Tropical Friday…#Peanut Butter Fruit…

Not something I eat often although I do know some who eat Peanut butter every day…This fruit tastes exactly like Peanut Butter…How cool is that?… The more you eat the stronger the Peanut Butter taste.

A small backyard tropical tree which is very distantly related to the Acerola Cherry…a tree whose fruit birds love to feast on commercially it doesn’t have value as the fruit once ripe should be eaten they are highly perishable.

Fruits grow in clusters that flower and fruit at the same time. With a thin pale green skin turning to orange then red at maturity. The internal pulp of the Peanut Butter fruit is very thick and slightly sticky similar to that of soft persimmon and surrounds a large central seed. The fruit has an aroma of peanut butter and a sweet flavour which has been compared to that of sweet potato and dried fig. Once ripe, Peanut Butter fruits must be harvested immediately to prevent them from spoiling on the tree.

The size of a grape you just need to wash and pop in your mouth then spit out the pip or remove delicately into a tissue…

The pulp can be used to make smoothies, ice cream for all you peanut butter lovers…or a sherbet…Jellies or Jams…muffins…

High in fibre, it keeps you fuller for longer…

Although the tree is native to Northern and Western South America: Venezuela and Columbia. Naturalized In Southern America: Caribbean (Grenada, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Montserrat, Puerto Rico), Northern and Western South America: Guayana, Suriname, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

It also has been introduced elsewhere in the tropics like Thailand The tree requires a tropical climate with or without a dry season. It is rarely cultivated outside its natural range except in botanical gardens or as a curiosity.

I love this guy he describes fruit perfectly in layman’s terms…

Another native tree I will be adding to my little collection of fruit trees…as I am curious…Just in case you love PB but missed the recipe here it is.…so quick and easy with no nasty additives and sugar…

Thank you for joining me today...I hope you enjoy discovering these rare and exotic fruits…Maybe you have tried this one? If so please share we would love to know…

See you tomorrow for another Saturday Snippets xx


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