Monday Musings…4th July 2022…

Welcome to Monday Musings where normally I share some things that have thrilled me, made me think or smile or even have a mini-rant but generally it is my happy place and I hope yours…June has arrived…I have also arrived in the Uk and it has mainly been sunny with some spots of rain but nothing torrential…

I have been staying with my sister this week who lives next door to my dear mum…so have not spent so much time online…but a few posts have caught my eye one of these is one of these is from Sally who writes over at Smorgasbord Magazine…

I think most of us know that bees must thrive as they are a vital part of our survival…creating a pollinator path for bees and other beneficial insects in our gardens is vital…

Homelessness…School on Wheels is based in Southern California, this grassroots program was started in 1993 by Agnes Johnson. She understood the challenges of educating children when they’re homeless…The goal is for students to receive one hour of tutoring per week, in addition to a student’s regular studies in school. Sceptics may think that is of little value, but as a retired educator, Agnes Johnson knows the importance of children knowing they have regular support from someone who cares about and is willing to mentor them.

Please head over to Pete’s blog to read about the importance of this program…

Thank you for joining me today...I am having a great time catching up with family and friends…This last weekend we were in Plymouth to see my granddaughter and meet her other half(finally) it was lovely to catch up with her in the flesh …now it means I can visualise where they live and the places they love…We stayed in a lovely stone cottage circa 1865 in Cornwall miles from anywhere we relaxed walked and talked, shared recipes and drank wine…yes she cooks…

The place we stayed at is beautiful and all animals are rescued, donkeys from the beach, chicken from being slaughtered, ponies from Dartmoor and a dog from Portugal all with their own stories…plus a beautiful fireplace that used to cook bread and still would once restorded to its original condition…I am so excited to see if it is and how it works… I will tell you all about this lovely place when I get back home

I hope you all have a great week ahead x

23 thoughts on “Monday Musings…4th July 2022…

  1. acflory

    I was particularly interested in the school on wheels concept because I’ve done tutoring myself and know first hand how powerful one-on-one teaching can be. Brilliant idea to take education /to/ the kids most likely to fall into the gaps and end up illiterate.

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  3. petespringerauthor

    Thanks for highlighting School on Wheels, Carol. I’m glad you had such a lovely time gathering with your family.



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