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Healthy Eating…No More Diets…

Welcome to 2019  how was your Christmas and New Year? Did you enjoy your Mince Pies and Sausage rolls I certainly did…

I was pleasantly surprised when I plucked up the courage to check out the damage of all that lovely festive fare it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

How did you do?

Bathroom scales weight

As you know I don’t believe in diets or fads or fashion foods…What is that about?  Most diets fail because they are so far removed from our normal eating patterns and often we are eating something not as nice as we have cooked for the rest of the family and we feel deprived…

We need a balanced diet, A healthy diet and yes there are some foods that are better for us that contain antioxidants or more fibre, more of certain vitamins but it needs to be balanced it will do no good to empty the shelves of tomatoes for example and fill ourselves up with tomatoes any which way we can for a few weeks…Will that do us any good??? I think not…It is moderation, common sense whatever way you want to put it…

I am not going to bash any other eating plans or fad diets and sometimes we need to follow a diet because we have an allergy or a proven, medically diagnosed condition where we cannot eat a certain food or food group…

But if we don’t then we need a balanced, sensible diet coupled with regular exercise…Normal everyday foods…

I also think we need to take more notice of food packaging instead of just picking it off the shelves because something catches our eyes…

 Fat-Free…Generally means it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup… We need a certain amount of good fats …Our body will not run efficiently if we don’t…Just like our cars need oil…

Cholesterol Free…The first time I saw this on a label I went home and double checked with Mr Google…I thought maybe I had missed something…Of course, I hadn’t… Cholesterol is only found in animal products i.e Meat, dairy, eggs, butter etc…Vegetables and fruit do not contain cholesterol …It is a very clever marketing ploy based on the fact many people read the headline and buy a product without thinking.

Multi-grain…Could mean 2 or 20 grains of which some are processed grains just like white bread… Buy Whole Grain…

Skinny Teas… Seems to be a new fad to me… I get behind the times and am not au-fait with many of the latest fads…They contain laxatives pure and simple  …drink too many and you may have a case of the back door trots…

Energy Drinks… Contain high levels of caffeine and are now banned in the UK for purchase by under 18’s, there have also been a few recorded deaths obviously my favourite word of moderation was not applied and they haven’t been around long enough for any long-term studies to be conducted but early signs are not good… So please if you do drink them heed the warnings.

Super Foods… Unless you have been living on a desert island with no contact with the outside world then we have all heard of those Super Foods and yes some foods are extra healthy as part of your healthy balanced diet…No one food alone on its own will help.

Sugar-Free… replaced by what? Mannitol, sorbitol…. look for natural sweeteners.

Natural Foods… There are some sketchy regulations about putting that on a packet…What does natural mean…I want to know ..Regulations in the UK appear to be tighter than some other countries…

I think we all need to be more label-conscious… Believe nothing is my motto …If a packet or jar has more than 3 ingredients then I put it back…My prime example is Coconut milk…sold here and 100% and that’s it!

Sold in the UK and probably the US and other countries NOT SO …MANY ARE BELOW 50% and contain fillers and guar gum. Why? My carton keeps the milk fresh until opened the answer? I will tell you to cut costs…Pure and simple…

How am I doing since Christmas well I have lost my Christmas lb’s just by going back to my intermittent fasting, 2 meals and only 1 snack or maybe 2 at the max…

I have started drinking more Green Tea… my new favourite drink as the weather turned a little colder my coconut oil turned white and solid for a week…My dear grandson also bought me a lovely Green tea set so I can brew my tea and sit and enjoy in the peace and quiet.

china green tea pot

Isn’t it pretty and I have a choice of 4 different cups all pretty ladies…Now I can brew it properly no bitter taste it is lovely…so twice a day I sit and sip my green tea…

What is your favourite beverage?

When I was working I ate 3 meals a day but I am older and retired although I still work( write ) I don’t eat as much as I did when I was working and running about after my children so it boils down to what your needs are…If you are eating sensibly and healthily with regular exercise you will lose weight…Promise…

I have also gone back to mainly eating Thai food which I enjoy and it is quick to prepare and cook…

My advice to you…

Ditch the empty carbs and processed foods find other foods that you enjoy… I do not advocate eating any food I do not like or enjoy…Eating should be a pleasure and if that means a slice of cake …So be it… that is my pleasure …The whole cake is being a piglet and is not moderation…

That premise does not apply when it comes to wine... I know how to live to enjoy my food, stay healthy and lose

Until next time…Thank you for reading and if you have enjoyed it, please share, if you have any tips which work for you, please share we would all like to know your secrets for a healthy diet…

About Carol Taylor:

Enjoying life in The Land Of Smiles I am having so much fun researching, finding new, authentic recipes both Thai and International to share with you. New recipes gleaned from those who I have met on my travels or are just passing through and stopped for a while. I hope you enjoy them.

I love shopping at the local markets, finding fresh, natural ingredients, new strange fruits and vegetable ones I have never seen or cooked with. I am generally the only European person and attract much attention and I love to try what I am offered and when I smile and say Aroy or Saab as it is here in the north I am met with much smiling.

Some of my recipes may not be in line with traditional ingredients and methods of cooking but are recipes I know and have become to love and maybe if you dare to try you will too. You will always get more than just a recipe from me as I love to research and find out what other properties the ingredients I use contain to improve our health and wellbeing.

The environment is also something I am passionate about and there will be more on this on my blog this year

Exciting for me hence the title of my blog, Retired No One Told Me! I am having a wonderful ride and don’t want to get off, so if you wish to follow me on my adventures, then welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride also and if it encourages you to take a step into the unknown or untried, you know you want to…….Then, I will be happy!

Carol is a contributor to the Phuket Island Writers Anthology:

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Thank you once again for reading this post I hope you all have a great week xx











Hydrogenated fats in our foods by Sally Cronin.

Again some very sound advice from Sally which we should all heed…What they are, where they are found and how we can avoid them.

cropped-for-web Sally Cronin


via Smorgasbord Health Column – Hydrogenated Fats in our Foods – and how to avoid them. Sally Cronin

Healthy eating… How to shift those Christmas kilos…For good!

lady holding veggies

Well, January is nearly over and I think by now most of you will have finished those boxes and tins of chocolates or maybe you have been really good and given them away??

Who am I kidding?? Who does that???

I have put on a few kilos..why?? Well not counting the Christmas excess…That Christmas dinner was awesome…I just love bread sauce and stuffing with cranberry sauce and the Christmas pudding and cream…After eight mints you know the ones with the little hard pieces of crunch in them? Or the peppermint creams…

It knocked me off my little healthy eating path..a few potholes…


Normally I am fine…I walk every day or 6 out of 7 days… Eat generally what I like 80% of the time and occasionally my 20% kicks in when I fancy something a bit naughty but nice…Who doesn’t???

My weight has dropped 5 stone since  I have been living here and my tummy is quite flat…There is not so much temptation here as the food is entirely different and the diets… Lots of fresh produce and eaten raw as well most of the time…so I guess not so much temptation and now I don’t crave sweet things like I did…I can make that box/ packet of goodies last a week or more..happy with 1 piece of chocolate a day instead of the whole box…

Do I love food?…Of course, I do… But I love my health and wellness better…

Do I love spending hours in the kitchen?? In this heat, you must be kidding!


So as I need..No want to kick those few extra kilos into touch I have gone back to watching what I eat just a little closer as generally, I am ok… I have also been researching and trying new recipes which are healthier and tasty and will make your taste buds sing..

So Tuesdays are going to be my healthier eating day when I will bring you some tasty food and of course some chatter those of you who know me … Just know I love a chat! So talk to me, tell me what you want, where you need help and if I can I will…


Just know I am not quiet, shy and retiring…I love to chat and I love finding out about the food I eat and it is harder for me than most of you…I don’t have fancy cooking pots and pans here…I am lucky I have a kitchen most Thai houses don’t!

Just a two ring burner and a BBQ ..most of the time outside and not even a kitchen sink… I am luckier than most here…I have a sink…lol… and a ceramic hob… the oven that is soon to be replaced  is this table top thing and it is ok…but not reliable and I am waiting for a proper oven although it will be bottled gas as there is no mains gas here…

But if you have visited Thailand then you probably have seen the marvellous tasty amazing food which is produced by the side of the road, on a street market stall …Who needs a state of the art kitchen??? Look at that beautiful squid!


I will bring you tasty healthy food which takes longer to cut your veggies than cook..most of the time…

I can hear your thoughts…I bet I can’t get the ingredients you can…Well, not all of the time…But most of the time you can and if not I will suggest a substitute…

It won’t all be delicious Thai food, it may be European, Indian I have some wicked recipes given to me by my Indian friends…It won’t come from a packet it will be cooked from scratch…For those of you who can’t cook or don’t cook it will be easy… I don’t do complicated very often and I don’t do many cakes and puddings…But I will for those of you who like them..only sometimes…haha… as a treat… I can be mean…Who needs a pudding when you have just eaten the most delicious lunch or dinner???

Ok, Ok…I know sometimes you do… I can do snacks like lovely fresh salsa…and yes Doritos or crackers…You have your 20% … Don’t you???

Use it wisely…

I want you to love your food and lose weight…But we all know that it is not always easy for some and some go into it half-heartedly but I want to live as long as I can…by watching what I eat…I am not fanatical…I eat proper food… I just like to know what is in my food… I don’t do gyms for exercise I walk..but if a gym is what you like and enjoy then go for it…That is half the battle won…

If we love our chosen exercise and food we do it and eat it!  stay healthy and lose weight… No fads..No get slim fancy foods…No going without…Think moderation… No right way or wrong way ..Just your way!


It has worked for me but I am a single-minded cussed old cow sometimes who loves a bit of Christmas pudding and cream…I don’t follow a rigid diet or exercise plan… I enjoy my life and want it to continue as disease free for as long as I can…It works for me…Will it work you?? Only you can answer that…


Moderation is all I ask and honesty be honest..don’t feel guilty about what you eat..Enjoy it! Love it!….We are all grown ups and we know what is good for us and what is not…

If that television advert, or magazine spread or that famous celebrity or doctor is telling you about something marvellous…They are laughing all the way to the bank…If it sounds too good to be true…It is!

Well, that’s my not so little spiel over…Will you join me on  Tuesday ???

For delicious healthy recipes???

I hope you do xxx







Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s Food Column – Introduction and Egg Drop Soup.

My very first Food Column over on Smorgasbord which is hosted by the wonderful Sally Cronin… I do hope you enjoy my first post 🙂 Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I am so pleased that Carol Taylor has joined the blog in a new capacity as the food columnist. I will leave Carol to introduce the topics that she is going to be sharing each week and also a delicious recipe for

Carol Taylor’s Food Column – Introduction and Egg Drop Soup.

Hello, I am beyond excited to be asked by Sally to host a cookery column in her new magazine…Thank you Sally x

Many of you know me by now but for this first post on the cookery column I thought I would set up my stall and tell you a little more about myself.

My passion for cooking and writing is all consuming, I love to cook, find new recipes, unusual foods and living here in Thailand I am discovering foods I haven’t seen before, tasted or even heard of.

The world of blogging has also opened up…

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A New Year is like a blank book! The pen is in your hands! Happy New Year.

Another of my archived posts from 3 years ago…I am having fun but did I ramble on some of them…Haha knew I could talk but… This post is one of my favourites as it is mainly about happy things and The Gibbon Rehab Centre does an awesome job of saving and releasing the Gibbons back into the wild where possible.

Retired? No one told me!

Hello and a ” Happy New Year ” everyone.

Good News!

On  Friday 26th December Mee & Payu became parents…….both Gibbons are under the care of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre here in Phuket and Mee gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl, an exceptionally rare occurrence in gibbons.

There are no known documented cases of white-handed gibbons successfully raising twins, either in the wild or in captivity; they’re simply not built to handle more than one baby. It, therefore, came as no surprise when very quickly  Mee struggled to manage the twins, who were clinging more to each other than they were to their mother. Despite her best efforts to carry them around, the smaller of the two babies eventually fell from high in the trees, fortunately landing on the soft, springy top of the acclimatization cage underneath. Mee quickly came down and picked him up again but neither…

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A New Year is like a blank book! The pen is in your hands! Happy New Year.

Hello and a ” Happy New Year ” everyone.

Good News!

On  Friday 26th December Mee & Payu became parents…….both Gibbons are under the care of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre here in Phuket and Mee gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl, an exceptionally rare occurrence in gibbons.

There are no known documented cases of white-handed gibbons successfully raising twins, either in the wild or in captivity; they’re simply not built to handle more than one baby. It, therefore, came as no surprise when very quickly  Mee struggled to manage the twins, who were clinging more to each other than they were to their mother. Despite her best efforts to carry them around, the smaller of the two babies eventually fell from high in the trees, fortunately landing on the soft, springy top of the acclimatization cage underneath. Mee quickly came down and picked him up again but neither infant seemed to find the right position on her body and at times she could be seen carrying them in her feet. After several hours, overwhelmed and exhausted, Mee sadly abandoned them both on the roof of the cage.Born 26 th Dec 2014 twins

The staff at the Rehab centre quickly intervened and made a makeshift ICU for the tiny twins.

…………Twins Born @ Bang Pae Gibbon rehab…….The project said…….” Both twins are back with their mother in the forest after their intensive care stint with GRP staff over the weekend!

On Friday afternoon a confused Mee abandoned both her newborns on the roof of the release cage. Because neither infant had been seen nursing all day, staff had to act quickly to ensure their survival and the babies were rushed to the GRP office where they received intensive overnight care. On Saturday morning the larger, female infant was returned to the forest and presented to Mee, who now had been tempted back into the release cage. To our joy, the new mother came straight over to collect her baby and the rest of the day she was seen caring for her and nursing her very tenderly. It appeared her maternal skills had now kicked in properly!

The smaller male infant spent another 24h being cared for around-the-clock by GRP staff, but on Sunday morning it was decided that we would try to see if Mee would accept him back into her care too. We were extremely pleased when this amazing first-time mother came to collect her second infant as well, cradling both of them in her lap!

Although there are no reported cases in the world of a gibbon mother successfully raising twins on her own, the rarity of this situation is unprecedented and advice from gibbon experts around the world has been to leave the babies with the mother as long as both are nursing. Mee’s maternal instincts now seem very strong and she is also being intensively monitored by GRP staff and receiving support and supplemental feeds. She will now have a chance to raise both her babies herself.

It is however clear that neither baby would likely have survived without the staff intervention over the weekend.”

A lovely story with a happy ending...I will have to go in a few weeks and pay them a visit and feel so lucky to live where such wonderful things happen…. that makes you realise that the world is not all bad…… After all the tragedy that has happened over the last few weeks and my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected it is lovely to hear something as heartwarming as this……..

How do I follow that???……… let’s think…can you hear those clogs whirring?

Those of you that had snow were lucky…….but now Christmas is over my thoughts turn to the New Year and what lies ahead and I can’t wait………

Zorbing or Rollerball is where we were on Boxing day…and NO. I didn’t…

SAM_6304…….SAM_6294……..A flying entry and then rolled at great speed down a hill…..  I left that to my grandson,  I think I will stay with my feet firmly planted on terra firma thank you very much.But Aston had great fun as did the other participants…haha I made a great spectator.

Today I am just chilling with a glass of vino and tomoz…Pool Party Time and then 31st we will be bringing in the New Year… BBQ on the beach……Good Friends…Fireworks…Happy Times…Who will have the best firework display London, New York or Australia??????

I would also like to wish everyone who reads my blog an amazing New Year, The families of the Air Asia Tragedy love and to my friends who are sick may you have a speedy recovery and to everyone else Good Health, Happiness, Peace.

Happy 2015.( Pics will follow in the next blog)

Moikka is Finnish for goodbye…how many of you knew that?

Goodbye ( and that’s English) until we meet again in 2015.

Thank you for reading my blog.