Tuesday Twitterings…A journey to be a Doctor…

Good Morning and welcome to Tuesday Twitterings…

Last week I posted about a chefs journey to become a doctor…This piqued my interest as you know I am a firm believer in that we can by our diet determine our health to a point…

I was fascinated by this chefs journey to combine the two …and very successful she is…due to recent events… although that isn’t strictly true …I should rephrase that…I have become more acutely aware than I have ever been about how people are judged either by their religion, colour, creed or disability…

I struggle with this as I thought we were all human beings...I also think we could learn by learning and celebrating peoples differences…

I live in a Buddist country…I could attend a church if I wanted to who practised my religion( C of E) but I haven’t…from my experience, I have come across nothing but kindness and the offer to worship with them side by side…

I am invited and welcomed to any temple here and a while ago sadly to my first Buddhist funeral…we were treated with the utmost respect, shown and explained to what was happening during the service and when our neighbour’s grandaughter read a eulogy of his life she spoke in Thai and then spoke that part in English and that was how the whole speech was carried out so that we could understand..how considerate and lovely was that?

I also believe that any changes we make should include tolerance, acceptance of our neighbour’s religion, colour, creed or disability… sadly that doesn’t happen as often as I would like… I see trolling on social media, I read about attacks on people or places of worship BUT who are we to decide what is the way to live, work and worship …the world would be such a better place if we lived in harmony and with acceptance of differences…not judgement…no one religion, colour or creed should take precedence above another…

This means that Tuesday Twitterings will be about anyone who in my opinion deserves a mention because they have accepted their differences and followed their chosen path often with difficulty and are making a difference…in the world of medicine…

No mean feat I will add…

Today It is about Albinism...the fact that people with albinism are not ghosts but PEOPLE…and are we all not just people?

Meet Dr Shari Parker…

Thank you for reading and remember… Don’t judge a book by its cover”  Quote by George Eliot…be kind and not judgemental we are all the same underneath our skin…

See you tomorrow for the next A-Z with a twist…Have a lovely day and smile …Love Carol x

32 thoughts on “Tuesday Twitterings…A journey to be a Doctor…

  1. Darlene

    I am so pleased to hear how kind the Buddhist community has been to you. When my mother passed away in March, my brother’s Thai wife had the monk at her temple do a blessing for mom. I was so touched. My dad used to say “It takes all kinds of people to make a world.” I believe that tolerance begins at home and we were taught that everyone is important.


  2. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    Well said Carol. It bemuses me that the people who treat others so badly, are rarely epitomes of society or of their culture, but people who enjoy the power their self-appointed superiority gives them and it is present in all walks of life from gender, religion, colour, ethnicity, appearance or disability. We talk about differences being celebrated but in fact we do our best to denigrate them. The writing community has a great deal of power to orchestrate change, and you are doing your part in a terrific way…hugsx♥

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      1. koolkosherkitchen

        Years ago American educational system was based on a concept of a melting pot, where all cultures would, presumably melt together into a hypothetical American. I have always told my students that I prefer to view them as a salad where every ingredient retains its distinct taste and appearance, yet together they make a tasty creation.
        Hugs right back to you, darling.

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  4. Jim Borden

    wonderful post; nice to hear how accepting the Buddhists have been. I went o high school with someone who had albinism; except for the health issue, he was just like the rest of us… Impressive video…

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      They have, Jim but don’t you think it works both ways….Yes sadly having Albinism comes with health issues…Can you remember though if everyone was accepting of him or was there an element of those who weren’t?…x

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      1. Jim Borden

        I think there was just a general sense of not knowing how best to interact with him. So I don’t think it was a matter of not accepting him, but more a matter of a fear of the unknown.

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      2. CarolCooks2 Post author

        I think that is sad statement Jim and very remiss of the school not to have addressed it… I always remember when a blind lady was employed in my office we all had a talk on how and what was acceptable with her dog and also how we should approach her and we all got the opportunity to sit and talk to her… What came out of that was quite minor changes for us.. like speaking when approaching her and not petting the dog while he was working which is most of the time.. It boiled down which is what you highlighted Jim to understanding… x

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  5. Dorothy's New Vintage Kitchen

    Personally, I find that anonymous social media posts have contributed greatly to the lack of tolerance for our differences. It’s easy to let your dark side out if there are no consequences and you can hide behind a screen name. A lot of toxic words out there.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I agree, Dorothy I am appalled at times and it has to stop …I myself am taking a hard stance against anyone who comes up on my social media and I feel their actions are unwarranted they will go into the ether …

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  6. beetleypete

    I was discussing Albinism last year, as I friend and I recalled a schoolmate (girl) who had it. I cannot remember the last time I saw anyone like that though, not in over 20 years at least.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      The figures state it is 1 in every 18,000-20,000 people worldwide…which is quite low but people shouldn’t be stigmatized because of it…my aim is to highlight that it’s not just colour but creed or disabilities that is a problem for some and it shouldn’t be….why we can’t accept people for who they are is what concerns me…Thank you for commenting, Pete enjoy the rest of your week 🙂 x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I do hope so Beth…I just think we need to examine every bit of our lives and deal with anything and anyone who thinks its funny to take the mickey I see it a lot sometimes on FB for example and I am no longer going to tolerate it or keep those people as FB friends enough is enough for me it has to stop and only we can do that and promote change 🙂 Have a lovely week Beth 🙂 x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I would love it also, Chel and we have to make it happen little by little and even if its something small we have to make a stand and say this it not right 🙂 x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      It absolutely isn’t the case, Stuart but I think the time has come for those of us who want change make a stand …it’s the only way it will happen and will have a knock on effect…slowly maybe but it will 🙂

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