegetables as it opens a whole new world, doesn’t it?

Sapote is a term for a soft, edible fruit…A word that is incorporated into the common names of several unrelated fruit-bearing plants native to Mexico, Central America and northern parts of South America.

Black, Yellow and White…

These three subtropical fruits are delicious, sweet and rare…three fruits that belong to 3 different botanical families but which are similar in that they have to be eaten ripe or to us overripe…in time I am sure they will be marketed worldwide as one of the limitations for transport is the lack of consistency of ripe fruit…

The yellow sapote or egg fruit is one such fruit…Called lamut khamen in the Thai language…which I mentioned in this post way back in January 2020… 

Black Sapote is one of those fruits which needs to be eaten when it looks as if it is past its sell-by date…Quite often I have come across fruits that look shrivelled like the passionfruit and yet inside they are a wonderful spoonful of heaven…Unripe like many fruits BLACK Sapote is unpalatable ripe…but ripe you need to try it…think chocolate mousse…

A quick glance at the fruits and the shape and size reminds me of the Asian persimmon fruits.


But there is no relation just a similarity in looks…

Once the Black Sapote starts to ripen it ripens very quickly…which is one of the reasons why it is not a commercial fruit. Native to Mexico it now cultivated in Australia, the Philippines, Florida, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and Cuba…

A much healthier alternative to the real deal( chocolate), lower in fat and containing about four times as much vitamin C as your average orange…

When ripe, the Black Sapote is delicious eaten fresh or used as a chocolate substitute in recipes and milkshakes or simply mixed with yoghurt and lemon juice. In Mexico, the pulp is mashed with orange juice or brandy and served with cream.

If you are lucky enough to come across Black Sapote…then this recipe for:

Chocolate Sapote Cake with Kumquat Orange Marmalade...Looks and sounds delicious…x

I have since discovered that these trees grow well and fruit here as there are some to be found in Pattaya and Chiang Mai…It seems that my mission to find some trees has been a successful one and time to plant some of these rare trees in my garden…

White Sapote will just get a small mention of the three… it is the most cultivated it seems outside of Mexico and is a heavy cropper…if there is no frost then white sapote behaves like an evergreen and keeps its leaves in winter.

The skin of the white sapote does not change when ripened however the skin splits when ripe… the pulp is bright white, very juicy and sweet …some say overly sweet.

I do hope you have enjoyed learning about the sapote fruit as much as I have and if you are lucky enough to have tried this fruit please let us know in comments…I love to chat…Love Carol xx


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  2. Norah

    Wow. I’d not heard of black sapote but chocolate pudding fruit sounds vaguely familiar. I’ve never tried it though. The chocolate mousse sounds delicious, and so easy to make. If you have some black sapote.

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