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Don’t give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring which opens the door! by Paulo Coelho.

There never was a truer saying and it’s fits my youngest to a T. In her words if she mucks up it’s like a train wreck……

She has led a turbulent life this beautiful, clever, amazing girl of mine. She has 3 beautiful girls who are polite, charming and do so well at school. They are an absolute credit to her, she is one amazing mummy.

I write this because for one reason or another she didn’t do well at school. But I believe with the amazing support she has had from her sisters and brother she has turned the proverbial corner.

She is going to back to learning and  will be studying Forensic Science. It has been a hard slog for her to get to this point she has retaken exams and just finished a massive essay on Forensics which she has cried over and said she was setting her sights too high but she has done it.

You are an amazing young women and we are very proud of you and you will find that key which will open that door for you my beautiful girl.

So chin up….and step up and away you fly……it will be incredibly hard work but you will do it we know you will. It’s just that you are taking the long way round and not the scenic route.But success will be even sweeter.

Love you more than you know as we do ALL our children……..

Thank you for reading my blogging friends it’s a big difference to my usual blogs but I just had to tell her she could and would do it.

Chocolate brownie cooking tomorrow so back to recipes for my next blog… you all be happy xxx

A Chicken crossing the road is ” Poultry” in motion.

Hi everyone and if you hadn’t guessed by now then I’ll tell you I am a slightly crazy, whimsical( that is not my description) but a dear friends..Jelena! I laugh at the silliest jokes or sayings ( see above) and what you see is what you get. Upset me and you may get the full fury and onslaught..when I can be bothered that is because calmness comes with age and what would have me incensed some years ago …..well I think I am now quite sensible about things.excitedBut I still like a cause…..and increasingly am becoming more aware of the world around me and am astounded and I really don’t know why……about all my favorite things aka FOOD is not good for me. In fact it may kill me…well, we are all going that way eventually , some sooner than later  …..and that’s sad I miss my friends Mo and Gilly  and I think more as the years go by and I suppose too that I want them to see how I have evolved and changed.

A Blogger and writer who would have thought not them , not me, definitely not my teachers all those years ago. Whoa the chalk always used to fly in my direction.

Never in a million years though would I let my kids have a ” Mr Frosty ” or “Slush Puppies ” no not those horrible suede shoes they were Hush Puppies.

But anything that I thought was staining the tongue was a resounding no back then I would cringe at what it would do for their little insides….. so mummy banned them.

So I guess that’s why in my dotage I am madly making everything I can and passing the recipes  on.

But also not getting too paranoid about it..cos that causes stress and what are we told about stress….I rest my case.

Well I hear you all say …you have more time, yes I do but a lot of the recipes are done in a crock pot or quickly stir fried ..using Coconut Oil..of course.

Can be prepared before you go to bed or work , make bigger portions and freeze one..there really are no excuses and the satisfaction I get from making it from scratch is great….yeh yeh I love the praise and who doesn’t?

Enough of my ramblings cos that’s what it is.Today  I am sad, sad that some little lives are cut so short and even me ..I can’t find the words that I know I should as this little Angel was part of our family for such a brief while.

So to Tracey and Bart remember…..There is no footprint too small to leave an imprint on this world.

May God Bless you all xxxxxx

I was going to carry on rambling but I think not today……

Love you all until next time xxxx

Remind yourself that it’s ok not to be perfect.

Oh well I don’t need reminding never have, never will ,actually don’t want to be perfect. Anyone who thinks they are doesn’t belong in my world or anyones really, should they? If you are so perfect it’s the same really as being at the top only one way to go and that’s DOWN.

So me I’d rather be a little less than and then I can go up or if you are really rock bottom then it’s a given you really can only go onwards and upwards….so where would you rather sit?

This week has been a bad week really and for some just awful in fact words cannot express just how awful…I do not want to dwell on this not because I don’t feel sorrow, pain and all those others feelings and I do.

But because I will not feed the monsters.SAM_5501

Sitting at my desk the other day (The above is the view from my desk) my grand son came in ” Nannie , Nannie did you know that in America they have one day, well 12 hours when they can do anything..they can steal, kill anything they want and they will not get into trouble.”

“That’s not true, Aston”

“Yes it is I read it”

” No, that would never happen”

He was insistent! So I asked my friend ” Mr Google” and it’s a film set in 2022.

This turned into an ideal opportunity for me to explain because he was so insistent that he had read it. Showing black and white that it was and also explaining that it was very unlikely to become fact.

Explaing to him that if a friend came up to him and told him this and persuaded him it was true and then you persuaded another friend and  this is how people are brain washed into believing an untruth and also doing something they never would .

He had read it but not read it properly or had read a piece of script from the film and believed it to be true. We had a very good chat on how someone who was clever, articulate could influence a young person into doing something that would normally be against his principles and that he would know  was wrong by made it easy for me as I saw the opportunity as he was so very insistent that he was correct, to initiate this chat and it was very timely given what is in  the news lately, about young impressionable people who are being indoctrinated by very clever people into believing whatever they want them to and that is scary.

I know that a lot of young people don’t talk to their elders as it’s not cool, but I try really hard to pick up on little pointers both good and bad to help illustrate my point and what I think is the right way and hopefully he will talk about things to his old nan for some time to come as it must be every parents and grand parents biggest nightmare that their children will be influenced by something or someone who is less than desirable. Scary world isn’t it especially given the freedom of information over the internet now.

Yes you can use parental controls but I believe it’s better to let them see within limits and guidelines just what is going on in that big scary world out there. Because we won’t always be there to guide and nurture so we need to take responsibility so that they know right from wrong and not be a sheep.

I always used to say to my kids ” don’t ever come and tell me that you did something because someone told you too. Do it because  you want to and have the courage of your convictions.”

And it’s true. Anyway I have preached enough , the good part of my week has been I have pickled more onions, made Mango Chutney and at this moment in time have pastry chilling because I am making Quiche and dinner tonight is  Jacket Potatoes, Quiche and salad..well I am having just the Quiche and salad without the jacket.

A change for me as I always eat Thai Food but haven’t had Quiche for eons so am going to enjoy!

With a nice chilled white it will be lovely.

No recipes this week because I just haven’t but there will be in my next blog.

Love you all and if any of you had or lost loved ones in any atrocities this week then may God give you peace and I am so sorry for your losses.

Until next time love you all xxx.

If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain.

Low Season is definitely here and we have ” Rain ” in copious amounts and the temperature is down to 25 degrees still not cold just cooler and according to the shipping forecast this bout is going to last until Monday. Upside is the well is now full again, the Klong (Stream) is also full. Once again all is well on the happiness front.

My little Curry Tree Seedlings also seem to be thriving , SAM_6931hopefully they will be well established when the sun starts to blaze down once again.

My first batch of Hummus using my home-made Tahini is now done and in the fridge.I really can’t think why I have never attempted to make some before as it is soooo quick “n” easy.

Combine 3tbsp Tahini Paste with 2tbsp fresh Lemon Juice and blitz in food processor.

Add 2tbsp Olive Oil,1 clove Garlic, half tsp ground Cumin and half to one tsp salt and blitz.

Add half of drained, rinsed can of chick peas and again blitz 1-2 mins. Add other half of Chick Peas and blitz again 1-2 mins.SAM_6932

Put in suitable container or serving bowl  drizzle with tbsp Olive Oil and sprinkle with  Paprika.

Voila it’s now ready to eat with Sliced pitta bread or cut up vegetables of your choice.

This will keep up to 1 week in the fridge.

Enjoy and if you get the dance in the rain it is an exhilarating feeling.

“Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.”

Well that is really true !

I get up in the morning and plan my day and the above is correct really when you stop and think . Sometimes I plan my day around the licensing laws here, yes it’s like being back in the UK eons ago. Between 11 and 2 or  5 onwards. And no I’m not really an old lush ha ha.

But I write and cook early cos it’s hot so I often miss the 11-2 as I only think aah about 1.30 that I need red wine for my planned dinner dish. Then It’s that time when I’m sort of at a loose end sometimes or planning my next step and 5pm is ages away as I want to start cooking and need red wine mmmmm so I think 3 o’clock has similar properties.

Time just flies by, I have been blogging  for nearly 8 months now, here for 4 years where does it go? Me…. well I seem to be packing more in my time as I suppose it is limited now…and no i’m not maudlin just doing the sums..laws of averages etc and thinking  mmm maybe 20 more years..thats not long…ha ha defo maudlin now….so much I would like to do will I fit it all in well I’m gonna have a  good try.

Tomatoes, am on my second batch…my little tester woofed most of the first batch all by himself.11108523_10206972480487448_2019556989950242717_nThey did taste amazing , sweet and yummy.

phew it is very hot, had rain today but still hot, so I will say cheers,  choke dee ka or choke the cat which the guys here think is funny and seems to be peculiar to Phuket as not heard it said like that elsewhere in Thailand.

Until next time I’m off to get ready for some sundowners love you all.

I’d like my crayons back, please.

Love It! It is true to say we are given a pack of crayons when we are very young and then they are taken away to be replaced by the mundane things deemed necessary for our learning and advancement through that which is life!

 However, we all need to be able to soar and fly and reach new heights so yes ” I would like my crayons back,please.”

And learning I am, learning new skills almost every day wether it be how to make ” Sour Dough” or how to ” Track changes on Word” or just “How to.”

Marvelling sometimes at how much this old brain of mine can absorb.

My bestest friend is ” Mr Google ” because if he doesn’t know then it doesn’t exist…well in my world. I’m sure someone, somewhere would disagree with that..but who cares? not me!

And yes that element of being afraid of what people think  seems to have abandoned me and I think  for the best because it brings with it that sense that I can do almost anything if I put my mind to it.

Sky diving NOT being one of my ” I wish I could ” Ha ha….

Today is short story day, very short but a story penned by me as I am finding a penchant for short stories now and again so here goes…… This one is about circumstances and peer pressure.



“Why can’t you be like your sister? Look at her school report. Its brilliant. Don’t just stand there like a dummy!  Answer me.”

Kevin had no answer  he  just hung his head wishing the ground would swallow him up.

” Stupid bitch I hate you” he muttered.

“Go to your room and stay there. We are taking Sally shopping.”

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Kevin just switched off.  I hate you all he thought. Talk about Miss Goody two shoes what does she ever do wrong? They don’t like my friends, how I dress….nothing!

Kevin’s phone rang.

“Hey Kev,  what’s up?  Wanna come over?”

“Can’t, me old lady she’s grounded me again”

“Oh come on Kev, climb down the drain pipe your old dear will never know.”

Kev thought for a nano second, and then going to the window he shinned down the drain pipe to the ground. Rounding the corner at the end of the street Kevin saw his friends Tom and Stevie coming towards him.

“What’s up Kev?”

“My old man and lady going off on one again. Goody two shoes got another good school report.”

Tom nudged Stevie.

“Come on then Kev lets show them. I know an old dear who doesn’t  lock her door.”

Kevin followed them.

Don’t normally write about peer pressure but been a lot in the news lately.

Love you all.. more recipes in my next blog, the Beef Rendang was amazing and Gin & Tonic Cake  is my next to do  cook, doing boring things at the moment like cooking more beetroot to pickle..they keep eating it.


Until next time bye for now xxxx