Monday Musings…5th September 2022…Depression, Bullying and some Music…

Welcome to Monday Musings..Monday Musings is where normally I share some things that have thrilled me, made me think or smile or even have a mini-rant but generally it is my happy place and I hope yours… Today it is a thoughtful place when I look around the world and see not only is there so much that is right and to be celebrated there is also so much that must be put right…Social Media and attitudes are continually disturbing me…I am by no means perfect and don’t profess to be but it’s time we were all kinder and more accepting of differences…Pete’s post last week was I feel quite pertinent and highlighted issues where I know I could have acted and didn’t…Please head over and have a read I do hope you will…Bullying is a problem in so many walks of life…

This next post is very relevant in today’s society but not just in today’s as when I was young it did indeed happen and is still happening but more so I think…Depression is real!

I do hope you visited the blogs above but taking nothing from them we all should have music in our lives it lifts our souls and hearts none more so than this man whose music had no boundaries…he wasn’t an opera snob and didn’t give a fig…he shared his love of music with the masses and we(me) included loved him for it…Enjoy!

Thank you for joining me today as always I love and look forward to your comments…see you tomorrow for another chicken recipe…Take care and pass that smile on…xx

22 thoughts on “Monday Musings…5th September 2022…Depression, Bullying and some Music…

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Absolutely, Debby it scares me sometimes and I wonder what sort world we are leaving for our grand children…I know we can’t and probably wouldn’t want utopia but a kinder world with equal distribution of food and no food waste would certainly be better xx

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  3. petespringerauthor

    Thank you for sharing my post as well as Debby’s. I wish I had done the right thing the first time, but we are imperfect and constantly learning if we’re paying attention.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      You are welcome, Pete and I’m guessing if we are honest with ourselves most of us could say there has been times in the past when we could have dealt with a situation better but to learn from it shows you are a kind man and have a conscience. The people I worry about are those who don’t have a conscience or can’t see where they could have done better… 🙂 x

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