The Winners of Prince Williams Earthshot Prize Announced…

The inaugural winners of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize include the country of Costa Rica, an Indian organization that creates fuel from agricultural waste and a coral farming group in the Bahamas.

The prize, a Nobel-like award founded by the Duke of Cambridge and renowned British naturalist Sir David Attenborough, aims to inspire innovative solutions to the most pressing environmental challenges facing our beautiful planet earth.

Each of the five winners will walk away with £1 million which is the equivalent of over $1.3 million they will also receive both professional and technical support to scale up their innovations…

Here in this video, Prince William presents the 15 Finalists…

Now on to Sir David Attenborough who opened the Prizegiving ceremony.

What an advocate…A great man…

I was most impressed as so much thought went into the ceremony …the red carpet became a green carpet…Buckingham Palace was lit up all in green…

The ceremony featured unforgettable performances from globally renowned artists Ed SheeranColdplay, KSI and Yemi Alade, and Shawn Mendes. Coldplay’s performance, from outside of Alexandra Palace, used energy powered by 60 cyclists.

Guests were asked to wear recycled clothes…Actress Emma Watson led the way and kept the environmental theme, by donning a white gown which was made up of 10 dresses from Oxfam. Everyone played their part and showed their total commitment to making a difference.

The winners a full list…

This year’s winners and categories were:

• Protect and Restore Nature: The Republic of Costa Rica – A scheme paying local citizens to restore natural ecosystems that have led to an incredible revival of the rainforest

• Clean our Air: Takachar, India – A cutting-edge technology to create fuel from agricultural waste and put a stop to the global air problem of crop burning

• Revive our Oceans: Coral Vita, Bahamas – An innovative approach to coral farming that can help restore our world’s dying coral reefs faster than any traditional method

• Build a Waste-free World: The city of Milan, Italy – A city-wide initiative that has dramatically cut waste while tackling hunger.

• Fix our Climate: AEM Electrolyser, Thailand/Germany/Italy – A green hydrogen technology developed to transform how we power our homes and buildings.

To get a feeling of what is really happening and seeing it in action I urge you to watch the Earthshot Prize series it is awesome…I watched mine by downloading from Torrent Day…I believe it is available on BBC I-Player for those in the UK, it is also available on Utube…plus it is available to stream on the Discovery channel and FB Watch.

Next year the awards ceremony will be held in the USA...Prince William speaking on stage at London’s Alexandra Palace at the climax of the inaugural ceremony, Prince William said: “Now, I hope you agree, that London and the UK have put on quite a show for our first year.”

“So for the second year, we need to pass the baton to a country whose leadership is essential for all five of our Earthshots.”

“Where better than the nation that inspired the Moonshot all those years ago? ”

“I’m delighted to announce that The Earthshot Prize will be heading to the United States of America in 2022.”

All of this gives me hope that the world can and will be restored for my children, your children and grandchildren to inhabit knowing we have left it safe and secure from Climate change…

Our actions are our future and do count…Be the Change…Now!



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  2. petespringerauthor

    Great to see big names like Prince William and Sir David Attenborough issuing their support to environmental issues. People pay more attention when celebrities and famous people are involved.

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    I really enjoyed the event – it was positive, it was quite joyful actually. And I felt moved to see so much evidence of love for our beautiful planet!!!

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  5. johnrieber

    Awards like these really help bring awareness to what is currently being done to combat the issues faced – and can inspire others to do more…every little bit helps the great good!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Absolutely, John and next year they arebeing held in the US which is great news I am looking to seeing how this winners have done and who next years winners are…So positive it gives me hope 🙂

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      Yes some of my earliest memories – Dad had one of his books with a picture of Komodo Dragon! He seems to have always been there, the same age as my mother and The Queen! Well Mum died last year and certainly wasn’t as nimble in her last few years!

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      1. Clive

        There wasn’t much on tv when I was little but he always fascinated me. A very knowledgable and interesting man, with the skill of communicating for all to understand. He is eighteen months older than my Dad, who still gets around but isn’t as sprightly as Sir David!

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      2. CarolCooks2 Post author

        No there wasn’t Clive but its wonderful to see the man he has become and his commitment to the environment is outstanding for his age he is still at the forefront of the fight..An amazing man 🙂 x

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      3. CarolCooks2 Post author

        He is certainly one remarkable man for his age and a fitting champion for the environment as is Prince William a remarkable young man 🙂 x


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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I agree.. Alethea it gives me hope for the future which we need.. I am proud of our Prince William and Sir David Attenborough I think it is a great incentive to help the world x

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  7. Jim Borden

    I love all the little touches – the green carpet, the green lights, the recycled clothes, and the cyclists providing the energy for Coldplay. The U.S. has a tough act to follow!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      He certainly is Pete such a great asset to have in the fight for Climate Change and the environment and still going strong he must have the constitution of an Ox although he keeps active and that helps 🙂 x

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