Yes! Natural ‘soap’ from the Yucca plant

Wow! I absolutely loved this video when I came across it and at the time had no idea of the connection to Meeks book Vokhtah…You must check out those books I am reading the Miira series and finding it an excellent read and am on the second one which is equally a fascinating read…

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Huge thanks to Carol from Carol Cooks 2 for her wonderful post on all things ‘soap’. One of the fascinating titbits in her post was this video about soap in the desert:

Why am I so chuffed to discover the Yucca root soap?

Because in Vokhtah [book 2], I mention something called ‘soapweed’. It’s a root that’s used for washing when water and sand are not enough. Discovering that there really is such a root is fantastic. -dance-

And as an added extra, the yucca grows in a dry, arid environment, which is almost exactly like Vokhtah. Simply could not get better. 🙂


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      1. Prior...

        It was rather refreshing right when I watched it because it was different than anything I ha e been doing – so all that desert nature and watching get to the root was interesting
        And when I left your post it reminded me as to why I like blogging / such artistic variety from bloggers

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