CarolCooks2…#bloganuary…Day 4…What was your favorite toy as a child?

Day 4 of #bloganuary…What was your favourite toy as a child?

I have no early memories of a favourite toy…I mean come on that’s a lot of years ago…I don’t possess a dog eared-teddy bear and never have I don’t think…I do remember my fascination with a kaleidoscope…and as I was a little older my dolls houses…I will stress NOT dolls that was my sister’s department…I mean a Cindy doll..what was the point…

But the pretty intricate patterns of the kaleidoscope and the tiny carved pieces of furniture my father made for my dolls house…the little doors and windows…I loved the detail…I have always loved detail…

I also loved my little red trike and my red ball…I still have the scar…did I ride it? Possibly… I know I used to unscrew the bell…detail again…and used it..the seat to reach what I NORMALLY couldn’t…on this one occasion I was apparently on a slope… the trike then ran away and the protruding part the bell screwed onto went through my leg…my father then filed off the offending part…now I did not have a bell to ring or undo…sigh…actions have consequences it seems…I was always learning the hard way…Did it stop me…never!

Me about 18 months and then a bit older maybe 3 yrs with my ball…

You can see I did have a teddy and even at that young age wasn’t too impressed with him…I guess even way back then they wished they had a daughter who played with teddies and then Cindy dolls…my father watching me playing with my teddy before I threw him to the ground but they got me…always the explorer…

The one who climbed and unscrewed things but I loved the stilts my dad made me after a visit to the circus…I loved the sledge he made me out of an old door… that was fun in the snow…

I loved roller skating…I remember my first pair of skates…nothing like the skate boots now and the one-liner skates my little granddaughter has but I loved my skates…the old oak tree I used to climb and sit and read and dream…the very tree where I ripped the new dress my mother had made me for Easter…I got the why can’t you be like your sisters and play with dolls and prams look…why indeed…grimace!

I also loved my books …The famous Five, Heidi, The Borrowers, The Lion, The witch and the wardrobe, Narnia, Dr Seuss, Oliver, Jane Eyre… I loved the classics which I think I are due a re-read…this time it won’t be under the bedclothes with a torch…

All of which looking back show my love of the outdoors, love of detail of knowing what, why and how…

Thank you for taking the time to read this post…I am loving this challenge so far…it is making me look back and think about things I haven’t thought about for many a year…but it is also making me realise how much the past has shaped my future…even the teenage angst played a part…I still wish I had taken more images with my Kodak Brownie and recorded and started my dairies far earlier…

The conclusion I didn’t have one favourite childhood toy it changed over the years…

See you tomorrow xx





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  1. Phyllis Youhas

    I so enjoyed this post as I was never one to play with dolls either. All the dolls I had met rather sad ends, or so my mother said. Just don’t remember–maybe there’s a reason I repressed those memories–oh dear–who knows. Much more fun to swing on grapevines in our own little Sherwood Forest and build tree houses.


  2. beetleypete

    I have left different answers to other bloggers doing this challenge, but if I go back earlier in my childhood, my favourite toy as a toddler was a metal spinning top. I can still hear that strange whirring sound it made.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  5. shehannemoore

    I still got my teddy. I mean he looks awful but there you go! I played mainly with boys cos there were tons where we lived. But on my own I loved paper dolls. till got a box of them somewhere too.

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      1. shehannemoore

        Awwwww. Me too. My oldest grandie has a pooh bear like that. Falling to pieces!! I also loved this Emergency Ward 10 tin hospital I got one Christmas. Wish I’d kept it but the much older sister took it for the school she worked in. I should have said NO WAY. It had a wind up lift and everything. Still got my doll’s house. My dad made me that. It’s behind me as I type. there you go. On display in my study and all, along with a wooden doll’;s house garage he also made when i was 5…And books, I still have all my ancient books.

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      2. CarolCooks2 Post author

        How lucky are you one of my grandchildren has my dolls house and I don’t know what happened to my ancient books 🙂 x I wish I still had them though 🙂


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I remember that post, Lauren I used to love the paper dolls and cutting out the clothes I had forgotten those but I agree although I know some do carry their favourite toy with them throughout their life just not me…Have a lovely week, Lauren 🙂 x

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