Smorgasbord Health Column – Size Matters: The Sequel – #Morbid Obesity – Getting Moving and shifting the pounds by Sally Cronin

Getting Moving and shifting the pounds

When you are embarking on a programme to regain good health, the last thing you need is to be laid up with a knee or other injury. The temptation is to complement your new healthy eating commitment with an annual gym membership and attempting to run a marathon…

It is much better to learn to walk before you run…. and if you are a certain age… it is better to ease into the weight lifting by starting with a couple of tins of beans.

Before you even begin to run, you do need to ensure that the ligaments, muscles and joints that have been on sabbatical for some time (except for the weight training involved in moving excess weight around) are in good condition for what is to come.

I suggest that you spend some time increasing your flexibility. And rather than get down on the floor at first (and be found months later very thin but in a fixed position) that you lie down on the bed or use a chair for some of the movements that follow.

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16 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health Column – Size Matters: The Sequel – #Morbid Obesity – Getting Moving and shifting the pounds by Sally Cronin

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  3. Sue Dreamwalker

    Thanks for the share Carol…. WoW….. keeping flexible on the plot is what I do for keep fit exercises….. I think you have to keep those flexi muscles going from a young age to lift your leg that high LOL 🙂 at that age.. 😀

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      1. CarolCooks2 Post author

        Running not so much as a teen but I completed a Marathon 18 yrs ago I promised my daughter the first time she had cancer that if she did it I would she did it well we did as a team some of my work colleagues and another daughter we all completed 26.2 miles my hubby was waiting about half a mile from the finish line probably not knowing if he would see me/us get that far but we all did we had to chive my youngest daughter along as she was ready to give up at 18 miles but we wouldn’t let her…That medal is one of my dearest possessions xx

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  4. Cathy Cade

    If I get down on the floor, I get mobbed by two dogs who think I’m there to play. I started with seated exercises for my dodgy hip and moved on to pilates. My lying-down exercises (mostly stretch and relaxing) are still done on the bed. And of curse the daily dog walk.
    I found – for the arthritis and for losing weight – it didn’t matter so much how I moved as long as I moved. That philosophy is working for my diabetic husband’s blood sugar as well.

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