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Five weeks in the news is not particularly seems that although there are states and provinces and a couple of countries around the world who are really pulling together and doing their bit..some of the incentives cannot be built in a day and neither was Rome HOWEVER the results show it was money well spent and it works PLASTIC AND WASTE ARE BEING PUT TO GOOD USE…on the downside…there are some big countries who need to step and fast…act now or be damned and in the process you damn the rest of us…

Back in April 2019, I looked at Plasma Waste Converters…and what is being done by governments to help this plastic crisis when I read a blog post about Plasma Waste Converters...This in turn triggered a memory of a conversation I had with my son who worked in the waste industry… I remember a discussion with him about how certain waste products create electricity…His role was to go into companies and advise them on how best to dispose of their waste including nuclear waste…while outlining the benefits to them as a company.

plasma chamber

The article fascinated me and of course, I had to do some research on the subject…I discovered that Asia is absolutely leading the way in this technology. Japan to be precise have three plants funded by Hitachi.

One facility is particularly worth noting. This is a 200 Ton per day unit that
has been operating at Hitachi Metals in Utashinai, Japan for the past three
years. This facility treats MSW( Municipal Solid Waste) and waste from an automobile shredding plant.

Why are they not being used around the world if they are so good and efficient?

It is still a relatively new technology. The cost of building and operating one is still much higher than that of some of its competitors including landfills and incinerators. There has not yet been a standardisation of the design thus the huge and complex machinery must be custom-built every time. The energy needed to power PWCs is also very high, especially compared to incineration, which requires only a match.

It must be said, however, that although it takes a lot of energy to run a PWC, you will very quickly make all that energy back and more. PWCs are extremely efficient long-term; unfortunately, short-term profits dictate much of what happens in society.

Out of the 100 of these plants in the world, only the three in Japan are processing MSW…

Update August 2021…

More countries are now on board converting waste to energy Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway,, Finland and Singapore plus many developing countries like China and India.

Positive signs as these projects move forward…the latest news is in the link below.

It seems to me that by having strict laws and proper waste recycling plants that they are tackling the problem …The onus should also be on manufacturers to be aware and actively ensuring that all the packaging they produce can be disposed of and decompose within a reasonable timeframe and I am not talking years…It is a global problem thus people and manufacturers should be asked to play their roles….it is all about educating this change …

The cost of Plasma Waste Converters should be also borne not only by consumers but by companies like Hitachi and I am sure Hitachi see the long-term gain or they wouldn’t be funding such a huge project.

I have been heartened by the facts emerging that children are being taught about waste management and climate as it all comes the same umbrella they are all interlinked…

Educators are in a unique position to help a large segment of the population understand the causes and effects of climate change. Yet many lack the background information, teaching strategies, and resources to feel confident teaching climate science.

Kottie can help. She works with educators – elementary through high school – helping them design climate change and sustainability lessons that fit with their required curriculum.

Kids against Climate Change…

That’s all for this week, thank you for reading and have a lovely week xx

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  5. Jim Borden

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that many of the countries that you list (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) are often listed among the world’s happiest. they know what’s important…

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  6. johnrieber

    Terrific update as always…as always, $$$ lead the way: just find a value to waste and someone will step in – and the government will find a way to make $$$ off it as well…here in LA, they suddenly decided it was illegal to take anything out of someone else’s recycle bin…why? Because suddenly recycled cardboard had value and the city wanted it for themselves!

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  7. beetleypete

    In the big Tesco yesterday, I noticed that they are ‘slipping back’ into bad habits. Asparagus bunches in plastic bags, meat back in clear plastic boxes, and uncut bread still wrapped in clear cellophane. It seems to be one step forward, two back. And following the most dismal August I can ever remember, they must be aware that climate change is already here, not something that ‘might happen later’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. petespringerauthor

    I enjoyed the video of what Sing a pore is doing to manage their waste. I don’t know the percentage of residents who recycle in America, but I’m betting it’s far less than 59% as in Singapore. Companies that turn waste into energy should be rewarded financially.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Yes it is an impressive set up, Pete and company’s are sure to be rewarded I’m sure Hitachi (Japan)see the long-term gain or they wouldn’t be funding such a huge project.x

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