CarolCooks2…#bloganuary…Day 7…What makes you laugh?

Day 7 of #bloganuary…What makes you laugh?

I can’t begin to count how many times I laugh in a may be inappropriate laughter when you know shouldn’t, when you really shouldn’t but the laughter just happens sometimes behind your hand…and it becomes a snigger…

You may be talking to someone or something unfolds before your eyes…you may be recounting a funny situation that years later still make you laugh and remember…That’s the thing with laughter it is often at a memory or situation when all you really can do is laugh…

Like the time we missed a flight by a whole day…they still laugh at me for my faux pas and I have to laugh back…

Like in this photo when someone planted Aston’s face in his birthday cake…

Like when my darling mum was snapped wearing said grandson’s baseball cap it still makes me laugh…like my mother laughed when her grandson presented her with a bag of marbles one Christmas for “the ones she had lost”…

Most laughter is a spur of the moment thing at a memory or happening or it could be a TV Cartoon there is so much in life mainly just moments in time when we just laugh…whoopee cushions they cause laughter…a baby’s laugh…is the best sound and always makes everyone laugh…

But the old adage is that “laughter is the best medicine“…

This post is part of the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge 2022 where everyone is provided with a writing prompt each day. Today’s prompt was to write about What makes you laugh?




26 thoughts on “CarolCooks2…#bloganuary…Day 7…What makes you laugh?

  1. petespringerauthor

    My wife and I share laughter many times during a typical day. The things that make us laugh are the humorous facets of human nature.

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  2. Sowmya

    Sometimes I recollect a funny thing that happened days or even years ago and smile through. Its like reliving those wonderful moments.
    Wonderful laughing baby video. Thanks for sharing Carol

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