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Many of my Christmas recipes have been passed down from my mother and grandmother…others have been shared with me by family and friends this makes them all very special and much loved they get trotted every year… some I make exactly as they have always been made and served at every Christmas dinner …over the years I have tried to change some or leave them out entirely and I have been met with very strong opposition and thoughts on the fact that Christmas would not be same without them…prawn cocktail has been on my Christmas menu forever and even if I try to introduce other starters I’m told that I can, however, I still have to make prawn cocktail its a given and I would never be forgiven if I didn’t.serve it..spiced red cabbage is a recipe given to me by a dear friend, Pauline and we think of her and raise a toast as we sit down to our dinner and serve the red cabbage, food holds such precious memories…

More recently Christmas Cake…we now eat and remember Sue Vincent who assured me that Christmas cake had to be eaten with cheese if not it was a sacrilege…when we eat the cake(with)cheese we think of Sue and raise a toast to her memory,,, Brussel sprouts make us all laugh as we remember my father…that story is for another time…Surre Moche was shared by a Swiss friend and is most delicious a beautiful dish of beef and red wine it is without any doubt a fact that food does invoke such glorious memories…

This Christmas sauerkraut is a fairly new addition to my Christmas menus…already much loved and a keeper shared with me by a friend…Susan’s recipes are always delicious and a joy to eat and definitely keepers…

I have not changed the format of the recipe it is exactly as it was given to me…

Christmas sauerkraut recipe – a medium size red cabbage, a medium beetroot, a clove of garlic, a thumb-sized piece of root ginger and a handful of frozen cranberries (you can use fresh but the frozen ones have a better texture for this), then add a tablespoon of caraway seeds and a tablespoon of mixed spice and freshly ground black pepper to your taste.

Finely slice the cabbage and grate the beetroot garlic and ginger. Add salt (roughly 15g per 500g of cabbage/beetroot. Get a wooden spoon and start pounding it until it starts to break down.

Then cover it with cling film and leave overnight. The next day give it another good pounding (great for stress relief 😂) and then transfer it to a glass jar.

Artistically arrange a couple of bay leaves at the side of the jar and top with a cinnamon stick. You can add a medium-sized grated carrot as well if you like and I’ve also grated an apple into mine. As long as you get the salt ratio right it will be all good 😊 You can eat this right away (if you are going to eat it right away add a tablespoon of cider vinegar to get the sour taste).

If you can leave it to ferment for anything up to 6 months. The longer you ferment it the better the flavour! Fabulous for settling an over-stressed gut and it looks beautiful too!..Susan.

Note: I used fennel seeds instead of caraway seeds(i)had run out and fennel is a good substitute.

Thank you for joining me today as always I appreciate your visit and as always look forward to your comments x

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  3. robbiesinspiration

    Hi Carol, it is interesting that you mentioned Sue Vincent here. She has been on my mind recently and I am planning a tribute to her and her lovely poetry next week. Thanks for this sauerkraut recipe. That is a dish I’ve never tried to make.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      We love sauerkraut but mine never manages to last 6 months as its eaten when its ready that’s how much the men folk here love it…Yes, Sue I always remember her this time of year as we had many conversations over the years about cake and how it should be eaten…It is lovely that you are planning a tribute she was a lovely lady I also often wonder how her son is getting on without his mum…I hope all well in your house Robbie x


  4. D. Wallace Peach

    I didn’t know it was possible to make sauerkraut from red cabbage. I’m going to have to try this one, Carol. Thanks for the recipe. And a lovely remembrance of Sue Vincent and her Christmas Cake. ❤ ❤

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Sue told me that a few years ago and I always think of her when I eat Christmas cake or any fruit cake come to that its lovely how food invoked memories of people …<3 x

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  5. Velva Knapp

    Definitely a very festive sauerkraut which is perfect for the holidays and as accompaniment to a good pork loin. Love this-thanks for sharing.


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  7. Darlene

    You had me at sauerkraut as I was raised on it and mom made pottery crocks full of it. We didn’t eat it at Christmas as it was considered everyday food. This one looks very festive.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Sounds great, Darlene..I came to sauerkraut later in life my mother made pickles but not sauerkraut..yes its a lovely festive sauerkraut although I can eat it anytime I love it 🙂 x

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