Saturday Snippets…30th April 2022…Todays prompt is “Blue”

Welcome to Saturday Snippets one-word prompt today is none other than “Blue”…normally I have decided on my one-word prompt before now (today) but nothing sprung to mind…zilch, nada…I think blue is a good match for my mood and my muse knew that at last…Let’s go see what I can find for the word “Blue”

I have always loved blue flowers…starting with one of my favourites the bluebell, cornflowers are so pretty and those blue puffy flowers the balloon flower so delicate and pretty, forget me knots, blue flax and the beautiful blue orchid, grape hyacinths, chicory with its beautiful blue flowers, the blue butterfly bush, fairy thimbles are members of the bellflower family so many beautiful blue flowers…

But one of the deadliest is Aconitum napellus (A. napellus, also known as monkshood or wolfsbane) is a perennial herb often grown as an ornamental plant due to its attractive blue to dark purple flowers. All parts of the plant, especially the roots, contain toxins. Aconitine is the most dangerous of these toxins.

Yes, I had to…I used to fangirl these…

Ohhhhh my they look young here…..

Of course, we all know that everything on FB is true…The Blue Java Banana is not bright Blue…they did stretch it somewhat as although the skin is a blue-green when unripe when ripe it is not however claims that it has an ice cream-like consistency and taste is why it has the name of the ice-cream banana… any blueness of the skin you see in stores is down to the heavy wax coating.

Blue Cheese…Although I am a fan of mature English cheddar I do love some blue cheese of which there are hundreds of varieties around the world…France is known for its production of some beautiful blue cheeses although Stilton always has and always will be my first choice I have so many lovely memories of sharing Stilton and port with my father it couldn’t be any other cheese although I love a decent blue cheese…Gorgonzola, Saint Agur,Cabrales,Roquefort,Rogue River Blue to name but a few…

Blue Hawaii Cocktail…

Blue ice… occurs when snow falls on a glacier, is compressed, and becomes part of the glacier. During compression, air bubbles are squeezed out, so ice crystals enlarge. This enlargement is responsible for the ice’s blue colour.

Blue Mountain...Coffee…I  no longer drink coffee or very, very rarely unless it’s in  Martini  Espresso or a Gaelic Coffee however my coffee of choice for a long time …since we visited Jamaica to be precise has been Blue Mountain Coffee which now so I have read that to find the authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is now one of the rarest and most expensive coffees available…Wow!

Blue Shark…

Blue Velvet Cake…Blue velvet cake is pretty similar to red velvet cake, in terms of taste. It’s a dense, moist cake with a combination of buttermilk, vanilla and cocoa powder as its main ingredients. Unlike its red, passé predecessor, it has a badass blue interior concealed underneath its fluffy, cream cheese frosting facade.

Blue Velvet…

The blue-ringed octopus looks so pretty(see) the header picture it is also deadly…Native to the Pacific Ocean, the blue-ringed octopus can be found on the soft, sandy bottom of shallow tide pools and coral reefs. When not seeking food or a mate, blue-ringed octopuses often hide in crevices, shells or marine debris. If you catch them outside of their hiding places, it’s easy to see how the animal gets its name: when threatened, bright blue rings appear all over its body as a warning signal to potential predators.

Be warned though…they are toxic…they may be tiny about the size of a human thumb but if they display those bright blue rings I’d give them a wide berth …Symbiotic bacteria in blue-ringed octopus salivary glands produce tetrodotoxin (TTX). This substance is potently neurotoxic, blocking the transmission of nerve impulses. This stops muscles from being able to contract and has potentially deadly consequences. Some reports state that TTX is over 1,000 times more toxic than cyanide…the same stuff which the pufferfish is known to be deadly for…

Bites from the blue-ringed octopus are reasonably rare but are fatal to humans…pretty but deadly then!

The stunning blue dragon (Glaucus atlanticus) is a type of mollusc, or sea slug, known as a nudibranch.

This stunningly beautiful ornate creature rarely grows larger than three centimetres long or just over one inch. The blue dragon floats on its back (an air bubble in its stomach helping it maintain buoyancy), its brightly coloured underbelly exposed to airborne predators. The blue side of its body acts as camouflage against the backdrop of ocean waves, while the pearlized silver/grey side blends in with the bright sea surface, hiding it from predators below.

Isn’t it amazing how many of these sea creatures are able to blend in with the scenery to hide from any would-be predators…but be warned jeez some of these little creatures are deadly if you come across one admire it… but do not touch! One sting from this little guy can lead to nausea, pain, vomiting, acute allergic contact dermatitis, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation…

That’s all for today I hope you are having a fabulous weekend…xx

36 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…30th April 2022…Todays prompt is “Blue”

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  2. petespringerauthor

    You are an encyclopedia of information today, Carol. I typically order bleu cheese dressing on my salads. I want to give that Blue Hawaii Cocktail a try—never had one. I remembered that Rod Stewart is one of your favorite performers. By the way, the first video was not available to us in the USA.


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Sorry about the video I get that sometimes not available here…Oh yes, I have been a fan of Rod forever it seems…It’s a lovely cocktail I used to make different cocktails every Christmas and other holidays in my younger days I was a cocktail fanatic…There is no one here now to share them with at the moment and cocktails for one are not quite the same…Have a lovely relaxing Sunday, Pete 🙂 x


  3. marianbeaman

    I don’t like bleu cheese but I do like other blue things: lupines, and pillowcases: I wish hibiscus bloomed in blue, but I’m content with crimson, peach, and yellow! ones!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Blue cheese can be an acquired taste, Marian although it is lovely in sauces it mellows the taste…however Blue Hibiscus does exist sometimes known as Lilac Hibiscus or Alyogyne Huegelii a beautiful flower native to Southwest Australia…


  4. D. Wallace Peach

    So many pretty blues, Carol. I wouldn’t even mind seeing the toxic ones, though I’d keep my distance. I hope all these blues cheered you up! Happy Sunday, my friend.


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I know those toxic are so very pretty but I would love to see them so beautiful…They did thank you I am just thoughtful at the moment…I hope you have a fabulous Sunday xoxo

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    We were just talking about blue flavours; we used to have those plastic tubes with frozen ice you pushed up the tube to suck. The blue one was called blue raspberry – I could never figure out where they got blue raspberries from, goodness knows what colourings were in them! Our garden is full of bluebells at the moment.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Wow how lovely my favourite flowers…I agree where did blue raspberries come from…Goodness knows what E-no’s they used back then 🙂 x


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