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Smorgasbord Health Column- Major Organs and Systems in the Body – The Skin – Eczema – Lifestyle or Genetics by Sally Cronin

For anyone who suffers from Eczema, this is a great informative post…#Recommended read.

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In the last post I covered a general overview of the role of our skin and also the nutrients it requires to be healthy.  I wanted to expand on that with a couple of specific posts from 2014 on eczema and other common skin conditions.

Today I will look at the itchy and very debilitating eczema since this condition can be complex to get rid of. There are many different causes but usually there is a link to a family associated tendency towards Asthma, Hay fever and allergies. As you will see as we move through the post this genetic link goes back more than just a couple of generations.

For example in our recent history in my family there is a link to asthma. My grandmother died of the disease at only 52 in 1945 before there were effective treatments. My mother suffered from hay fever and was allergic…

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