Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole… Saangchai and Soi Dogs…

Having just returned from my few days away I am still playing catchup…So I thought as Saangchai missed me I would repost one of his earlier posts which also has a link to Soi Dogs the wonderful organisation where we got Saangchai from…Without them, there would be so many more stray dogs on the streets…I […]

It’s been a while! Saangchai and my life with humans.

  At last…she has stopped typing….what’s a dog to do…I don’t get a chance to get on here ever ….woof Best be quick..woof but I can hear the shower going so I should be ok for a while…woof I just want to wish Farley a happy birthday…9 yrs old..that’s quite old for a dog in […]

Saangchai and my life with Humans.

Hey it’s Saangchai here…..I bet you thought I had given up on blogging didn’t you??? WOOF …Not me it’s my mistress she spends all day and everyday Tap, tap,tap and now she has got some new things to try it’s even worse ..some thing called scribbler or something to do with her writing…but she looks […]

Saangchai and my life with humans.

Woof…..guess what????….I saw some pictures of my mum today…woof…. Soi Dogs that wonderful place which looked after me and took me of the streets until I got my forever home…woof. Looked after mum until she got adopted…woof My mum was adopted by a lovely couple in the Uk…woof. Soi Dogs  organised all that to […]

My Life with Humans by Saangchai.

Woof..been a while…woof.. we have had no internet, water,water everywhere and no electric..nearly sorted… my mistress has been going mad at the shhhhhh….incompetence she reckons… even she ( and she is NOT) a roofer could find out where the water is coming in!!! 10 visits and still not fixed….woof…now ” the man” is saying ring […]