Saturday Snippets…24th September 2022…Today’s one-word prompt is “Curve”

Good morning and welcome to Saturday Snippets where my muse struts her stuff and gives me a word…a one-word prompt my muse let me off lightly with last week’s prompt that was for me fairly easy however I still have no clues as to where she gets the ideas for my promt from but I like to keep the old grey matter working but hey muse thank you for giving me a break last week however she has certainly come up with a ‘ curve ball” this week…yes… my one-word prompt is “curve”  after a bit of head shaking and cursing I rose to the challenge and thought you are not going to beat me…

I knew that a curve was a continuous and smooth-flowing line without any sharp turns. One way to recognize a curve is that it bends and changes its direction at least once…for me, a curve is more pleasing to the eye than a straight line…Come with me and see just what I have found …

Curveball meaning…let’s start with that shall we although I’m sure most of you know and have fallen foul to a few of those during your lifetime either as a baseball player where a pitch is thrown with a strong downward spin, causing the ball to drop suddenly and veer to the side as it approaches home plate…or when something unexpected, surprising, or disruptive lands at your door…

Now for a tune…

Pasta… Elbows, Gomiti or Chifferi in Italian, are named for their twisted tubular shape that can vary in size and be either smooth or ridged. Pasta Elbows originated from Northern and Central Italy, where they are traditionally used in soups…I favour using my pasta elbows in Mac’n’Cheese or pasta salad…

Curved Wormhole Libary China…

Wow..this is so beautiful I could spend days in this library …

Mother Nature has some beautiful examples of animals and birds that are beautifully curved…like the swan and the Flamingo…

Some more music…

I have been a big fan of the Beach Boys for many years and never tire of listening to them…

From musical instruments to animal horns there are some beautiful/scary examples of nature or man’s inventions…

Curves are all around us from the simple shape of a balloon or a football…to the intricate curves of a tenor horn, the beautiful curves of a fiddlehead fern, decorative bamboo, the fascinating curves of a miniature bonsai tree…The Gherkin in London, the Sidney Opera House…there are so many examples of manmade and natural curves…not forgetting an Umbrella…the waltzer at the fair as it goes up and down and round and round…

Thank you for joining me today for Saturday Snippets “curve” was much easier than I initially
thought I think straight would be harder said very quietly as I don’t my muse to hear…as always
I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to your comments and seeing you next
week …Falafel some tear and share bread with spicy nduja are on the menu plus another
vegetarian Dish for the lovely Alex…xx

21 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets…24th September 2022…Today’s one-word prompt is “Curve”

  1. OIKOS™- Art, Books & more

    A great summary of curved things. I love them all, except these music instruments with curves, where people can play what is called “Bavarian Brass Music” aka “Blasmusik”. Lol Since over ten years here you only can hear this kind of music. 😉 xx Michael


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  3. petespringerauthor

    As always, I enjoy your themed posts, Carol. It’s funny where our minds go with a word (Beetley Pete’s comment 😊). My first thought was a car racetrack. The curves are deceptively steep when you walk out onto the track.

    I really enjoyed The Cloudscape of Haikou. Clouds are magical.

    As far as the music, The Beach Boys’ song is the one that immediately popped into my head too. You did not disappoint, as I usually like your musical choices. Curve was a new group to me, but I liked both songs from the video.

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    1. petespringerauthor

      Clive set me straight too. I associated that song with the Beach Boys. I trust his musical knowledge far more than mine.😎

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    2. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Thank you, Pete and yes it is amazing what springs to mind and nobody mentioned “Marilyn”…Yes, that library was awesome it fascinated me and the skill of the builders…I like Curve not as much as the BB but their music is good and worth a listen…I hope you are having a great weekend, Pete 🙂 x

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  4. Clive

    Not an easy choice of word but you did it proud! I love the Beach Boys too, but the image says that was Jan and Dean, though Brian Wilson did write for them. 😊 x

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      1. Clive

        I didn’t know either – I was just going by the image on the video! You piqued my curiosity though, so I just looked it up. It is by Jan and Dean, but Brian Wilson was one of the co-writers. Mystery solved 😊 xx

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I knew one of you would bring that up, Pete …lol…my hubby always says that when I moan I am not 8 1/2 stone anymore…and never likely be I think this extra stone is here to stay…Have a great weekend too, Pete 🙂 xx

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