UK Fungus Day 2022…

UK Fungus Day takes place on Saturday 8th October and is organised by the British Mycological Society.

I didn’t know that they are often described as the 5th kingdom…Fungi are neither plant nor animal…

What surprised me the most and made me realise was that apart from my love of eating mushrooms I know little else about them …The fact that fungi create huge networks of strands, known as hyphae, which stretch out beneath the soil…This underground network is considered to be so important that a project is underway to map the “circulatory system of the planet” in an attempt to protect it from damage and improve its ability to absorb and store carbon dioxide….Fascinating to read the whole article and learn just how important Fungi are in so many ways then please click this link…

Even if you don’t like to eat mushrooms I think you need to know how very important they are to our health, the eco system the mushroom(Fungi) is very important in so many ways,

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      1. johnrieber

        For whatever reason, while I love all mushrooms there is something about them that doesn’t appeal to me… I eat them but never cook with them myself…great idea on stuffing!

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Absolutely, Colleen.. I had no idea either of some of the mushrooms underground ecosystem though a favourite mushroom of my DIL only crops once a year so something must be going on under the soil I have just not thought about it..

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  2. beetleypete

    I like eating all kinds of mushrooms, and taking photos of them too. But I had no idea in was ‘Fungus Day’, and I have already missed most of it. 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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