Saturday Snippets…27th February 2021…

Welcome to Saturday Snippets where I indulge my whimsy and my passions… maybe a tune or two…something which has caught my eye this last week…just anything…I am still waiting for my Easter Egg moulds…shipped yesterday so they said…

There are many people with many different thoughts on homelessness...Homelessness is a huge problem in the world…I say ” There but for the grace of God go I “…These sleep pods are one such good idea…

Many years ago however my Fridays nights were a trip to London on the Chocolate Run...No such pods then…just boxes and it is unbelievable what can be made from a box it still is, however, it isn’t as comfy as my bed or yours I am guessing…

Did you know?

People who live in Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya Hill, Australia, need a little patience when it comes to learning to spell their hometown’s name. But you know what? So do the folks from Lake Chargoggagoggman-chauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Massachusetts and Tweebuffelsmeteen-skootmorsdoodgeskietfontein, South Africa.

None of them has quite as much work to do when jotting down their address as those who live in Taumatawhakatangihanga-koauauotamateaturipukakapikimaung-ahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealand, though. At 85 letters long, this is the longest place name in the world.

I bet they don’t have trouble creating pwds which no hacker can hack!

This so funny and for me a pleasure to watch and  read such lovely comments instead of
spiteful ones …Thank you my American readers for taking Prince Harry into your hearts…

The poor old cows take a lot of stick for the methane gas they release into the environment and often it is forgotten how many others also contribute to gases and the greenhouse effect…This plan is not only to cut down on the methane but feed the cows healthier diets then they can graze in peace…

Good News for the cows…

Let’s have some was back in February 1981 that Paul McCartney and Stephie Wonder produced Ebony & Ivory…

There are lots of weird fruit and vegetables around the world …That is what I love about the internet it opens up a world where we can find almost anything…This one was on my doorstep…

Not only are the flowers edible you can cook this edible squash-like gourd and have a Loofah to scrub your back. The plant produces both male and female flowers.loofah-vine-loofah-flower-vine-flowering-vine It is also both a fruit and a vegetable. The male flowers come first followed by the female ones. It flowers all summer long and produces blooms up to 5 inches across…it makes a wonderful screen in your garden and grows very quickly once established. In fact, the fruits grow 1 1/2 inches per day. If you wish to eat them then they must be picked when they are gherkin size or no more than 4 inches in length as once the fibres inside the fruit start to toughen then they can longer be eaten.

They can be sliced finely and added to salad dishes or hot can be used as a substitute for squash or eggplant.

Not only that if you crumble small pieces and add them to soap when you make it then has a pumice stone effect. It can also be  used to scrub pans…

If you are like me and always thought the loofah brush came from the sea…They don’t!

Did you Know?

That Kangeroo words are words that contain their own synonyms?

It’s actually a word that happens to contain its own synonym, with the letters to spell it in the correct order. According  to, examples include the words “chocolate” (which includes the synonym “cocoa”), “masculine” (“male”), “blossom” (“bloom”), “chicken” (“hen”), “rambunctious” (“raucous”), and “deceased” (“dead”).

That’s all for today thank you for dropping in I hope you enjoyed my whimsy…It would be lovely if you left a comment as I do love to chat…Love Carol xx



32 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…27th February 2021…

  1. Jan Sikes

    Those sleep pods are a fantastic idea!! And I had never heard of a kangaroo word. Now I know, so I learned something today. Reading the names of these cities makes me happy I live in Plano, Texas. 🙂

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Yes they are, Jan..happy you got a mention…Don’t tell anyone I didn’t know about kangaroo words either…Thats what I love about blogging and the internet everyday I learn something new…:) x


  2. dgkaye

    Wonderful idea on the pods for the homeless. I posted an article for WATWB on a man’s efforts to supply pods here in my city for the homeless. Good to see people caring. ❤

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  4. petespringerauthor

    I like the idea of creating homeless pods. The problem of homelessness keeps getting worse. It is a humane thing to do.

    It would be fun to ride around with James, Corden, Prince Harry, or both.

    Finding a way to cut down on the methane produced while feeding the cows something healthy seems like a win-win.

    Ebony and Ivory—good tune with an even better message.

    Weird fruits and vegetables—I’m still learning there’s a lot out there.

    First introduction to kangaroo words. You knew this would be right up my alley.

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  6. Jennie

    Loved the James Corden and Prince Harry video! Ebony and Ivory is a timeless and beautiful song. Am I the only one who thinks sleeping in a sleep pod would be like being in a casket? Super post, Carol. Thank you!

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  7. johnrieber

    Carol, great mix of subjects as always…when I worked in TV News, ABC’s Anchorman Peter Jennings became a legend for pronouncing one of those names with 70-8- letters in it…once he said, it he paused ever so briefly then added: “easy for you to say.”

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  8. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    Terrific post Carol.. having lived in Wales I got used to getting my tongue around some of the longer names but that lot take the biscuit.. great videos and music and the poor Irish cows have had a terrible media presence in the past, with one headline Irish Cows responsible for global warming… in the blogger daily for Monday…have a good weekend and may your blog woes be diminished…♥

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  9. beetleypete

    Don’t forget this famous place name in Wales. Not the longest, but very hard to pronounce. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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