Smorgasbord Health Column 2023 – The Body our Greatest Asset – The Brain- Introduction and Anatomy by Sally Cronin



Given that Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and other related conditions are rarely out of the headlines and it is probably everyone’s worst fear…I am so pleased that Sally who writes Smorgasbord Magazine is re-posting this health series…

At every stage of our life, healthy nutrition is essential to help the body develop and remain as disease free as possible …Sally’s words struck a chord with me…I visited the UK last year to visit family… my dear mother has vascular dementia…she didn’t know me although when I left she looked at me and said ” you have come a long way to see me haven’t you?”…for a fleeting second I had my mum back and I cried for her and for me…

Those who have experienced this in their loved ones will know how devastating it is to watch the person you love become just a shell…my mother functions she eats and drinks and that’s it she has no memory of who I am, who my father was or even what day it is…she knows hot and cold and pain but they are basic functions apart from that as long as she is fed and is warm and comfortable I like to think she is happy…she is but an empty shell…the women who gave birth to me has left me a legacy..she taught me how to knit, sew, bake and cook from scratch, she taught me how to be a mum, she taught me so many things and for that I am grateful but I miss my mum..she doesn’t miss me because she doesn’t remember me…

For various reasons I came back with a renewed energy to ensure that I kept my body and brain as healthy as I could after all it is up to us how we age and we can take steps to help give our brains and bodies the best food, nutrition and exercise…

Sally’s first series of posts, explores the brain and its functions…I found it both informative and fascinating and am looking forward to learning how I can improve my brain health as after all we need our brain to function…Please click the link below and it will take you to Smorgabord Health you will be pleased that you did…See you there xx

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  3. beetleypete

    This affected my maternal grandmother very badly before her death. It was distressing for the family when she could not remember who anyone was.
    Shared on Twitter for you both, Carol.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  4. beth

    that is so very hard, I remember a social worker telling me that at one point, my mother would no longer know my name or exactly who I was, but she would know that she knew me and was someone connected to her by a relationship, and that made me happy to know.

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  5. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    I am so sorry about your Mum Carol, I know how painful it is to lose that bond and connection with someone you love. Thank goodness your mum is in a caring environment and whilst it must have been hard to leave her, she is in good hands. Thank you for sharing the post ♥


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