Healthy Eating…But what shouldn’t you eat?

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Do you know what you can’t eat?

I think I do but you read so many things now in the news, e-mails, mailshots some true and many far from true…It is sometimes overwhelming especially if you are busy or get sidetracked and half read something….. we have all been there.


Don’t they look lovely.?..

I saw something on Facebook recently and it was that which prompted this post….The poor man who ate Cherry pips and nearly died was absolutely vilified by some people. To say I was appalled is an understatement.

However CLEVER you are or think you are…No-one knows everything….You either know it or you don’t…Cleverness doesn’t come into it!

Who hasn’t swallowed a fruit pip in their whole life?? Hands up!  I have swallowed a few in my time with no ill effects.

I read you can do something to an avocado stone and eat it…What I am not sure because I didn’t read it properly but if I had a mind too I probably would revisit that to check it was ok. Some wouldn’t…. they would go with the half of a thought…Not wise methinks!

If unsure …..always check a few trusted sources and don’t just go ahead….. please check.

Back to Cherry Pips.


Don’t they look inviting? and that little pip…What harm could that do?

Now don’t freak out if you accidentally swallow a cherry pip they are unlikely to be poisonous eaten whole….However, whatever you do please don’t eat a broken or split pip.

The toxins in a cherry pip are naturally occurring but depending on how and how much you eat they can kill you.

What is inside the Cherry pip is a chemical compound called amygdalin that turns into hydrogen cyanide when consumed.

So how many Cherry pits can kill you? Apparently, Hydrogen Cyanide is lethal at about 1.52 ml per kilogram.  One single cherry contains approximately 0.17 gm of lethal cyanide per gram of seed so depending on the size of the kernel eating just one or two freshly crushed or broken ( he must have had) strong teeth and jaws can lead to death. Which means if you ate 2 or 3 split or broken cherry pips you may not be as lucky as that guy.

Should there be a warning on the packet? 

How many warnings can you give? And more to the point who would read them? Do you read every single word on every single packet or tin of food you buy?

Who does?

All I ask is that you are aware if it is something you haven’t eaten before and I don’t mean the new flavoured ice cream which has just come out…Something out of the ordinary…Check it out before you eat it…..

I am sure that guy will and I am pleased that he is able to….

If you didn’t know this please reblog or share it could save a life …

I will from time to time do other posts such as this as it is not STUPID if you don’t know….I will let you into a little secret… I didn’t know either….

Thank you for reading this post until next time stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot because laughter is the best medicine of all.







20 thoughts on “Healthy Eating…But what shouldn’t you eat?

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  3. Doctor Jonathan

    There are many HEALTHY substances that contain toxic portions to be discarded. Apple seeds is a good example of a HEALTHY fruit containing small amounts of cyanide in its seeds. One simple key rule is, “if a substance is designed to be CHEWED, it is likely to be digestible (for human consumption.) Rawhide for dogs is chewable, but NOT digestible.
    Moral of the story… DON’T ASSUME!

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  5. Nancy Hardin

    Carol, there’s always something SOMEONE doesn’t know, but as for food, it’s hard to believe that someone would have eaten cherry pits. As you said, they’re tooth breakers, and swallowing them whole would be a choker. Wonder if the same person swallowed peach pits, plum pits or apricot pits? Those could surely tear up a body’s throat! A thought provoking blog, I must say. Thanks for sharing.


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Oh, I agree, Nancy but he thought apparently that the kernel inside the pit tasted of Almonds and again that should have rung bells but some people just don’t know or think and it is always dangerous just to assume isn’t it…But it gave me fodder for a post looking at it that way 🙂 Thank you for your comment 🙂


  6. Scott andersen

    Awesome, so pips (seeds) can be really bad for you. Even if they don’t poison you they can cause issues with digestion. Very good Carol, I keep meaning to stop by your blog and forgetting. So I am bookmarking it this time!

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      If you mean by bad they can kill you then yes 🙂 But only if you split the pip and eat the soft inside..Not many people woud do that would they?


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