CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…September 26th-October 2nd 2021…Environmental A-Z, Hasselback Potatoes, Lancashire Hotpot, Radon, Cardiovascular Disease, Music and Brighton Pier…

My Environmental A-Z, Hasselback Potatoes, Lancashire Hotpot, Radon gas, Cardiovascular Disease, World Vegetarian Day and Music from Brenda Lee…think Rockin around the Christmas Tree…

Welcome to the round-up of posts you might have missed this week on CarolCooks2… Time is marching on we have now entered the beginning of October…the month for Halloween Festivities… where the last of the summer sun for some of us is on the wane and where for others spring has sprung…Soups and salads are on the tables around the world…for some, the leaves are starting to turn into glorious shades of oranges and reds elsewhere the spring bulbs and beautiful flowers are unfurling their leaves and petals both showing how beautiful this world is in its changes of seasons…

Some snippets of upcoming festivities in October around the world?…

Korea…Chuseok is the Korean harvest festival. The days that it is celebrated change every year as it is determined by the lunar calendar. It begins on the 14th day of the 8th lunar month, so it is celebrated either at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. During Chuseok many Koreans go back to their hometowns to spend time with family and friends while giving thanks to their ancestors and eating delicious food. It is tradition to visit ancestral graves and honour the dead…where it’s time to traditionally feast on songpyeon which are rice cakes with a sweet filling. 

Unfortunately, Oktoberfest that is a celebration of beer, lots of pretzels and authentic German sausages has been cancelled due to Covid…Ahhhhhh!

Albuquerque, New Mexico…International Balloon Festival from the 1st-9th October…where more than 750 air balloons take to the early morning skies…I have seen such a sight in Weston Super-mare in the UK and it is a wonderous sight to see all the colours of the rainbow…those balloons are magnificent a sight to behold…

If you are in or near London…then from today(3rd) Oct until the 9th October it’s London Cocktail Week...good food… where great food and delicious cocktails will be on offer… there will be curated cocktail hours and masterclasses all held at the Old Spitalfield Market.

The #1 today 3rd October 1987 was this dance track…

Now let’s get to my posts from last week…the round-up of posts you might have missed on CarolCooks2…

As last week was the end of National Potato Month…I have treated you to some of my favourite potato recipes all tried and tested in my kitchen…Starting with a lovely Lancashire Hotpot…a slow-cooked lamb dish with potatoes…

CarolCooks2…in my kitchen…Traditional Lancashire Hotpot…

Today it was Hasselback Potatoes which look spectacular on the plate…

CarolCooks2…in my kitchen…Hasselback Potatoes…

The Environmental A-Z and this week it was the letter R…Radon gas and renewable energy…

The Environmental A-Z…the letter R…#Radon and Renewable Resources

Cardiovascular Disease which affects women as well as men…#recommended read.

Please head over to Smorgasbord Magazine as it really does affect us, ladies, we need to know the signs and what preventative steps we can take to protect ourselves.

Smorgasbord Health Column – Women’s Health Month – Cardiovascular Disease – Heart Attacks and Strokes by Sally Cronin

The final potato post as we have come to the end of the month…I will however be posting more for the foreseeable as it’s quite clear that potatoes are loved and eaten around the world every day.

CarolCooks2…in my kitchen…Moussaka with a difference…

World Vegetarian Day…

Although I am not vegetarian I eat far less meat and more plant-based dishes than I have ever done…both for my health and the health of the planet…

As today was the 1 st of October I also looked at some important days for the remainder of the month of October…like World Food Day and Halloween.

October 2021…World Vegetarian Day(1st) plus Music, World Food Day, Halloween and what’s in between?

Saturday Snippets…I love these one-word prompts and this came from Clive who writes the blog “Take it Easy“…Clive confessed after the fact… that he had never gone fishing and that he thought I had done well with the prompt…did he think I would not give it a good go I asked myself…lol…it wasn’t the easiest of prompts with the “ing” on the end …but I had fun…missed a couple …a great band from Vermont(thank you) Dorothy and a Ben & Jerry’s Ice could I have missed that one, Dorothy…caramel swirls and fudge…Yum…

and for the final time of asking please send me a one word prompt..someone?????

Saturday Snippets 2nd October 2021…Gone Fishing…

Update on Lauren…she has had a lovely week in Cyprus before her chemotheraphy treatment starts…I will be happy when she is back home safely but so happy she got to see Bobbie being a bridesmaid…she has made some lovely memories…

The idea of teddies instead of flowers I thought was lovely…xx

Thank you for reading this weekly roundup see you next week for more recipes and environmental news with the odd music video…xxx








Thank you for joining me today for my weekly roundup…Hope to see you here next week for more on the environment and in my kitchen xxx

32 thoughts on “CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…September 26th-October 2nd 2021…Environmental A-Z, Hasselback Potatoes, Lancashire Hotpot, Radon, Cardiovascular Disease, Music and Brighton Pier…

    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Thank you, Debby..Yes she needs prayers her treatment starts the 12th..2 lots of chemo together for 6months she has to have hickman line plus daily injections in her tummy plus other stuff too much to write here she is so scared of whats ahead x

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. koolkosherkitchen

    I love the October festivities calendar, dear Carol.
    My thoughts and my prayers are always with you and your daughter. May the chemo go easy on her and effective for complete recovery.


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  4. Clive

    Another great week, Carol, and it’s good to hear the news of Lauren and Bobbie having fun in Cyprus. Thanks again for the link – of course I had faith in you, never in doubt! 😊 x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. shehannemoore

        Yeah I I like to do the veggies different at Christmas. Last year I did carrot and sweet potato Indian recipe, turmeric roast potatoes and this mini fajita Indian street food one with other veggies, so I may well do this one this year.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. shehannemoore

        Well i will do the traddy turkey, usually with either goose or duck but beyond that?? NO. The carrot and sweet potato one is very nice actually. I get a lot of recipes online…including from your good self. I want the ‘authentic’ ones straight from the country itself. Last year there was no sweet potato and carrot dish left!! So i think folks liked it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Thats always a good sign.. I’m going to try the carrot and sweet potatoes I have found a couple of authentic Indian recipes… I might have Duck this year xx

        Liked by 1 person

      4. shehannemoore

        I bet you will do it brilliantly. Yeah the carrot and sweet potatoes you die and coat inspices—I guess you can do whatever you like — I use ginger, cumin, poppy seed, garam masala, turmeric and paprika, then whatever you use, you steam fry in oil, with the lid on and the heat low. once it’s cooked you let it cool, then sprinkle lemon juice and coriander. I add some small bits of tomato at this point. The recipe ses add them in the first place but they never cook well in the hot oil. Truly it is a nice recipe. And certainly a change from traddy carrots!!

        Liked by 1 person

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