Tropical Friday…The Bullet Wood Fruit…

The Bullet Wood fruit whose other names include Spanish Cherry, Tanjong Fruit, Indian Medlar and Caqui Fruit…scientific name Manilkara kauki is grown here in Thailand its really another backyard fruit and is generally found on small market stalls where the produce that they sell is from their land and it is generally in small quantities.

Its botanical name is Mimusops elengi L…it has been used by traditional medicine practitioners for centuries and is mentioned in the Ayurvedic Scriptures.

All parts of the tree are used the leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, roots and fruit to treat various diseases especially dental disorders.

Called the Bakula tree in India its very pretty flowers are offered to the gods…Jains and Buddhists consider the tree to be sacred.

According to Vamana Purana, the flowers are used in worshipping Lord Vishnu. It is one of the few species whose flowers can be collected from the ground and offered in worship. The seeds are offered to Lord Shiva. The tree is often grown near mausoleums in South India.

Fruit edible raw, cooked, pickled, seed oil is used for cooking but also used for lamps… Bark oil is used in making perfume. Flowers are used for the preparation of an otto used in perfumes and as a stimulant. Blossoms are sometimes used to make potpourris.

I’ll now pass you over to the weird fruit explore who luckily found some of these fruits on a stall in Bangkok here he tastes it and with the utmost honesty gives you his thoughts.

Thank you for popping by I hope you enjoyed learning about this rare fruit see you tomorrow for Saturday Snippets always a popular post…x

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  2. petespringerauthor

    I’ve never been to Thailand, but one of the things I’ve noticed from following your blog is the wide variety of fruits that I’ve never heard of or tried before. So many of the foods I like are not good particularly healthy (too much fat), but fruit is one of those exceptions of something that tastes good and is generally healthy.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      There certainly is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables far wider than I had when living in the UK… One I think the climate is a factor and 2..there are markets on every single day here also if you are a small trader they just sit down on the pavement and sell their wares which are often in small amounts or they have only two or three or even just one fruit which indicates they are selling what grows in their backyard or what they have foraged that morning… I love these because its where I find the fruits and veg you wouldn’t find always on the bigger markets.. Its like Aladins cave sometimes when I see a little row and generally they are often older ladies selling just a few little bowls of goodies thats the best and when you find little unknown goodies you would love it Pete.. I’m rambling away here… Lol.. Have a great weekend.. x


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  4. life of a middle family in india

    When we hear about vaman purana ,lord vishnu and lord shiva we feel proud that how much powerful our ancient religious history,, I thank God to birth me in Hindu religion …. and most of at that time vidya means doctor of that time having 100 % of nature knowledge

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