Monday Musings…12th December 2022…Snow Storms, food based Christmas tree ornaments and Stille Nacht!

Good Morning…and welcome to Monday Musings… a place where my inner child comes out sometimes and also where anything which has wowed or dismayed me has happened over the last week…it is also only 13 sleeps, to #Christmas!…that means that although Monday Musings is about random things I may sneak in some Christmas snippets…

Snow in my homeland…and not THE 5cm which by the next day has gone and the sun shines but SNOW..snow which closes airports…and schools…oh come on we still used to school in my days and dry our clothes on the school radiators for our return journey home but did schools close not on your nelly…

Snow is a rare occurrence in the UK, especially in December…So will the UK see a white Christmas this year?

Technically, 2021 was the last white Christmas in the UK with 6% of stations recording snow falling, but less than 1% of stations reported any snow lying on the ground. Before that 2020 was also a white Christmas, with 6% of weather stations recording snow falling, however, only 4% of stations reported any snow lying on the ground.

Previously 2017 saw 11% of weather stations recording snow falling but none reported any snow lying on the ground. This was also the case in 2016 when 6% of stations recorded falling snow, and in 2015, when 10% of stations saw snow.

There was no record of snow falling at any station in the UK in 2018, or 2019.

I know I love food but I don’t think I know anyone who loves food as much as John Rieber…and this post is all about Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of food…and why not…?

Now Christmas would not be the same without Christmas Carols and as a former choirgirl I have sung most of them and I have a love of choirs, especially at Christmas…there are many versions of Silent Night one of my favourite Christmas Carols..

Thank you for joining me today..if you are experiencing snow or biting cold weather stay safe and wrap up warm if venturing out …as always thank you for popping by especially as its a busy time of year and as always I look forward to your comments xx

28 thoughts on “Monday Musings…12th December 2022…Snow Storms, food based Christmas tree ornaments and Stille Nacht!

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  2. petespringerauthor

    I was a bit surprised to learn that snow in the UK is rare in December. I think of the UK as being about the same latitude as much of the US, much of what is covered in snow now. Perhaps its proximity to water tends to keep the temperatures more moderate.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Lovely..I love looking at the snow through a window or walking on freshly laid snow when I can see the bird’s and animal’s footprints only anything else no thank you…I’m a warm mortal-smile x

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      1. CarolCooks2 Post author

        I think I must have warm water running through mine I was freezing this morning and it was 15 degrees I even wore a cardigan I was so cold…I am a cold morsel and can’t stand it…and I still don’t have my fan running today…the sun is out and it’s 29 degrees but a tad cooler indoors probably 20 degrees and my feet are cold…we seem to be polar opposites regarding cold and hot-smile-x

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  4. D. Wallace Peach

    Oregon’s rainforest doesn’t get much snow either, Carol, but every other year or so, we get a bit of Christmas snow. The UK looks like a white-out this year. A ton of fun if everyone gets to stay home, warm and safe. And thanks for sharing the “food” decorations. Lol. Great sense of humor there.

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      It does indeed, Diana everything comes to a halt for snow in UK they don’t have snow often enough to be prepared…Yes John finds the cutest and weirdest quirky things that’s what I so love about his blog

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  5. marianbeaman

    Your title draws me in, Carol! I remember my Grandma L. singing Stille Nacht to me all the way through in German. Also, singing Christmas carols from a truck, hay bales cushioning the ride from house to house. You’ve tripped the nostalgia button here!

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