Saturday Snippets…8th May 2021…


Welcome back to Saturday Snippets where I indulge my whimsy and my passions… maybe a tune or two…something which has caught my eye this last week…just anything out of the ordinary or extraordinary…

Everything in the garden is rosy the mixture of sunshine and showers is good for growth…

It’s National Burger Month…and who better than John Rieber to promote the burger in its many guises…not being a burger girl myself I was drawn to the pastrami burger…

I absolutely love great pastrami and guess maybe I should give it a go and try to cook some from scratch…what do you think?

So head over to John’s and take your appetite with you…

The 10th May-16th May is National Vegetarian Week…I’ll never be vegetarian or vegan, but because I accept that we know for our health, we are eating way too much meat. (FACT)…Many people eat the worst kind of meat…Meat that is industrially produced. The consequences of which are…it’s inhumane for animals, pollutes our waterways and soil plus these factories are a major contributor to global greenhouse emissions…more on this on Meatless Mondays.

Let’s have some music…I love listening to this man …

Did you know?

Three- milkings month is the Anglo Saxon name for the month of May…it was so named because the cows could be milked three times a day during the month of May.

I have happy memories of helping my grandfather milk the cows by hand until they got automated milkers…they were happy days down on the farm I spent all my school holiday there…the joy of drinking a glass of milk fresh from the cow is stored in my memory box of happy times with my grandparents…

My first thought when I saw this was wow…how cute…A glowing Pumpkin Toadlet…

A new species…less than an inch long, lives only in the Mantiqueira mountains in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, and its bones fluoresce under UV light.

This frog (yes, it’s a frog, despite being called a “toadlet”) is one more piece of evidence for how diverse and unique this ecosystem is. And the fact that we’re still discovering new frog species proves how little we know about the very biomes we’re destroying.

Then my grey matter started whirring…listening to the tube clip I picked up on the word toxins…so instead of being awed should I be scared? 

One day will we be glowing under a UV light?

I am naturally curious I have always had questions all my life ...I’m not sure looking back if I was a pleasure or a nightmare to my teachers…Ummmm…

This is my big question…How many people do you think would be curious about this toadlet..come on my stats, mad readers …would this phenomenon be shared and go viral around social media?

But how different is that from a human who is “different” why don’t people have the same natural curiosity to find out why and be interested in their differences?

Just Saying!

Did you know?

To keep cookies and other baked goods soft after baking, add a slice of store-bought white bread to an airtight container. Your cakes, cookies and muffins will keep their day-one softness.

Now let’s turn our thoughts to doughnuts(donuts)…From 8th-16th May…

This week-long celebration of doughnuts, sponsored by CSM Bakery Solutions, is to help to raise vital funds for The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.

Now …I would happily eat a few doughnuts for such a cause…wouldn’t you…although I will say my arm does not need twisting to eat a nice jam doughnut or those hot doughnuts you get at the English seaside resorts…So come on get eating those doughnuts it is after all for a good cause…

Finger licking good…Yummy!

Back in 1940…Ricky Nelson was born…he went on to become a Rock n Roll Legend…

The legendary vampire, created by author Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel of the same name, has inspired countless horror movies, television shows and other bloodcurdling tales of vampires.

It wasn’t however until 1958 that the first British gothic horror film was released … “Dracula” a film starring Christopher Lee as the fearsome vampire…personally I much preferred the older Dracula films to some of the new ones… is it just me?

That’s all for today thank you for dropping in I hope you enjoyed my whimsy… see you tomorrow for my weekly roundup…Love Carol xx

33 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…8th May 2021…

      1. Victoria Zigler

        So does the bakery, Greggs. Very nice ones too.

        Thankfully, with where we now live, some of those places are close enough that I can get to them sometimes, but not so close I can go more than perhaps a couple of times a month. 😉

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      1. koolkosherkitchen

        Ah, Michael, I had a week wrought with anxiety caused by technology issues (I am still teaching online, and a functioning Internet is a must!). I had a lovely Mother’s Day, though. Hopefully, my techno-issues will be resolved this afternoon.
        Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend, and a joyous Shavuot!


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  2. Clive

    Thanks for the reminder of those hot seaside doughnuts. I haven’t had one for years! Our kids were fascinated watching them in the machine when they were little. I also like Paolo Nutini, even if he does sound like something you spread on bread. Maybe I’ll add him into one of my posts to enlighten Jim further. He’s right about Garden Party too, though Mr Nelson had grown up by then and become ‘Rick.’

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jim Borden

    never heard of Paolo, but that was a nice song. that is quite the interesting frog, and I love your curiosity…

    I liked Ricky’s music – Garden Party is one of my favorites.

    And now I want some doughnuts…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I think doughnuts are most peoples favourites , Jim…I will be curious until the day I die…Paelo is one if my favourites easy listening…I am not familiar with garden party at least I don’t think so, Jim…Have a lovely weekend 🙂 x

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  4. Jennie

    I loved the Ozzie and Harriet show! Ricky Nelson was a dreamboat with terrific songs to his name. The pumpkin toad is fascinating; I love where you went with this story. Happy weekend, Carol!

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  5. beetleypete

    I don’t need a reason to eat doughnuts. I had some jam ones two days ago. 🙂
    And I love burgers, especially those featured on John’s blog. (I had some for dinner last night. 100% beef, ‘no additive’ ones)
    Paolo Nutini singing ‘Last request’. Get’s me every time. It’s one of my ‘funeral songs’.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Wow…I think has a beautiful voice… good choice of song I hope he doesn’t get to sing it just yet, Pete …Yes, Johns burgers looked awesome and who doesn’t love a doughnut?…:) xx

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  7. petespringerauthor

    How did I not know that Ricky Nelson was Ozzie and Harriet’s child? Ricky sure had a nice run at the end of the 50s and beginning of the 60s.

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