Monday Musings…26th September 2022…

Welcome to Monday Musings…Monday Musings is where normally I share some things that have thrilled me, made me think or smile or even have a mini-rant but generally it is my happy place and I hope yours…today there is a little about climate change as I think it seems to have taken a backward step over the last few years especially with Covid and waste due to more take out food…September is also the national mushroom month in both the US and the UK…we love mushrooms cooked in many ways and my vegetarian dish on Tuesday will be a delicious mushroom one and my dedicated meat eaters here didn’t even bat an eyelid about the lack of meat…

B Corps…not something I have heard of before I read about it here...I am hoping that it is far more stringent than previous attempts to clean up the industry…I am forever the sceptic…a prime example is “Fair Trade”

circular recycling the world and a green leaf

If you are looking to make your lifestyle more planet friendly there can be an enormous amount of information to trawl through…plus also certifications…while eco-labels offer positive steps none of them goes the whole hog and can hand on heart tell you that a company /business is both ethical and sustainable…this system has a rigid process and has 5 key objectives brands have to meet…governance, workers, community, customers, plus the environment…

Food and drink brands are proving enthusiastic adopters of the scheme, which balances profit with purpose…of course, I have googled it and the criteria does seem stringent and not easy to whizz through an application…I have found a link to UK Certification also…

Becky whose blog is Platform Number 4 is an avid supporter of green living and the environment…in this post, Becky is highlighting frontline communities in need of support. The climate crisis is on full display this week with hurricanes and typhoon-related storms causing mass destruction…Please help, if you can…

After breaking havoc in Puerta Rico…Hurricane Fiona is still on the rampage…

This video shows the extent of the damage  Hurricane Fiona has left in her wake…

So many people with homes gone, no electricity or drinking water…

Thank you for joining me today as always I look forward to your comments x

30 thoughts on “Monday Musings…26th September 2022…

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  2. Tiffany Hoffmann

    Hi Carol! Thanks for mentioning your thoughts and research on B Corps! While not the complete answer to industry problems, At least a step in the right direction and I hope businesses and consumers really start to embrace these types of companies ☺️

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      1. acflory

        Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If things are this bad at current temperature levels, how bad can they get if the planet goes up past the point the scientists talk about? 😦

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  3. Clive

    Pete has already made the comment that I would have added, and your response to it confirms what many of us here believe: this pathetic excuse for a government doesn’t care in the slightest about climate change. All they want to do is enrich themselves and their mates. If you thought Johnson was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I’m sad to say, Clive that it does seem like it will get worse I also think there is no viable options from any party as it stands….it couldn’t be worse if they sacked the whole lot and started anew…too much infighting and backbiting instead of doing what they elected to do …

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  5. beetleypete

    The new UK government of Liz Truss seems to be going back on previous climate change promises. They are now going to allow unregulated fracking for gas exploration, and I suspect they may even reopen some old coal mines. (When nobody is looking.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Pete…my father was a conservative and I have always been a conservative…I am seriously rethinking anything I previously thought and am lost for words after listening to Kwasi whatever his name is and hope to god they are correct in their thinking but I think my prayers will be unanswered as I don’t know where this will end or maybe I do and that doesn’t bear thinking about…xx

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  6. marianbeaman

    Hurricane Ian, named coincidentally for one of our grandsons, will be bearing down on Florida by mid-week. We are preparing for the onslaught. Still, the unknowns make it scary until it passes, we hope with minimal aftereffects.

    Very timely post, Carol!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I pray you will all be safe, Marian we have one namely typoon Molave which is said to hit here tomorrow it looks like typoons and hurricanes are doing the rounds…

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  7. petespringerauthor

    Puerto Rico has been through the wringer for the past few years.

    Coincidentally, the main character from the story of one of the people in my writing group is named Fiona. He’s been working on it for many weeks, so it was a bit weird when the hurricane was given the same name.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Yes, they have and its seems hurricanes are wreaking havoc in other places as well… we have a typoon heading our way from Lao and a hurricane from another direction ….but poor Puerto Rico are really suffering…

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  8. robertawrites235681907

    HI Carol, While the cost of doing nothing about climate change is less than the cost of doing something, nothing will change. The big corporates and governments don’t care because they have the money to keep themselves above the mess they have created/are creating. There are times when the 8th circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno seems like a good option for politician and corporate leaders.

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