CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…October 24th-30th October 2021…Environmental A-Z, Apple Recipes, Music and Water……


My Environmental A-Z, Music …it’s National Pumpkin and Apple month in the US…not S.O.A.P  but Water, Apple recipes and Music by Simon and Garfunkel…

Halloween is here…witches, ghosts and ghouls galore were out and about last night…The month of November is nearly here…only 55 sleeps until Christmas and boy will that time just fly…time to think about making the Christmas pudding and cake…

30th October some reasons why this day matters in rock history…- In 1971, John Lennon’s Imagine was the No. 1 album in the U.S.

In 1998, all four members of Black Sabbath reunited to play “Paranoid” on The Late Show with David Letterman.

In 2007, The Eagles released Long Road Out of Eden, their first studio album in 28 years. It was available exclusively at Walmart, Sam’s Club and the band’s website.

In 2012, Flyleaf released their third album, New Horizons, their final record with singer Lacey Sturm.

If you were born on Monday 30th October 1989 then Candle in the Wind 1997 / Something About the Way You Look Tonight by Elton John was the #1 song in the US on your 8th birthday…it is also my choice for today…

National Apple Month…

Today I made Apples the hero…the Apple…Baked Apples with Walnuts plus other recipes…

October is National Apple Month…Apple Recipes freshly cooked in my kitchen.

Natural soap from the Yucca plant…Thank you to Andrea for reblogging this post unbeknown to me at the time it was mentioned in the Book Vokhtah because, in Vokhtah [book 2], Andrea(the author) mentioned something called ‘soapweed’. It’s a root that’s used for washing when water and sand are not enough. Discovering that there really is such a root was fantastic for Andrea and she gave a happy dance-and as an added extra, the yucca grows in a dry, arid environment, which is almost exactly like Vokhtah. Simply could not get better. 🙂

The video on survival soap is such a fascinating one…Well worth a watch.

Yes! Natural ‘soap’ from the Yucca plant

The Environmental A-Z looked at Toxins in our homes and Tidy Towns…

The Environmental A-Z…the letter T…Toxins and Tidy Towns…

Shopping by nutrients is a brilliant way to shop and Sally makes it so easy for us…#recommended read.

Smorgasbord Health Column Rewind – Weekly Grocery Shopping List by Nutrient – Part Four – #Phosphorus to #Zinc by Sally Cronin

Latticed Apple Pies…

Most of us love Apple Pies and these ones are delicious with the latticed tops…Fotr the recipe please click the link below.

National Apple Month…Today in my kitchen Latticed Apple Pies are being baked!…

Saturday Snippets… This week on Saturday Snippets the prompt was water as last weeks prompt was “soap” I thought it was rather apt…I dream of the day when everyone in the world has ample fresh water to drink…it should happen as the world is mainly made up of water but it doesn’t…Man and the inequality in the world again rears its head.

Saturday Snippets 30th October 2021…Water…

Thank you for joining me today for my weekly roundup…xxx






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  3. petespringerauthor

    Your usual combination of education and fun. Good job, Carol! I’ve been thinking about you and your family and wish you all the best.

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