Carol Taylors Green Kitchen…August 2022…


Welcome to my Green Kitchen where I aim to cook chemical-free food, in season and grown either by myself or purchased locally in season…it is also to minimise waste…

Produce which has just come into its season has far more taste than produce which is forced and grown out of its natural season …I also think it is the anticipation and the taste of the first of the season’s crops…those first root vegetables…are sublime! or those first strawberries there is nothing quite like the first strawberry of the season!

August…as you know I am concerned about the chemicals in food plus we now have food shortages, Covid looks like it is here to stay for a while and there are rumbles about monkeypox I was even handed a card at the airport…

The 7th-14th is National Farmers Market Week(US) It is a great opportunity to show the nation how much value markets bring to their communities. With fun events, specials, contests, and activities, the week helps to boost market attendance and visibility – while at the same time being loads of fun! If you have an event near you then please go along and show your support and you may also find some beautiful local grown fruit and vegetables in season…Personally, I think it is important wherever you live in the world to get to know your local farmers they need your support and you need to know that the food you are buying is chemical free…

From the  8th-14th of August, it’s National Allotments Week in the UK…National Allotments Week started in 2002 as a way of raising awareness of allotments and their role in helping people live healthier lifestyles, grow their own food, develop friendships and bolster communities. The campaign week is still thriving 20 years later and interest in growing your own fruit and vegetables has never been stronger since the WW2 Grow for Victory campaign.

This month’s Bread Recipe…just hasn’t happened I am not back into the swing of baking after my 2-month sabbatical..the plan was blueberry and lime bread hence the picture of blueberries but that didn’t happen…lol…however Tandy reminded me that it is soon to be International Scone Week from the 8th of August to 14th August…scones can have butter like bread…although these ones I’m sharing was last years entry for International Scone week and they were very delicious if I say so myself…Banana Scones with Coffee Drizzle

International Scone Week…Banana Scones with Coffee Drizzle…ish

Now I need to come up with another yummy scone recipe…although plain scones with clotted cream and jam are always a winner…I have whittled it down to four which are, Gingerbread Scones, Lemon Squash Scones with mascarpone and lemon curd, Traditional Tattie Scones or Sweet Potato Scones with Beetroot Jam…as I love anything beets or lemon they are calling to me…however yesterday I found some Nduja so I’m thinking Nduja and ricotta…are you going join in scone making week? if so what are your thoughts…


What’s in season…here is a good resource for eating ” Seasonably around the World” from Foodtank…eating seasonably nearly always coincides with eating locally…which minimises the carbon footprint of our food and there is nothing like the taste of fresh seasonable fruit and vegetables…


It’s a known fact even if we don’t know the figures that Covid marked the increase in the takeaway(takeout) food deliveries BUT at what cost to the environment?

Picture this…but before we go any further “it’s not our fault”…you order a burrito…it comes wrapped in foil, with plastic utensils and a paper napkin all wrapped in plastic…plus 3 packets of ketchup plus hot sauce…All in a paper bag that is then placed in a plastic bag…you may even get extras like those little salt and pepper packets that we last used in our packet of Smiths Crisps…the irony is we eat our burrito with our hands????

What we can do is to let our local takeaway know that it will also save them money if they used a little common sense and ditched the unnecessary…that should goad them into action if nothing else…Just in case you really want to know the effect it has on the environment please click this link…

For those of you for whom it’s summer sun and an ice cream popsicle is a very welcome cooler…then let’s beat the heat!…almost any liquid freezes well(bar neat, heavy alcohol)…from double cream to coconut milk…my preferred option (of course)…fruit? That watermelon is calling well here’s a quick way to pulp it…slice off the top of the fruit then take your hand blender and blend the inside then strain how easy is that?

If you want texture in your popsicle then add pieces of fruit, bits of cookies, chocolate chips, slivers of fresh coconut, fudge, the options are endless…don’t want bits then swirl through some fruit puree for perfect popsicles freeze the mixture in a tub first then blitz and put in your moulds and freeze…

Like creamy healthy popsicles? adding yoghurt for protein and probiotics for digestive health creates a natural creaminess that adds a smooth texture. Pureed bananas with juice can also create a soft bite. Unsweetened coconut milk adds a creamy popsicle texture with a subtle sweet flavour. Mixing or blending juice, whole fruit, and something creamy also make for a consistently creamy popsicle…of course, freezing time depends on the ingredients.

No moulds…No problem!…paper cups, smartie tubes, even egg cups or ice cube moulds…just freeze until slushy and add your sticks…Enjoy!

That’s all for my Green Kitchen this month…thank you for joining me and as always I look forward to your comments…xxx

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