CarolCooks2…Healthy eating… How to shift those Christmas and Covid kilos…For good!



Christmas is over and a New year has begun…..Not having made any New Year resolutions at all this year and having no intention of doing so although I know many of you do…

I do need to drop a few pounds…This post is a rewind of a 2018 post that was quite popular…and frankly watching what we eat never changes…Does it?…

I know it is #veganuary but I will never be a vegan…I respect those who are…I think there are too many “isms” now and I am happy just eating sensibly with a treat on occasion …

Nothing is banned just eaten in moderation and I do eat meat-free meals and love them…I also think that some sustainably reared meat and fish is healthy for eating a balanced diet…

I have put on a few kilos..why?? Well not counting Covid and the Christmas excess…That Christmas dinner was awesome…I just love bread sauce and stuffing with cranberry sauce and the Christmas pudding and cream…After eight mints you know the ones with the little hard pieces of crunch in them? Or the peppermint creams…

It knocked me off my little healthy eating path..a few potholes…or craters…lol


Normally I am fine...I walk every day or 6 out of 7 days… Eat generally what I like 80% of the time and occasionally my 20% kicks in when I fancy something a bit naughty but nice…Who doesn’t???

My weight has dropped 5 stone since  I have been living here and my tummy is quite flat…There is not so much temptation here as the food is entirely different and the diets… Lots of fresh produce and eaten raw as well most of the time…so I guess not so much temptation and now I don’t crave sweet things like I did…I can make that box/ packet of goodies last a week or more..happy with 1 piece of chocolate a day instead of the whole box…

Do I love food?...Of course, I do… But I love my health and wellness better…

Do I love spending hours in the kitchen?? In this heat, you must be kidding!


So as I need..No want to kick those few extra kilos into touch I have gone back to watching what I eat just a little closer as generally, I am ok…

I have also been researching and trying new recipes which are healthier, tasty and will make your taste buds sing..

So Tuesdays are going to be my healthier eating day when I will bring you some tasty food and of course some chatter those of you who know me … Just know I love a chat! So talk to me, tell me what you want, where you need help and if I can I will…


Just know I am not quiet, shy and retiring…I love to chat and I love finding out about the food I eat and it is harder for me than most of you…I don’t have fancy cooking pots and pans here…I am lucky I have a kitchen most Thai houses don’t!

Just a two ring burner and a BBQ ..most of the time outside and not even a kitchen sink… I am luckier than most here…I have a sink…lol… and a ceramic hob… the oven that is soon to be replaced  is this table top thing and it is ok…but not reliable and I am waiting for a proper oven although it will be bottled gas as there is no mains gas here…

But if you have visited Thailand then you probably have seen the marvellous tasty amazing food which is produced by the side of the road, on a street market stall …Who needs a state of the art kitchen??? Look at that beautiful squid!


I will bring you tasty healthy food which takes longer to cut your veggies than cook..most of the time…

I can hear your thoughts…I bet I can’t get the ingredients you can…Well, not all of the time…But most of the time you can and if not I will suggest a substitute…

It won’t all be delicious Thai food, it may be European, Indian I have some wicked recipes given to me by my Indian friends…It won’t come from a packet it will be cooked from scratch…For those of you who can’t cook or don’t cook it will be easy…Although many chefs and bakers have emerged during this enforced period of Covid…

I don’t do complicated very often and I don’t do many cakes and puddings…But I will for those of you who like them..only sometimes…haha… as a treat… I can be mean…Who needs a pudding when you have just eaten the most delicious lunch or dinner???

Ok, Ok…I know sometimes you do… I can do snacks like lovely fresh salsa…and yes, Doritos or crackers…You have your 20% … Don’t you???

Use it wisely…

I want you to love your food and lose weight…But we all know that it is not always easy for some and some go into it half-heartedly but I want to live as long as I can…by watching what I eat…I am not fanatical…I eat proper food… I just like to know what is in my food… I don’t do gyms for exercise I walk..but if a gym is what you like and enjoy then go for it…That is half the battle won…

If we love our chosen exercise and food we do it and eat it!  stay healthy and lose weight… No fads..No get slim fancy foods…No going without…Think moderation… No right way or wrong way ..Just your way!


It has worked for me but I am a single-minded cussed old cow sometimes who loves a bit of Christmas pudding and cream…I don’t follow a rigid diet or exercise plan… I enjoy my life and want it to continue as disease free for as long as I can…It works for me…Will it work you?? Only you can answer that…


Moderation is all I ask and honesty be honest..don’t feel guilty about what you eat..Enjoy it! Love it!….We are all grown ups and we know what is good for us and what is not…

If that television advert, or magazine spread or that famous celebrity or doctor is telling you about something marvellous…They are laughing all the way to the bank…If it sounds too good to be true…It is!

Well, that’s my not so little spiel over…Will you join me on  Tuesday ???

For delicious healthy recipes???

I hope you do xxx







36 thoughts on “CarolCooks2…Healthy eating… How to shift those Christmas and Covid kilos…For good!

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  2. Sowmya

    I don’t follow strict diet plan either Carol except that I am a vegetarian. Portion control is all we have to focus. Looking forward to your healthy recipes on Tuesdays


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  6. Judy E Martin

    I will be with you Carol, and would be thrilled if you would pin your healthy recipes on my Healthy Eating Pinterest board which I will invite you to. I look forward to seeing and trying some of your dishes! 🙂

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    1. Carol Post author

      Thank you, Judy…I am just trying to raise awareness of the fact healthy eating needn’t be boring and would be delighted to pin my recipes to your board…Thank you xx


  7. marianbeaman

    I just returned from my yearly physical which always includes a weigh-in. In pounds, not kilos. Regardless of the measurement, I am OVER my limit and need to lose at least 5 pounds, 10 would be better. When people complain about pounds added over the holidays, I have to think, “But you were probably overweight in August!” Ha!

    You advised me to not feel guilty about what I eat. I’ll go with that.

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    1. Carol Post author

      Yes, I do as guilt makes us feel worse and then what do we do? more…so If you really want to eat it…I say enjoy it..don’t feel guilty and move on… You will soon shift 5 lbs Marian and maybe 10

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  8. D. Wallace Peach

    Moderation and avoiding gimmicks is great advice, Carol. My biggest challenge is all the adjustments resulting from menopause. My body just CHANGED and I’m still trying to find the right balance. Getting there!

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    1. Carol Post author

      Yes, Diana that can be a problem for many can’t it? The unwanted changes especially when we think we are doing the same. but pleased to hear you are getting there…

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  9. Doctor Jonathan

    Love the BOLDLY stated post. Sharing the idea that BALANCE in life (eating, exercising, relaxing, etc…) is a great approach to improving one’s quality WITHOUT the need for GUILT is a very important message. The concept to feed your body what it NEEDS followed by feeding it something it WANTS is an important habit that people should consider practicing. It shows an individual VALUES their life through accountable actions.

    Hard to believe you make so many foods on such limited equipment. I’m certain the love of Thailand makes these challenges significantly easier to accept.

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    1. Carol Post author

      I am a whiz at improvisation Dr J and the only thing I struggle with is cakes which need to rise anything else I manage to do but when my oven finally arrives will I make more cakes most likely really appreciate your comments on this post as it is truly how I feel and do… I value my life I have so much I want to do and I need to give myself a fighting chance and that means looking after myself you only get one body…Yes, I love my life here..less stressed and doing what I love equals perfect…I don’t need much … Certainly not fancy cookware and the like… Thank you again for your very kind comments 🙂

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  10. Thelma Alberts

    I don´t feel guilty as I only eat when I am hungry. Are those squids in the barbeque? It is nice sharing your life in Thailand Carol. I have learned a lot from your blogs as well as from my Thai workmates.

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    1. Carol Post author

      Yes, Thelma they are squids lovely, soft and tasty to eat 🙂 Thank you Thelma I am pleased that you enjoy and learn from my blogs 🙂

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  11. marisselee

    I do agree with the “don’t feel guilty” motto — when I feel like eating, I eat with gusto. And then, some days I am a good girl. It is like my 80/20 rule 😂😂😂

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    1. Carol Post author

      Exactly, never feel guilty just know that the only person you are cheating is yourself…I have just had some chicken ,Som Tam with sticky rice oh and some raw veg and am totally satisfied. Better than chocolate any day 🙂


      1. marisselee

        Yes but you seem to describe the choc in your article very well — the part about the minty one 😛. And I thought: “Awww isn’t the lady trying to torture some readers by describing it like that?” 😂😂😂 I sure wished I have some while reading it you know 😛

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      2. Carol Post author

        I wished I had some while I was writing it..actually I didn’t because the thought of it is enough for me… I haven’t eaten chocolate for a few weeks now…So many other nice things to eat..xx


      3. marisselee

        Hahahahaha I actually can discipline myself with chocs but thing is, sugar can be sourced from other food — and the body also converts extra carbs into sugar so we have to watch for those as well — I have trouble with the watching part 😂

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      4. Carol Post author

        Yes it can..hidden sugars are the worst which is why processed foods are so bad for us…I am doing one on hidden sugars and salt…It is just being aware and if you want it then eat it but being aware and then compensating for eating it or eating it in moderation helps for when you crave it next time..It is being aware of what you are eating and finding healthier alternatives and some of those are better than the original 🙂


      5. Carol Post author

        Cheat my cheat day is different to yours…some just have one thing some just binge 🙂 What have I started?? xxx


      6. marisselee

        Hahahaha I will not call it binging uhm, just eating without guilt 😂😂😂 but mostly, I eat one good meal a day. Trouble is that it is the girls I am living with that dictate how much I eat for that one good meal — I cannot complain if the cup of rice they give me is just a bit larger than the regular cup haha and coz I don’t cook then I don’t complain 😂😂😂 if they say, eat it then I eat coz a lot of peeps go hungry hahaha

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  12. marisselee

    After reading the whole post, I decided the best wisdom I got is: “Don’t feel guilty about what you eat — enjoy it! Love it! We are all grown-ups and we know what is good for us and what is not.” Yeahhhhh! Cheers to more chocs! LOL!

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      1. Carol Post author

        It must be FB it wouldn’t let me ..In the end I copied the link and added a photo and viola which actually was better as I could add a different photo on different FB Pages doesn’t then look like too much duplication 🙂 x


      2. marisselee

        Ohhhh I had no problem doing that before with your other blogs. I thought it was only your style to share different photos and I said “Oh hey Carol is doing a nice thing!” 😂😂😂😂


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