CarolCooks2…A-Z World Cuisines…Part 18…Denmark


Welcome to my new A-Z …World Cuisines…where I will be looking at the countries of the world, their food and national dish or their most popular dish around the world…by this I mean some dishes are eaten in many countries as their fame has spread around the world…I have Chel to thank for giving me some ideas from which this one took shape…Thank you Chel x

Today I am looking at the cuisine of Denmark…

I visited Denmark many years ago now and loved the clean freshness of the food…famous for the smørrebrød which is an open-faced sandwich that is simply a slice of rye bread with various combinations of toppings such as pickled herring, roast beef and eggs topped with mayo and shrimps. This heaped rye bread treat date back to the 19th century.

Here is one of my favourite food bloggers Mark Weins sampling the smørrebrød and the National Dish of ‘stegt flæsk med persillesovs’ with red cabbage…

There is also some family-inspired dining…Danish style…where turkey is on the menu…

Stjerneskud or ‘shooting stars’ is the lesser-known but more extravagant smørrebrød, and one of the Danes’ absolute favourites. Stjerneskud is a slice of rye bread with fried plaice fillet, topped with shrimp, lettuce and caviar from the Limfjord. The best way to enjoy it is in an authentically Danish way, with a cold beer and finished with a shot of snaps…Don’t mind if I do…

The Danish National Dish...a number ago the Danes were asked to vote for their National Dish…The winner was a classic pork recipe ‘stegt flæsk med persillesovs’, The crispy pork with parsley sauce and potatoes is a traditional dish that has been passed down through the years a lovely flavoursome dish with soft pork and that crispy crackling that is to die for with lovely buttery mashed potatoes and parsley sauce…


The Danes love their meatballs (frikadeller) a popular dish that is served both for lunch and dinner. Traditionally, the meatballs consist of equal parts of veal and pork, flour, milk, eggs, onions and spices, but today there are countless versions of the Danish classic all delicious, meatballs are also a popular smørrebrød topping.

Here is the link to my version of meatballs…

Can you keep a secret? Danish pastries are not really Danish! In Denmark, these world-famous sticky delights are called Vienna Bread (wienerbrød), as they were first made in Denmark in the 1840s by Austrian bakers. But, Danish pastries rose in popularity over the centuries and are now a firm favourite of ordinary Danes.

There are many different types at bakeries throughout the country. Ask for the fantastically named Cinnamon Snail (kanelsnegl) or Seed Snappers (frøsnapper) pastries when out and about and prepare yourself for sticky fingers!…a small price to pay for these delicious pastries…

Denmark and beer often go in the same sentence... not so strange when you consider that no other country in the world produces as much beer in relation to its size and number of inhabitants. In addition to world-renowned Carlsberg, there are also some stunning locally-brewed craft beers brewed at the many microbreweries scattered all over the country.

You should also try to pair your smørrebrød with a shot of snaps which is a traditional Scandinavian spirit. It is a rather strong alcoholic spirit based on aquavit, but it can be infused with many different flavours they are the ideal accompaniment to drink with pickled herrings…

And of course, the most important word to learn for your next trip to Denmark – is Skål!

Thank you for joining me today on this virtual tour of Denmark I hope you enjoyed the tour…x

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