Monday Musings …28th February 2022…

Norway dominated the winter Olympics.  Yet, the story behind how their athletes got there is fascinating.  Is it rooted in childhood?  You bet!…

I found this really fascinating about children’s early years and indeed it seems other Nordic countries like Denmark follow similar practises…indeed our very own Kate Duchess of Cambridge very recently visited Denmark… Kate’s first stop was to the University of Copenhagen to learn from world-leading researchers running the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project (CIMHP), which aims to promote the mental well-being of and relationships between infants and their parents…it seems other countries could learn a lot about children’s early years from both these countries…Please head over to Jennie Fitzkee’s blog to learn more…

Just when you thought there was nothing else you could do with avocado…The Japanese had other ideas… John Rieber was the first to report it here…Head over it looks so pretty and has lots of my favourite flavours…I would love to try it…

Candles come in all shapes sizes, various perfumes and can look very pretty and decorative…

I certainly didn’t know this…Did you? 

I love veggies and am quite happy to replace rice or pasta with veggies...especially when they are so easy to transform into noodles or zoodles as they are sometimes called…Please head over to John Rieber’s blog …Bite!Eat! Repeat! and he will give you a demo on how easy it is to make  a tasty, healthy-ish…”Zoodle Pasta”

That’s all for Monday Musings today…I hope you all have a productive week…we are quarantined as Aston has tested positive for covid…Stay safe peeps as it’s not loosening its grip…

Please also say a prayer for the brave people of Ukraine I have been amazed at the resilience,  bravery and absolute passion to fight for their homeland…x

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  2. acflory

    Gah…watched that video about wax and water and I still have goosebumps. I’m not really into candles but I’m even less into them now. 😦 Thanks for posting such an important warning!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Liz has a problem with that, Darlene WP keeps unfollowing her.. Gremlins at work I guess.. Thank you for the follow you have been with me since day one, Darlene.. x

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  3. Jennie

    Reblogged this on A Teacher's Reflections and commented:
    Carol’s blog is always delightful, most interesting, and the best potpourri of everything . Really! Today she includes my post about Norway and the Olympics, and John Rieber’s posts about avocados and Zoodle Pasta. Also, did you know that putting out a candle fire with water is a no-no? Read on!

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  4. Jennie

    Thank you, Carol. It’s wonderful to be here on your blog, and alongside John, one of my favorite bloggers. I did not know about not putting out a candle fire with water! Yikes! Interestingly, there are many fires in the winter, and I wonder if some of them resulted from trying to put out a candle fire with water.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      You are very welcome, Jennie education is important especially in the younger years plus yes I am surprised that many do not know about water and wax.. Candles look so pretty and they are if know the dangers.. Thank you for the reblog 😊x

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      1. Jennie

        Thank you, Carol. I know how you feel about education. And, who knew about candles and water? Not many of us. I’m so happy to reblog!


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  6. johnrieber

    Carol, thanks so much for sharing those stories of mine – it is much appreciated! And wow, never knew that candle business….it’s a sad time right now for the world, and aggressive military action, right after the world has all but shut down for almost two years, just makes it worse…

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      You are very welcome, John… Yes the candle incident is very scary I didn’t know that either but equally as scary are Putins antics and war mongering but I do admire the fighting spirit of the Ukranians.. Thank you for reblogging Monday Musings 😊


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  8. beetleypete

    Good advice about the candles, Carol. I remember when I was an EMT, attending a badly burned child who tipped juice (deliberately) onto a large candle. Both hands and arms were severely burned. The mum was distraught, as she had told him to do it ‘as a joke’, expecting all that would happen would be that the candle went out.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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