Monday Musings…30th January 2023…Update on WHO virtual meeting 23/1/2023 on Trans Fats, Battery Storage, Killer Fungi and a Natural Antibiotic…The Chilli Pepper

Welcome to Monday Musings where my muse pinpoints anything exciting or unusual I have read, seen or experienced during the last week it could be anything that piques my interest…

Natural Antibiotics that work…Chilli Peppers…

You just know that I believe in chillies being good for your health …I eat chillies every single day however it’s just not me…In fact, research is underway to look at the potential of chilli pepper extracts in food instead of artificial preservatives. Food scientists and humans, in general, will benefit from scientific evidence that chilli peppers have antimicrobial properties that can act even against antibiotic-resistant food-borne pathogens…

The use of chilli peppers by humans dates back to prehistoric times. Preserved peppers found in South America prove that local people ate chillies as long ago as 2500 BCE…

The chilli pepper is a member of the Solanaceae family and is closely related to tomatoes, eggplant, tobacco, petunia, and potato plants.

While they have high concentrations of several nutrients such as vitamin C, these little fruits have already shown a high degree of activity affecting the digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Some of the bacteria against which chilli peppers have proved to be useful in the laboratory are Bacillus subtilis, E. coli, Salmonella, cholera, and Staphylococcus.

Last week on 23rd January 2023 a Virtual High-Level Event was held by WHO (World Health Organisation)…The Fourth Progress Report on Global Trans Fat Elimination…An update!

The fourth progress report describes the current global, regional and national situations and progress made over the past year in countries; and discusses challenges and opportunities for future action. This year’s report shows that policies limiting the use of industrial trans fat have been implemented in 60 countries for almost 3.4 billion people around the world, accounting for 43% of the world’s population. Of these, 43 countries have implemented best-practice policies to eliminate industrial trans fat. Member States have made steady progress; however, with less than one year remaining until the target year of 2023, many more member states still need to act.

I have attached the link to the update plus a video…

Andrea(Meeks) is like me she needs to know-smile- This is about battery Storage...On a  global scale, the concern is cost, so finding cheaper, safer forms of large-scale storage is critical if we want to transition away from fossil fuels.

I used to love horror films like the day of the Triffid and the like and as I have grown older they scare me more and more and I don’t watch them any more…I do however like and admire Sir David Attenborough and this video is worse than any horror film as it could become a reality if it passes from animals to humans…

I think that’s enough of scary things and this is a song from another of my favourite musicals…

Thank you for joining me today as always I appreciate your comments and your shares…xx

28 thoughts on “Monday Musings…30th January 2023…Update on WHO virtual meeting 23/1/2023 on Trans Fats, Battery Storage, Killer Fungi and a Natural Antibiotic…The Chilli Pepper

  1. D. Wallace Peach

    I just watched Sir David Attenborough’s video on the Cordyceps fungus. OMG. I’m totally freaked out now, Carol. Ugh. That is way worse than any horror movie could ever get. Eeek! Thanks, I think. Lol

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  2. Smorgasbord - Variety is the Spice of Life.

    It is amazing the power of the food we have so close to hand and whilst I can’t manage too spicy these days… I do enjoy a slight tinge from chillies on a regular basis.. I think is a good reason they are included in so many recipes for hundreds of years and without preservatives and refrigeration meals were at risk of contamination and chillies probably counteracted that. Found through trial and error no doubt. Anyway.. we are watching Last of Us at the moment following killer fungus so avoided the video lol.. Keep eating the chillies… ♥

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    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      It certainly is, Sally I don’t know half of the power of the food I use…I’m getting there slowly-smile-but will definitely keep eating the chillies…I started to watch the Last of Us but decided maybe it was just another one of those series but I understand you not watching the video we can only tolerate so much of killer fungi-Eeek! lol xx

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  3. robbiesinspiration

    Hi Carol, your commentary about the red chilli pepper is very interesting. I like them too and will look up more about their properties after reading this post. I didn’t watch the fungus video. I have enough to worry about with sick people in my house.

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  5. petespringerauthor

    If this were one of your themed posts, I know we’d get a little Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music. Hopefully, over time, we can continue to come up with more effective ways to store energy. It seems a waste not to find some way to capture and harness the power of wind

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  6. beetleypete

    I have been reading up on the killer fungus. Despite the fact that insects are so different to us, there seems to be genuine scientific concern that it could one day ‘jump’ to humans. If it does, there is no known cure or antidote, and it could easily be the end of human life on the planet. Not very cheerful reading! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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