Saturday Snippets…6th March 2021…


Welcome to Saturday Snippets where I indulge my whimsy and my passions… maybe a tune or two…something which has caught my eye this last week…just anything out of the ordinary or extraordinary…During the lockdown I have been following Mark Weins on UTube he eats at various restaurants around Asia and many in Thailand which means for me  I can make my wish list for when lockdowns finish and travel is easier…

This video shows the market and food where I live... Tessaban a market where I regularly shop …It also shows some food that I hadn’t tried or heard of and last week I found some of the food…stuffed frog shown in the video and it is lovely…enjoy the video…

I love Thai food and eat much of what is shown but not all…I have also found some eating places whose menu I will be sampling.

Stuffed  Frog:

Originating from the Northern provinces of Thailand frog dishes are a staple of Northern Thai cuisine. Prepared in a variety of ways from curries, grilled, stuffed to deep-fried frogs legs, each dish is as appetizing as the next. In fact, you would not even know it was a frog until you are told the meat is a good source of protein, low in fat … Ranging from spicy to non-spicy dishes, the frog meat dish can be found either in a typical Thai restaurant, a food court that sells a variety of home-cooked economy rice dishes or from a street food stall.

These stuffed frogs are cleaned and stuffed with a mixture of lemongrass, galangal, chillies, minced liver/frog meat or pork, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice it was very spicy but delicious to me it looks a little like haggis…

Some 70 plus years ago, One of the best dance routines ever was filmed…Unrehearsed it took one take only…The performance was from the 1943 film Stormy Weather and is guaranteed to get your toes tapping its a fabulous routine.

Let’s have some music and a boogie…

Did you know?

Boeing uses potatoes to test their in-flight Wi-Fi, as they reflect and absorb the signals similarly to people. The project is called Synthetic Personnel Using Dialectic Substitution- or SPUDS.

Why is Ambergris so valuable and what is it?

Ambergris also called amber grease, or grey amber is whale vomit which is a solid, waxy and flammable substance and is dull grey or blackish in colour. However, it is believed to be passed either as spew or faeces.

It is a very costly wax that is produced as a secretion in the intestines (digestive system) of the sperm whale. The whale produces it to protect its gut from very sharp beaks of squid it prays on in the ocean. The substance acquires a sweet, earthy scent as it ages.

Described as floating gold it is illegal to kill the sperm whale to obtain Ambergris as the whale is categorised as vulnerable to find this Ambergris washed up on the beach is a find indeed…

To think that something which sounds so disgusting us ladies put behind our ears.

Did you know?

I have long been a fan of David Bowie and his music...he was a legendary songwriter and an iconic performer… in the late 1990s, he was also an internet provider. He launched BowieNet in 1998 and the service remained available until the early 2000s. For $19.95 a month, users would receive an email address (, 5MB of online storage meant for a personal web page, exclusive audio and video of Bowie, access to chat rooms where Bowie would pop up on occasion), and even multiplayer games.

Rare fruit: This week I came across a fruit which resembles a catkin…The Long Pepper…


It comes from a flowering vine from the family Piperaceae…usually sold dried and used as a spice and seasoning the flavour closely resembles regular black pepper it has a hotter taste with sweet and somewhat earthy, gingery undertones. Native to India it is also found here in Thailand…I have found the dried version and am on the hunt for fresh ones…

That’s all for today thank you for dropping in I hope you enjoyed my whimsy… I would love to hear from you in comments as you know how I love to chat…Love Carol xx

24 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…6th March 2021…

  1. Jennie

    The market is amazing. I’m not brave enough for frog or whale. Love Cab Calloway and the boogie! The Blues Brothers brought him into the limelight for a new generation. Best to you, Carol.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Thank you, Jennie I am so lucky it is on my doorstep I love it as I do Cab Calloway and the boogie…I wouldn’t have said I was before I lived here but now I am and love it(most) of the time…Have a great week, Jennie 🙂 x

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  2. Norah

    A great collection of snippets, Carol. How wonderful to see your local market featured on TV. I’ve never tried frog. The stuffing sounds delicious. Love the boogie. Amazing it was done in one take. Have a wonderful week.


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  4. Jim Borden

    how lucky you are to have such a market so close to you – I’d be getting all my meals from there!

    and the Cab video was great – not just the dancing, but the music and singing were aalso outstanding!

    two thumbs up for whoever came up with the SPUDS acronym…

    and I had not heard that fun fact about Bowie – he was always one step ahead of us…

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I love it, Jim it’s a great market and I am always finding new fruits and vegetables and food like the stuffed frogs…I also love the Cab video it was just all round great….I am pleased you found lots to like and learn a good week then…Have a great weekend, Jim 🙂 xx

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  5. beetleypete

    I would try all that food, though I suspect it would be too ‘chilli-hot’ for me. Definitely up for stuffed frog. I did eat frog’s legs in France in the 1970s. Tasty, but very pricey.
    I have a selection of Cab Calloway vinyl albums stored in the loft. I always smile when so many people only know him from his appearance in the film ‘The Blues Brothers’.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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