CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 17th -23rd July 2022-Monday Musings, Health, Obesity, Store Cupboard Basics …The Freezer… and Saturday Snippets where “Miracle” is my one word prompt.…

Welcome to my weekly roundup …July is well and truly here we are in the final weeks… the sun is still shining and we have has some scorchers…the weather warnings were out as were the fans and the shorts…it seems some of the country’s infrastructure was definitely not built for the heatwave… my buses gearbox overheated and many air con systems went kaput…but it’s a good job I came prepared with my flip-flops and sundresses…I had a lovely day at the beach yesterday with fish and chips and a Mr Whippy ice cream…another two ticked off my to-eat list…lol

Monday Musings…

My musings included the fabulous fit 91 yrs old who still competes as a gymnast…she has certainly enthused me to try just a little harder with my fitness…Thank you all for your nice comments about the lovely Franck and yes he will most probably be wearing one of Doggy Parton’s creations when the line is launched at the end of the year…

And yes all these have been ticked off my to-eat list not to be confused with your TBR lists…lol

Monday Musings…18th July 2022

A recommended read for those of us who battle with food and our weight…

This updated fifth edition of Size Matters by Sally Cronin is a must-read…Our physical approach, our mental attitude and our emotions are all factors in how we overcome disease and obesity, and should all be addressed when looking for the right programme that will work for each individual…

I am happy to share Sally’s journey of how she has tackled obesity and lifestyle diseases…most of you know that I have been back in the UK on an extended visit..what has shocked me is friends who are the same age as me and how lucky I consider myself to be as fit and healthy as I am for my age…is it in my genes? some of it is but it is also the fact that I consider my food choices..always…Reading Sally’s posts has made me even more aware that I can also do so much more…

Thank you, Sally, for reposting this series…Please head over to Sally’s and read this next instalment …there is also a Fat Accumulation Table …prepare to be shocked and helped to avoid the worst foods…

Smorgasbord Health Column -#Morbid Obesity – Size Matters The Sequel – The Accumulative Factor of Food and Life by Sally Cronin

Some of my favourite posts to research and write are my A-Z’s…of course, they are around the subject of food, cooking utensils and methods…I make no apologies about that as I love food, good, clean food but also know that it is vital to continued good health …I extend my thanks to Sally for repeating this A-Z…Thank you, Sally xx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s – Culinary A – Z Rewind – ‘C’ for Calabash, Cajun, Curry, Cloud Eggs, Chilli, and Calamari

Keeping a little stock of freezer essentials at home is a great idea. It can help you throw together recipes for meals is easy to do and is a great standby…it allows you to store your lovingly tended produce from your gardens and allows you to enjoy them out of season…it helps avoid waste and how easy is it to cook an extra portion or two for another day…

This week in my Kitchen…Store Cupboard Basics…Part 10…The Freezer…

Obesity is a worldwide problem and causes many preventable health and lifestyle diseases…I absolutely love this series Sally’s honesty and insight into why obesity and eating disorders exist is a fascinating but true one…her journey is an inspiring and remarkable one…to truly overcome and face our own demons we must look honestly into our past to change the present…Please click the highlighted link below to read the original post…

Smorgasbord Health Column -#Morbid Obesity – Size Matters The Sequel – #Change and #Stress by Sally Cronin

Saturday Snippets…

Saturday Snippets is a fun and interesting post to write…my muse comes up with some fascinating words that open so many connections to that one, fascinating facts. places, people, animals this week my one-word prompt is “miracle”…almost every day we see or hear of something that defies science or sense…”a miracle”

Saturday Snippets…23rd July 2022…Today’s one-word prompt is “Miracle”

Thank you for joining me today for Saturday Snippets as always I look forward to your comments…my extended trip is now coming to end as on Thursday I will be starting my journey home…it has been a whirlwind but I have made some amazing memories some happy and some bittersweet…I have nearly worked my way through my list of must-eat foods,  food I have missed… some I will no longer yearn for some I eagerly await until the next time…lol… it’s strange what our minds and tummies yearn for and then reality hits…has my memory played tricks or have my taste buds changed a bit of both methinks…xx

The sun is shining… that has been a miracle …my flip-flops, sunnies and sun dresses have served me well throughout my trip…I have experienced a lovely English summer…light nights have been something I have been enjoying…we also learnt that we are to become great grandparents for the first time…a joyous discovery xx

See you tomorrow for Monday Musings xx

8 thoughts on “CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 17th -23rd July 2022-Monday Musings, Health, Obesity, Store Cupboard Basics …The Freezer… and Saturday Snippets where “Miracle” is my one word prompt.…

  1. acflory

    We’ve been hearing about the UK heatwave here as well. Unprecedented is a word that keeps bobbing up, but i think we all know now what we’re facing. :/
    And this: ‘Reading Sally’s posts has made me even more aware that I can also do so much more…’ Have to agree completely. Since I’ve been following Sally’s advice about breaking my fast with green tea [instead of coffee], I’ve notice a definite improvement in my health and my sleep. I don’t think any of us realise just how many little things we do that affect our health, usually not in a good way.
    Enjoy the sunshine. -hugs-

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Well they like to moan the weather in the me it was lovely and most of the time I still wore a cardi…we used to have hot, balmy summers like that when I was a child i n the Ukbut I think the Brits are so used to iffy weather they moan when its too hot or too cold…I agree about the green tea which I have been drinking for the last 10 years now I know how to brew it properly and yes there are so many little changes we can make to improve our health…I’m back home now and have to adjust to the heat again…lol…:) x

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      1. acflory

        Welcome back! I had to smile about that ‘adjust to the heat again’. 😀 I suspect I would last a day in Thailand! I can handle dry heat, but not masses of humidity. Let’s hope the weather settles down for a while.


  2. petespringerauthor

    Safe travels home, Carol. You have such a fine variety, but I think my favorites lately are your themed Saturday posts.

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  3. Jacqui Murray

    I met Sally after she’d licked this problem so never knew her when she struggled. I always watch my weight, but have found that my daily walks/treadmill exercise made me drop close to ten pounds without even trying. I had no idea or I would have started that regimen a lot sooner!

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