CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 17th -23rd April 2022-Monday Musings, A-Z World Cuisine, Chile , Food Review “Regenerative Agriculture” and Saturday Snippets where “Space” is my prompt.

Welcome to my weekly roundup… I hope you enjoyed your Easter celebrations whether it was a quiet one at home or with family/friends and the weather was kind to you…

Easter coincided with Songkran which is Thai New Year normally there is water everywhere you go and if you venture out you are likely to get drenched however this year because of Covid water was banned unless you went to a temple and participated in the traditional way of celebrating Songkran or visited a water park we opted for a lake close by which had lots of inflatables for the kids and banana boats plus there are nice wooden open-sided gazebo type huts around the lake where you could sit out of the sun and watch as the children had fun in the water…we took Lily, Aston and a couple of his friends which was a lovely informal way of meeting his friends and company for Lily…

Last week was a mixed week as usual starting with…

Monday Musings…

Monday Musings is always a mixed bag of something which has caught my eye during the last week and this week was no different…there were Writer’s Tips, a mini-rant about gummi bears as health supplements, Easter menu’s from 100 years ago and of course some tunes from the lovely Clive…Enjoy!

Monday Musing’s…16th April 2022…Music, Writers Tips, Easter Menu’s from 100 years ago…

Continuing with chicken on a Tuesday it was chicken and noodles…chicken with egg noodles is a lovely thing quick and easy to cook plus it can be made for one or 6 quite easily…

CarolCooks2 in my kitchen… Chicken with Noodles…

I am absolutely loving this A-Z of World Cuisine…it is opening up a whole new virtual world for me and although I know a little about cuisines around the world this series is revealing much…This week it was Chile and I was impressed with how highly vegetables feature in the meals not so much is fried its casseroles/stews, food cooked in fire pits the most amazing food I would love to go there and really experience the food of Chile but will have to content my self with a virtual tour…I hope you enjoy it!

CarolCooks2…A-Z World Cuisines…Part 13…Chile…where Curanto is the National Dish…

One of my favourite fruits Apricots has many health benefits please head over to Sally who blogs at Smorgasbord Magazine and find out just how beneficial this beautiful golden little fruit is for your health.

Smorgasbord Health Column – Food Therapy Rewind- #Apricots – no honeymoon should be without them! by Sally Cronin

I am always sceptical when I come across new words and methods of farming “Regenerative Agriculture” was one such thing…I listened to the podcast and it seems many people like me had not even heard of it not so major food companies who seem to be fully endorsing it…but as usual, there are no clear guidelines and methods and whilst I think it seems like they are going to farm sympathetically from the soil upwards we need to know far more before we hand over our hard-earned cash to the supermarkets…Listen to the podcast and let me know what your thoughts are…

CarolCooks2…Friday Food Reviews…Regenerative Agriculture…

Saturday Snippets and yesterday my prompt word was “Space” that vast mostly unknown area that surrounds earth…there are certainly a vast amount of songs written around “Space”…plus flowers and fish play an important part …Who knew?

Saturday Snippets…22nd April 2022…Today’s prompt is “Space”

That’s all for today’s roundup I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend and that you will join me here on “CarolCooks2” next week until then stay safe, be well and smile…I look forward to your comments as always xxx

21 thoughts on “CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 17th -23rd April 2022-Monday Musings, A-Z World Cuisine, Chile , Food Review “Regenerative Agriculture” and Saturday Snippets where “Space” is my prompt.

      1. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Donna has finshed her treatment, Lauren now has a month of radiotherapy to endure starting the 17th of this month she then has to have a tummy implant so she can have monthly top ups pf an endocrine disruptor for next 5-10 yrs…xx

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  1. petespringerauthor

    Have a good week, Carol. One more week before I hit the road for two weeks. I’m busy getting everything done around the house. I just came in from weed whacking, and the old body needs a little rest before I finish up.

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