CarolCooks2…Friday Food Review…Eggplant, Aubergine, or Brinjal…

Welcome to Friday Food Reviews where I will be covering a different food or product each week and looking at… what are they?  where do they grow, what can we substitute them for in a recipe, are they safe to eat, how to store them, how to use them, cook them, anything connected to that food. or product..all the why’s and the wherefores…it will, of course, be mainly my own opinion or a known fact…good or bad…there may even be a tried and tested recipe…or three…

This week it’s…Egg Plants, Aubergines, Brinjal…

Like Marmite, you either love them or hate them…but they are rich in nutrients and are worth including in your diet plus there are so many ways to cook them or pickle them different varieties of eggplant may range from dark violet colour to white ( Chinese eggplants are the same shape as a European eggplant but are coloured a dark violet colour.

The yellow eggplants that I sometimes can get here( a rare treat), are botanically classified as Solanum melongena,  a rare Thai heirloom variety and are members of the Solanaceae, or nightshade family along with potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers.

Scarlet eggplant, Ethiopian eggplant, Gilo, Garden Eggs and Mock tomato, Turkish eggplants are favoured and often used as a culinary ingredient when they are green and young.

It is also commonly used as an ornamental fruit and offers vibrant red and orange hues for an eye-catching decoration.

Pea Egg Plants…

Commonly used in Thai Green Curries they look as the name suggests just a pea…Pea eggplants are thin-skinned and contain numerous flat, round, brown seeds and taste slightly more bitter than Thai apple eggplant. If you really want to achieve an authentic Thai tasting Green Curry then these eggplants are a must…

Some other names they are called by around the world are the turkey berry, devil’s fig, pea eggplant, plate brush or susumber…

Thai green and red curries will always have Thai eggplant included in the dish. No need to remove the skin since they add more flavour and texture to the dish. Thai eggplants easily absorb the flavour and aroma of the curry paste, chillies, basil, kaffir limes, coconut cream, and any vegetables or meat incorporated in the dish.

This golf-ball looking vegetable is a staple in many Thai cuisines… Thai eggplant is unlike any other eggplant variation since it can be eaten raw, normally with some dips or as a crudite and salads.

For some, it is commonly known as “round eggplant,” but for Thais, it is known as “ma keua praw.”

This eggplant is also used in Thai Green Curry…eaten raw with a spicy dip, an eggplant curry or they are BBQ’d and made into a spicy dip…It seems they are not available all around the US but The closest to this lovely golf ball-sized eggplant is its American cousin the skinny, long and green one. The texture and taste are the same. You will also find the long skinny light purple ones in many markets around the US…

My favourite of the Thai eggplants is this little purple one with whitish streaks…

Cooked or raw I love this little eggplant when cooked it gives a nice little pop… in your mouth and it is not as bitter as its green cousins…

The heritage Yellow eggplants are also delicious and one of my favourite ways to eat them is pickled… pickled with cabbage they are very nice…

To Pickle:

Layer Cabbage, Green Onions, eggplants and salt in the dish add a little water. Mix it all together with your hands. I use lovely yellow eggplants on this occasion but any of the small eggplants can be used except for the pea eggplants.

We then leave the dish covered on the kitchen top or in the sun for 1 day.


Then drain and lightly rinse and add more salt if required. Cover and leave for 2/3 days or until it reaches your ideal taste. With pickled cabbage, it is purely down to personal taste some like it saltier or sour more than others. Just play with it and you will soon discover your ideal version.

My daughter in law who is Thai doesn’t like it as sour as we do… she doesn’t like the Winegar taste as she puts it… Once it reaches your required taste it is ready to eat.

This recipe is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Of course and I didn’t forget I just saved the biggest of them all for last…

We do get this beautiful purple eggplant here plus some smaller Japanese eggplants which are the same colour just smaller…I love these layered in a lasagna which is probably one of my favourite ways of eating them …aubergine parmigiana is also another favourite of mine…

I will now hand you over to Sally @ Smorgasbord Magazine where she will tell you about the benefits of including the eggplant in your diet…where she will tell you that there are certain foods that bring more than taste to your diet, rich in nutrients and energy they are worth including in your weekly shopping…The Aubergine, Eggplant is one of them.

Thank you for joining me today for Friday Food Reviews I look forward to your comments…See you tomorrow for Saturday Snippets…x


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  1. koolkosherkitchen

    As close as Odessa is to Italian and Greek cuisine influences, we love our eggplant. Our way of pickling it is very similar to yours, but we mix in grated carrots with cabbage, which adds a sweet note.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I agree, Jim it can be a difficult veggie to get right.. It brings mind the old saying.. When its good it very very good but it can also be horrid… I hope you have a great weekend 😀 x

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      1. Jim Borden

        yes, that seems to describe it well. I hope you had a good weekend. We are losing an hour of sleep tonight becuase of daylight savings time… Does Thailand do that?


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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Not if they are cooked properly Pete but like anything if you are eating other veggies then give them a miss.. There are veggies I prefer to eat over others xx

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