Monday Musings…28th November 2022…How to save money on UK supermarket food deliveries, delicious bacon wrapped maple glazed turkey and homemade Turkish Delight!

Good Morning…and welcome to Monday Musings… a place where my inner child comes out sometimes and also where anything which has wowed or dismayed me has happened over the last week…

With food prices rising around the world…most of us are looking to cut costs wherever we can…I also think that in the aftermath of covid many people have realised that online shopping is the way to go…personally, as I walk everywhere I only carry what goes in my tote bag and isn’t too heavy…bulk buys and heavier items I purchase on-line and it does have its benefits as it’s not so easy to impulse buy I find…this link has all the info you would like to compare costs on UK supermarket FOOD deliveries…

I am still finding it difficult to get my head around the fact that this year is coming to end and Christmas will soon be upon us…and yes without a doubt it’s still early for a Christmas tree especially if its a real one as if you aren’t super fastidious with watering it won’t last and I think its a super idea to rent a tree that will delivered and picked up and replanted I think it’s a great idea and the way go and it seems more and more tree suppliers are offering this service…Just pop an enquiry into google or whoever your favourite search provider is and find a local supplier…

Thanksgiving is over for those who celebrate and some in style… I have come across some delicious recipes not forgetting that we have Christmas to come…This post is from John who blogs at Bite! Eat! !Repeat! and John has some wonderful recipes that we could make for our Christmas  Dinner…what’s not to love about a bacon-wrapped Maple syrup glazed turkey or a delicious potato pie…please head over and have a peruse and take your appetite with you…

Finally, something I love and is always my Christmas treat...but something I have never attempted to make myself is Turkish Delight…

Achetez les délices turcs à la rose - Grand Bazaar Istanbul Achat en ligne

If you think that looks delicious then please click the highlighted link below for the recipe…

Thank you for joining today for Monday Musings as always I look forward to your comments x

33 thoughts on “Monday Musings…28th November 2022…How to save money on UK supermarket food deliveries, delicious bacon wrapped maple glazed turkey and homemade Turkish Delight!

  1. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    Thanks for the links Carol… certainly always useful to have shopping tips. The main store I shop in is Dunnes which is Irish and nationwide. They have a loyalty card and you get 10 Euros voucher for every 50 Euros you spend so effectively on our bill 20 Euros off a week which adds up over the year. I try to buy only Irish fresh produce and am happy to buy beef etc when out of date and always great bargains to be had on certain days of the week.. ♥


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      1. acflory

        I do buy the odd ‘special’, but mostly I type in the name of the item I want and don’t browse at all. -sigh- I do miss choosing my own fruit and veg though.

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      2. acflory

        We don’t have open air markets, or at least not all the time. I think there’s one near us that’s only open one Sunday per month. Of course, I can never remember /which/ Sunday… -rolls eyes-

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      3. CarolCooks2 Post author

        That’s such a shame we have many markets I do find Asia does seem to have many more than western cultures do…I love browsing around the markets I always leave home about 6.30 om my early morning walk to the market…today I was lucky to get some lovely Rosella flowers for chutney or jam I haven’t seen them fresh for many a month…

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      4. acflory

        There used to be five, permanent markets that would be open at least some days of the week, but one was turned into a Costco and I’m not sure about the others. That’s another thing on my bucket list when the pandemic is finally over.
        I envy you being able to /walk/ to a market any time you want.

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  3. Jennie

    Rent-a-tree? Brilliant. I haven’t heard about this at all. America, wake up! I love John’s blog, and his bacon wrapped turkey looked absolutely delicious.

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  5. beetleypete

    I have never had food delivered by a supermarket. Too many ‘substitutions’ and ‘out of stock’ for my liking. We do buy some things in bulk from Amazon. Toilet rolls, fabric conditioner and washing liquid, also shower gel and some cleaning products. They are around 25% cheaper than the cost of buying them at Tesco.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I sometimes do a shop for my daughter online and have found Sainsbury’s to be the best, Asda is a nightmare with substitutions but I haven’t thought of Amazon for that type of shopping…x

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  6. Cathy Cade

    I may give that Turkish delight a go… I used to buy mint Turkish delight at Christmas, but haven’t seen it on sale for ages. Maybe it just doesn’t sell where I live now, so nobody stocks it 😦

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      I was thinking of giving it a go as well Cathy…I can’t get Turkish Delight here at all so have always relied on someone sending me some at Christmas-smile- I haven’t tried the mint Turkish delight but I’m sure you could substitute the rosewater with mint essence 🙂

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Its my favourite and I rely on someone sending me a box or two as I can’t get it here so maybe I will have a go at making it myself…Enjoy your Turkish Delight , Jaye? x

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