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Retired no one told me weekly roundup…Fruity Fridays and Strawberry Daquari…

Boy, don’t the weeks fly by???

The first post out of the starting gate was my new Fruity Fridays which kicked off with the delicious Pineapple…Full of Vitamin C and the perfect accompaniment to many a dish.

It was then over to Bridget for her delicious Irish Soda Bread I was straight down to the kitchen as with only 2 ingredients how could I not make them…I threw in a handful of raisins and they were soon cooked and buttered while hot…think 20%…haha….Bridget then tells me I could add syrup or cheese…Oh yum!


Then came Sally’s weekly roundups which included Moi … I am getting around quite a bit now…I will be getting a name for myself…lol..So many great articles and brilliant authors including Sally herself 🙂

Next, we had my Healthy Eating post… Eat what you like and lose weight…Oh yes… you can if you choose wisely. And after those delectable Tang Yuan and that Irish Soda Bread… I did only have half of one farl…honestly… But I still feel the need for a good walk and get back to my 80% and practise what I preach…haha


Wednesday already and it is my food column over at Sally’s place and as it will soon be Valentines Day I thought I would spread a few hearts and some recipes that you can cook for your sweetheart ❤

Phew, another busy week… I thought I was supposed to be retired….tired more like…lol

I do hope you are enjoying my weekly roundups until next time stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot as laughter is the best medicine and is FREE Xxxx


A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts….

I love this quote,  it certainly resonates with me.

This warned….may become a rant…I have had a mixed couple of weeks ..some happy times and some very, very sad times…

I am happy because my not so little Soi Dog has settled in well…has his own blog …and although he chews it’s because he wants to get in or out, well maybe not all of it but he is lovely and I wouldn’t do without him……Soi Dogs do a wonderful job and if you can donate or adopt it would make a little dog very happy… I have put this link on so you see what great work they do to save the dogs on the streets……


I am happy because back from my retreat my fingers are flying…All of my short stories are edited and typed up ready for our book to celebrate our retreat and also for the 2nd volume of The Phuket Writers Anthology…which will be out early next year. My cookbook is taking shape and although my novel is a bit on the back burner due to other commitments I have lots of ideas…so all good. So if any of you lovely bloggers want to come along next year it would be great to meet you click on this link to read all about it and the lovely Annie my friend and mentor who is an amazing lady……

I am happy because I have ham brining and there is nothing to beat the taste of homemade ham.

Ham home cured

Christmas is coming and it’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to what we should be making our mincemeat and puds so I think I will do a Christmas recipe one..mmmm now that’s a good idea methinks..talked myself into that one..haha

I am happy because one of us  Lori Jean Grace has published a book on Amazon …  A Michelle Angelique Urban Action Adventure Thriller Series Book #1 (Michelle Angelique Avenging Angel Assassin) Kindle Edition…Just click this link to buy:

Sista’z Revenge is a pacy thriller and Book 1 of a series…….  Love the cover, I have my copy and I can’t wait to read…I know the blood, sweat, and tears which have gone into this …….so this afternoon I will settle down with my glass of chilled vino and read.

Now to the sadness, I am heart-broken for a good friend of mine..who lost her son Phillip to Cancer this morning Friday 13th, he was 1 year and 11 days older than my son.

None of us think our children will go before us..none…I keep reading of all these alternative cures maybe they work, maybe they don’t, maybe they can be used alongside conventional medicine..maybe it will stop being about money…maybe the big pharmaceuticals will lose their stranglehold on the world of medicine…so many maybe’s…

I am sad that human life is worth less in some parts of this beautiful world than a bottle of water.

I am sad for Phillips’s mum and dad who now have the added pain of watching their only daughter fight cancer. Their only two children and both have this disease???

I am sad for those two little boys who have lost a beloved uncle and have a sick mother.

I am sad of being sad and wish with all my heart that God would step in and right some wrongs, that governments, teachers, anyone who can..and doesn’t….does…

I am sad because I have woken up and read about the terrible loss of life in France … Bombs and shootings …so many innocent people…….so many lives lost.

So if I only had two wishes in my life…. it would be for a cure for cancer and other terrible diseases and World Peace……. methinks none of that will come to pass in my lifetime…I hope it does in my children’s and grand children’s……..

maudlin or What????? Next time it will be Christmas Recipes and all bright and jolly…….today  I just can’t muster that feeling of heartbroken for my friend and her family…..


Until next time stay happy and love your neighbour unless of course, the bass is banging out at silly o’clock………….xx

Writing is the Painting of the voice!

Did you miss me this week? Wonder why I was so quiet?

Awww I hope so peeps….. No… ok then I won’t feel bad about it then …..I had…

A wonderful week spent writing, critiquing, writing, listening, talking…. Oh and drinking copious amounts of wine! No kids or men…..just like minded ladies who writeSAM_7207 and write we did under the guidance of Annie better known as Anne Louise O’Connell .An award-winning Canadian Author, Anne’s first novel, Mental Pause, a murder mystery/suspense with an unusual twist, won an Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for best adult fiction. If you enjoy reading about international intrigue and cultural clashes, you’ll love Deep Deceit. If you like what you read, there’s more to come in Deep Freeze, the next installment in the Susan Morris Expat Mystery series.
My second Writers Retreat …once again… it didn’t disappoint. It was a time to renew acquaintances from last year and meet new ones.SAM_7229

Walks along the beach which culminated in sitting under  palms writing about being a beach bum……. Mine as usual had a little twist..ha ha

A boat trip SAM_7248to Koh Panyee a floating village built on bamboo stilts rising out of the sea ..Passing  sheer, limestone karts.. so dramatic….. rising vertically out of the emerald green water….we wrote about the sounds, smells, sights our choices of themes…..Who is that colouful character? What an unusual smell…That was music to my ears or I’ve never tasted anything like it…which one spoke to my inner writer?…… a stroll through those tiny walkways of uneven boards…… with stalls showcasing beautiful pearls, wood carvings , brightly coloured sarongs and so much more…along side all this.. day to day life meandered slowly… .inspired ..oh yes…..and we wrote….

Eyes closed and finger poised where on the map would I land? a slip of paper pulled from an envelope…. what would I be? What  other word would I pick ? My country Uruguay, my profession a ” Retired Prostitute” and gracious to boot…ha ha.. so armed with my 2 words and a country I wrote.

I hope this gives you some idea of the many themes, words or pictures which were our prompts….which made you think and made you write…I was amazed at the stories which came out from us..all different ..all amazing tales….we had so much fun, we worked and played hard.

If you like to join me next year , it would be lovely for me to actually meet some of my blogging friends..check out Annie’s website ..I would so love to meet some of you… it is hard work but fun and we had participants from Dubai, New York, Calgary all with lots of tales to tell.


So until next all you lovely bloggers and I may ..Just may ….tell you a story about the elusive ” Pink Ape”   Love you all  until next time   Carol ( Caz)  xxx