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This lovely but sort of weird fruit produces fruit all year round but because it grows close to the ground it is often quite muddy and sometimes needs a thorough clean but it has a good protective shell which although can be opened quite easily when you know how doesn’t break open when the fruit is washed…

I walked on by when I first saw this fruit and then my natural curiosity took over it truly is a lovely fruit…

The outside of the fruit is scaly like a snake and prickly like a cactus, but the inside is sweeter than honey, sour like pineapple and incredibly juicy. Its flesh is slightly acidic, giving your tongue a citrus-like tingle.

Salak fruit or snake fruit is a fruit that is very common in and around South East Asia. The skin is very like the markings on a snake I tend to call it snake fruit rather than salak…


Salak is a species of palm tree native in Indonesia. it belongs to the Arecaceae family. The fruits grow in clusters at the base of the palm. It is also known as snake fruit because of its reddish-brown scaly skin. The fruit inside is sweeter than honey and sour like pineapple and very juicy.

Because the flesh is slightly acidic it makes your tongue tingle. The fruit grows around the base of the tree so often when you buy it fresh they can be covered with dirt a little like potatoes when you dig them up…

They are also quite prickly to the touch and there is a knack to opening them but like everything once you have mastered that it is quite easy. Just be careful as this fruit has fairly hard albeit thin skin it is just getting your nail in the right place and pressing quite hard. Like everything, once you get the nack it is easy…

This evergreen tree produces fruit all year round.

Facts about the Sala fruit:

It is quite beneficial as eye medication due to its high beta carotene content and is also known as the memory fruit.

It can be eaten fresh or cooked. It is also sold in cans, like candied fruit or unripe, it can be pickled or added to a Thai spicy Salad with Papaya.

To pickle Salak.

Let’s Cook!

It must be peeled and deseeded. Soaked in a water and salt solution for 1 hour, then rinsed and drained.

Resoak again for 1 hour, then wash and drain.

Put in a vinegar, salt and water solution which has been boiled and cooled and let to stand for 1- 2 days before eating.

N.B. Make sure your fruit is very fresh or the jam will have a dusty taste..not nice at all.

I struggled to find many recipes for Salak… many Indonesian recipes have Salak in the name but do not use the fruit…they use sweet potatoes and shape them like the salak fruit…This Salak salad is from one of my favourite youtube channels…Mark Weins…Enjoy!

Did you know?

The salak Salacca glabrecens was featured on a Malaysian stamp, issued 27 February 1999 under the rare fruits series of stamps.

It is also a favourite of monkeys found in the famous “Monkey Forests”, in Malaysia which often
steals fruit from people.
Salak Gula Pasir is a smaller sweeter variety often known as Sugar Salak that when fermented is
a similar wine to a grape wine… Salak wine is a sweet dry wine brewed in Bali…
Thank you for joining me today for Tropical Friday…See you tomorrow for Saturday Snippets xx




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    They are looking mystic. 😉 Here its always been said, we should eat more regional fruits. So with the selection you have, that should be less of a problem. 🙂 Here in the region only potatoes grow, those that first have to get to know the stomach of pigs in order to be edible. Lol xx Michael

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    Yay! I remember I came up with salak for your vocabulary game. I had heard of it before, although “snake fruit” was a new one for me.

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