CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 13th February-19th February 2022-Monday Musings, Health, A-Z World Cuisine, Austria, Truffles and Saturday Snippets.

Welcome to my weekly roundup...
February is well and truly here we are halfway through the month already… I do hope
that those of you who are experiencing lots of snow are staying
warm and safe…I am hearing whispers of 2ft of snow in some places…It does of course look
very pretty when it first falls but is not without its problems…but I am already seeing images of
the first snowdrops which means spring is on the way…We have had rain all this week the first
in months and very welcome it was by all of the plants and us too it cools the air…For the first
time in a  long time I took the dog for a walk…flips flops, short skirt and sleeveless t/shirt  it
hammered down and that warm rain didn’t feel so warm…lol…I need soup
now…haha…tomatoes and peppers in the oven roasting…soon be time for some lovely tomato

What is in store for you then this week if you are catching up…  My new A-Z  World Cuisines featuring food from Austria has been very well received I have had some lovely comments plus it’s fun to research and write… Monday Musings are just some findings from the week before which I either find amusing or not, … and some lovely Green Chicken…

Friday review and the subject was Truffles which I love plus I found the research most interesting I love how nature depends on other factors i.e certain trees for its reproduction a bit like how humans depend on humans …Saturday Snippets is always a joy to write for me…and this week it was the “nose” on the face…

Right…enough of my chatter…Let’s have look at last week…

Monday Musings!

Well, it was Valentine Day I do hope you all had a special day…Johns bacon roses looked awesome and that duet was magical…finishing with not roses but the ever-constant Covid and now apparently there is yet another new strain…Yes, last weeks news is now old news…sigh

Monday Musings 14th February 2022…

Continuing with Tuesday’s Chicken recipes the green chicken uses lots of greens but the final dish is very tasty…we love our greens… there will be another chicken recipe on Tuesday…What is your favourite chicken meal?

Part 4 of my new A-Z…The cuisine of Austria is very similar to that of the surrounding countries but it does have its own dishes for which it is famous for like its “mountain cheeses” and Frittatensuppe (crêpe soup) simple soup combining sliced pancakes called Palatschinken and beef consommé.

CarolCooks2…A-Z World Cuisines…Part 4…Austria

It’s always good to have a rewind of the vitamins which are essential to our good health and today Sally has reminded us of the benefits of making sure we include foods that contain Vitamin B3 in our diet and what happens if we have a deficit of B3…To ensure that doesn’t happen there are recipes included..who doesn’t love cauliflower cheese? it contains B3…please head over to Smorgasbord and enjoy the read x

Smorgasbord Health with Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Cook from Scratch to prevent nutritional deficiency – Vitamin B3- Cauliflower Cheese, Chicken, Mushrooms, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds

Truffles…I love a shaving of truffle over my pasta…I would also love to be able to afford or even find just a truffle so I could experiment at home…they do by all accounts grow here so I have shown my daughter in law a picture and maybe she, as she is a good forager and is always out looking for mushrooms, will come across a truffle…No harm in dreaming…

CarolCooks2…Friday Food Review…Truffles…

Saturday Snippets…I love researching a one-word prompt it always brings up something which I didn’t know and connections to words fascinate me and sometimes shocks me a little but I love it!… This weeks prompt was the nose…something we all have, some love our noses others not so much…our noses are part of our genes and ethnicity … it’s quite fascinating really…I am such a nerd at times but good to have on your quiz team…lol

Saturday Snippets…19th February 2022…’Nose”

Thank you for joining me today...if you leave a comment it will surely brighten this dreary day…I know it won’t last long maybe another week or two…the garden is loving it and it saves on the watering… it’s still not quite jumper weather just dull and rainy…today I am cooking Oreo Brownies…a first but Lily has requested that I make them and post them to her…not something I have made before…. well brownies I have but minus the Oreos…too sweet for me…good job the post is excellent here and she will get them the next day…but what are nans for?…

Have a great Sunday and laugh a lot…its free and good medicine xxx

23 thoughts on “CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 13th February-19th February 2022-Monday Musings, Health, A-Z World Cuisine, Austria, Truffles and Saturday Snippets.

  1. johnrieber

    Another active week – I did a couple of big cooking projects last week which I will be sharing soon…takes the mind off the negativity that is out in the world right now!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Look forward to seeing what you have been doing in the, kitchen, John.. Yes I know there lots going on at the moment I’m trying to not look at the news too much its depressing at times 😒x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Its cold and rainy here.. I had to dig out a jumper and leggings today.. A tad chilly.. Thank you for sharing on Twitter, Pete.. Hope all good your end, Pete x

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