Monday Musings…9th May 2022…Hedgehogs and Stars…

Welcome to Monday Musings where I share some things that have thrilled me, made me think or smile or even have a mini-rant although doesn’t happen often during the last week…April has flown by and now we are at the beginning of May…wow…to be precise in the second week…

The Candle Tree (Chestnut)…my one-word prompt on Saturday was “Candle” I love writing these posts as I find so many connections to just “one -word“…of course, there are always so many that I don’t know or write about and “The Candle Tree” or the Chestnut or Conker tree was one of them… how many of you got a black eye from a conker or boiled their conkers in vinegar? but I didn’t know about the “candles” until Janet from Times and Tides of a Beach Writer mentioned it in the comments…One of the stories behind it is a lovely one as to how the candles were formed.

A lovely tale …the story I loved was about Hamm and Hermione and a star…which of course is fiction but a glorious tale…

Musically there were some dire songs about candles in the title/lyrics …ones I didn’t mention were that candles and the Beatles have a connection…Rock and Roll music “Candlestick Park” 1966 the Beatles plus there was an early connection to ‘ The Candle Burns” and “Peace of Mind” …The Jackson 5 also sang “16 Candles”…but the one Clive recommended by The Moody Blues was the one I choose to share with you. here..Thank you, Janet and Clive…

A song which is growing on me the more I listen to it… I am listening to it as I type…Thank you, Clive 🙂 x

This is what I love about Saturday Snippets It is a post which keeps on giving…

I used to work in an old building, a listed building, a beautiful building but with all the laws about accessibility for wheelchair users, it was a logistical nightmare…I came across this video and loved it… a perfect way that enables anyone to access any building…

Finally just a little mention but important…as in some climes the animals are waking up from their winter hibernations…hungry and looking for food and drink…

Please if you are feeding them read the guidelines and also before you see them as just pests check what they do for your garden as many animals like the hedgehog eat the critters who eat your greens …

If you see me “the hedgehog” in your garden, please feed me raw unsalted minced meat,…I also like cat pellets but not the fishy ones and water NOT milk…Milk gives me stomach problems but if you put it out I will drink it…please remember WATER only…

I am harmless to your garden so please don’t set traps or use insecticides because I feed on the insects that love to eat your greens I am nature’s deterrent…

Thank you for joining me today for Monday Musings which is a recap of anything I have seen the previous week that I have loved or learnt so keep your comments coming…xx

26 thoughts on “Monday Musings…9th May 2022…Hedgehogs and Stars…

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  2. acflory

    Love the wheelchair lift. It’s a brilliant idea and every public building should have one. Love the hedgehog too. 🙂 We have echidnas that are just as spiky but a slightly different kind of cute.

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  3. Sue Dreamwalker

    l love Hedgehogs and have filmed many in our garden with night vision motion camera… and yes they love cat food.. They eat the slugs in the garden and very garden friendly.. Wonderful post Carol.. Thank you..

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  4. Clive

    Thank you for the shout out, Carol, and for playing a song I still like more than fifty years after buying the album! And now I get the Beatles reference: it was a location rather than an actual song of theirs. You had me puzzled there as I couldn’t think of a song that matched your word 😊 x

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