Monday Musings…11th July 2022…

Monday Musings where normally I share some things that have thrilled me, made me think or smile or even have a mini-rant but generally it is my happy place and I hope yours…July has arrived as has the sun…

Today I am sharing Sally’s post about obesity and her journey it is honest and heartbreaking in places…as you know obesity is not just about being overweight it is the health issues that happen as a result, the dental industry is appalled at the teeth of many children due to the amount of sugar they consume…Obesity is a worldwide problem and one which should be tackled because of the cost to struggling health and welfare services around the world…

It’s been nearly 3 years since a fire ripped through Notre Dame cathedral in Paris…this 12th-century gothic church has so much historic value…how is the restoration going then some would like the building to have an update but there is much opposition to this and I believe it should be restored to its former glory sympathetically and authentically using the same materials and not be updated with contemporary artwork and modern lighting…

Yes there will be training and new skills that have to be learnt by the many craftsmen required to complete this restoration but I believe that has many advantages and will preserve ancient building techniques that to enable a building to stand proud this long must have some value…modernisation has its place but not here..What are your thoughts?

However, when I think of Notre Dame I am reminded of this film…

Thank you for joining me today I hope you all have a wonderfully productive week as always I look forward to your comments…x

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  2. Michael Summers

    If the cathedral was decommissioned and merely used as a museum, I would agree. However, it has been and apparently will continue to be a functioning place of worship. As a military chaplain, I once helped manage a historic chapel renovation. We wanted to preserve the character of the architecture and unique features of the building, but also wanted it to be functional and especially safe as a place of worship. We managed to preserve the steeple (despite the discovery of bats and a thousand pounds of guano in the belfry), repair the original immersion baptistry, and retain a small side chapel that included wood carvings of the Stages of the Cross. However, workers discovered that pipes for plumbing had rusted through, and replaced them with more up-to-code pipes. The restrooms were updated, to include changing stations in both restrooms. A new sound system was installed without changing the appearance of the sanctuary. In the case of the cathedral, certainly effort must be taken to preserve historic works of art and the appearance of the building, while also making it more functional for contemporary parishioners and more likely to survive any future fires .

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Thank you, Michael, for your reply I understand completely if modernisations are completed to make a building more functional and more likely to survive any future fires it makes complete sense 🙂

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  4. Prior...

    Thanks for the update on Notre Dame Cathedral! Seems like they are giving it much consideration and care!
    The video about the hunchback of notre dame movie from 1939! Great interview with the actress

    And cheers to sally and her inspiring story – ☀️😊

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      It does now as originally Macron was advocating modernising but he got his mind changed and backed down thank goodness… Yes I love that film and interview and yes Sally’s story is really inspiring 🌞😎x

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