CarolCooks2…#bloganuary 2022…Interview a fictional character.

Day 22 of #bloganuary…Today’s prompt is… Interview a fictional character.

So far with these challenges, I have managed ok…I think …but interview a fictional character not in my remit today so I am going to pass on that one and instead I am going to leave you with something I wrote a long time ago…Willow the-Wisp…

Willow the Wisp…by Carol Taylor.

Sitting,  flicking through FB is my way of keeping in touch with family and friends from afar. I clicked like, I commented.  Suddenly like a blast from the past, a face appeared: my heart skipped a beat and a tear, unbidden trickled down my face. The outlines were blurred but still …. I felt that familiar stirring from within and I started to shake from the tips of my fingers to my toes.

My thoughts turned to him. The only person who had the power to make my bones turn to jelly.

I suppose the unexpected encounter…just a picture … my guard had dropped or just perhaps my need for someone. If I allowed my thoughts and myself to turn to him then I had to attempt to find some modicum of com­mon ground in the relationship aside from raw, physical sex.

Was that possible?

He was like Willow the Wisp invading my very being, catching me unawares.

My first love and my last. “A bit dramatic” I hear myself saying.

The End!

This post is part of the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge 2022 where everyone is provided with a writing prompt each day. Today’s prompt was to write about…? Interview a fictional character.

9 thoughts on “CarolCooks2…#bloganuary 2022…Interview a fictional character.

  1. Téj

    Well done, Carol. You took a difficult writing situation and turned it to your advantage. I always thought writing is fun, but I agree, sometimes you just can’t write about something, especially a random prompt. Something inside doesn’t flow.

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  2. beetleypete

    If I could interview a fictional character, it would be a hard choice to choose just one. But I think it would be a Dickens character, and almost certainly Mister Micawber, from David Copperfield. His eternal optimism might rub off on me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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